New Novel

  • When I started with Plotist I brought in my nearly finished novel. It was a lot of work, but worth it. And a lot of fun.

    Now I'm starting a brand new one, from scratch (just an idea kernel). I'm very interested to see how it works from the ground up.

  • @toasha Awesome, good luck to you! I hope it goes well :)

  • How's yours going? Getting the hang of it?

  • @toasha Slowly but surely going through it all, figuring out how stuff works on the site and such. Still trying to sort the plot, but I'm getting distracted by my compulsion to worldbuild xD

  • What's your idea about, if you want to share?

  • Well based very loosely on real life events ... A vampire and a witch are caught up in a centuries long battle of love and hate.

    I said loosely.

    I just had a moment of finally telling off my 'one who ruined me for all other men' recently. And it felt good. And felt like a loooooong time coming. Then the concept popped into my head of two people going through this love/hate thing over many centuries. And to do that, I made them a vampire and witch.
    But not the beautiful kind. What they've done to each other shows.

    Still very raw and high level but I'm having a lot of fun with it.

  • That sounds interesting :) If you ever need help developing it, I'm sure people here are more than willing to help!

  • Thanks!
    I want to use this as a writing exercise. I'm so scared to do bad things to Synta in my main WIP. And I think writing this fantasy stuff, and just smearing the heck out of them will help me loosen up and take it out on Synta more in my next revision.

    I'm happy to take any suggestions and ideas. Like I said, it's very new and unpolished now. But I want to just go crazy with it.

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