Relationships: To be canon or not to be...

  • That's my question for my comic-like story, An Assassinated Caste System. Since the beginning development of my story, once Arachne was a canon character, Arachne and Edith were written in my mind as an ABSOLUTE canon end-game couple. Opposites attract after all. However, at this point in development, the idea is starting to look outdated. Ever since I've got an idea for another character... things have been changing. Instead of Edith being Arachne's partner, Echo (the new character) will take her spot. Similarities bring people closer together after all.

    Sometimes to extremes...

    What do you think would work best: The goody two shoes partnering with the baddie that sometimes does good or A witch falling for their magic dealer- a soft-spoken succubus -named Echo.

  • What works better for the story? How do you want it to end?

    Sometimes it's not a question that can be answered until you're deep into the story, or even until after you've finished it, but it's not something that anyone else can answer for you, either. This is especially because however much you try, short of us reading it as you write it, we won't be able to fully understand the context surrounding the characters and plot arcs. Even if we were reading it as you wrote it, we still wouldn't fully understand/see that context.

  • I'll agree with what @typical_demigod said, but also add that at the end of the day, you're the one in charge of the story. If you think two characters have a good enough romantic chemistry, and that's what you want to write, go for that :)

  • Thanks for the advice, @Shy_Not_Fly17 (Nice name btw) and @typical_demigod; Since I've made the post (and read both of your replies), I've been thinking more and more about which relationship would make more sense (in the context of Arachne's personality and preference and chemistry). And since yesterday, I've found the answer to my own question. (Again,) Thank you for helping me think it out.

  • @sweetpoke10 Happy to help :) (and thank you xD)

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    Ah, romance. One of my specialities. :D By that I mean I read one romance novel a day (I'm not even joking :D) When it comes to tropes, I know em all, and actually write quite a few myself.

    I think it actually depends entirely. I know some authors who can be very strict about their canon. They say Bob and Greg are to be together. Or Meridith and Baxter. Or insert any names here. The writer decided it was going to be and thus wrote the story to make it happen.

    On the flip side, you have people like me, and several other writers i know. We start out with well meaning intent but our characters totally take control over the story and leads us in directions we may never have thought about before.

    Let me throw back a question to you. If you were to ask Arachne who they were drawn to, who would they say? And even then, it's okay to have a character be unable to pick and choose. It can actually set up interesting situations. Granted, there are tropes there that can suck, but there is a reason why love triangle tends to be a massive category in Amazon under romance. ;)

  • @josey
    "So, do you have any... special someone in your life, man perhaps," The pub participant questioned, not so sober. "Uh, no; I don't really have a "special someone"." The man's drink slammed somewhere nearby; "Why so," the fellow drunkie said (mistakenly) more with anger than curiosity. The pub was (surprisingly) quick to check where the noise came from since fighting was more so a common thing to happen- and with it being against the pub rules, after all. But in spite, Arachne strategically choose to give a semi-true answer, to the rude listener (and everyone else at the pub).

    "Well, simply cause I can't find any men I like (long enough to be compelled on the idea of marrying them)." ("And to be quite frank, I'm only interested in marrying another woman.")

    (I'm sorry, but I just had to write a scene to answer this as Arachne)

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    @some1stolemyhand Ooh intriguing. So this leads me to wonder just what is going on in Arachne's life. What's happening around them, as it may not be the time for romance. Or maybe romance my sneak in under the stress of whatever is happening. :D

    Also, that is a lovely little scene! You should totally come join everyone over in the Character Respond Answer Ask. It's a chance to wear the skin of your characters and let them answer questions, ask questions, and you get a chance to support and be supported by others. :D

  • @Some1stolemyhand Oh, this sounds great! :D I wonder why Arachne's at this pub in the first place?
    And I'm with @Josey , you should join us in the RAA chat, if you get the chance! I love meeting new characters :)

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    @shy_not_fly17 When I get time, I do indeed jump in! :) At this moment I have so many characters it's kind of insane. So I tend to pull the character that is currently loudest in my head. :D

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