The Transforming Moon: Write your unexpected weregiraffe

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    The moon is often used to change things, to shift, to twist. Things are not the same in the moonlight. Things transform.

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    I absolutely adore moon folklore!

    Some favourite moon stories recently:

    • Lovely tale in One Hundred Nights of Hero by Isabel Greenberg about three moon sisters - a magical graphic novel that I just finished reading.
    • At my local storytellers group recently there was a great story about the Moon as the trickster goddess of stories and using them to outwit the Sun who fell in love with her but came on a bit too strong for her liking.
    • I think in Japanese folklore the moon is a bunny?
    • Neil Gaiman’s Stardust – kind-of (more about a star than the moon but some moon cameo)
    • Rukia was always my favourite Bleach character and she always had lots of Moon imagery around her.
    • Yuna from Final Fantasy X was a favourite and she also had lots of Moon connotations!

    Anyway I'm going to go read about the Wakaranga moon myths now...

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