YouTube/Meme Dump Thread

  • I really wanted to share these video my friend sent me. So I decided to make a little thread for us to just share amusing crap we come across on the internets.

    So enjoy. :P

    I swear to God I have too much admiration for people who can actually read out the way these people spell stuff. -.-

    I want a Luigi board. >.>

  • Ohhh, I've seen both of those. Loved them, but I've always found it weird how many people misspelled it as 'Luigi Board' xD
    I can't remember what the thing was called (something like "Curse of the Overcooked something"), but the video was basically these guys reading out a 'trollpasta' centred around a girl obsessed with Hell's Kitchen, and involved a lot of illogical shit (like the girl's age being 0.03489-something), Shadow the hedgehog, S[A]TAN himself, and Gordon Ramsay in...a Peter Pan outfit? It was very weird, but I could barely breathe for laughing xD

    (Okay, I just went on a google for it, and I think I've found it:


  • @shy_not_fly17 Most of my blog has devolved into horrible fan fiction and even I think Gordon Ramsay in a Peter Pan costume might be a little too much. o.O

    But I will absolutely watch that. :P

  • @blackbird xD You won't regret it, I'm sure.

  • tbh I've needed this thread for a long time. Even though I don't have any memes open.

    @Shy_Not_Fly17 The video isn't working D:

    annnnd the meme I really wanted to post, I cannot find.

    Instead, enjoy my computer's background:


  • @typical_demigod That's glorious. And 100% relatable.

    Also... Here it is... The world needs to see this.

  • @typical_demigod Oh god, how much I love that dino-guy, but tbf I'd probably do the same. Reminds me of an entire website I stumbled upon called 'Superdickery' which is basically a blog about funny/stupid/illogical shit in comics, mostly about Superman x) Some of the blog owner's comments on the images can be pretty snarky!
    Idk if the link @Blackbird sent was the video I was trying to send (it's showing up as a blank space on my screen) but the video's called '"Curse of The Overcooked Steak" (TROLLPASTAS)' by SomeOrdinaryGamers :3

  • @Shy_Not_Fly17 Yep, that's the one @Blackbird posted!

  • @typical_demigod Oh, awesome! It's showing up on my screen now, finally xD

  • I think the most shocking part of this whole thing for me was the statement that it took hours to write. lol

  • i watched that and tbh i had flashbacks to my creative writing class.

    The guy doing the reading sounded exactly like one of the guy's in my creative writing class. Also, this same guy and another guy, when they wrote fiction together, had strange pieces that could barely be considered coherent and were hilarious. (They were better written than that, but I couldn't stop making the mental connection between a particular piece while I was watching that video.)

    @Blackbird Plot twists like that don't show up out of nowhere. They take time, effort, and energy to develop and implement.

  • 0_1500211146285_48366bfd-fabf-48db-b910-c2dc72993646-image.png

    The story of me attempting to write Earthlings.

  • @typical_demigod Me in a nutshell xD

  • Showing your friends that emotional scene you wrote out of nowhere just because.

  • @blackbird Sounds like one of my writer friends xD She'll post random but emotional parts in her work into Discord chat, happily torturing her characters while I'm usually saying something to the effect of, "How the hell could you hurt him like that!? He's such a sweetheart, dammit, he deserves better than this pain! :C"

  • @shy_not_fly17 Ha.

    Just... Ha. XP

  • I was showing my brother this today. It's one of those things that no matter how many times I watch always makes go into hysterical laughter like I'm seeing it for the first time. It's just the way she sings this nonsense completely straight faced, it's too much to handle. lol

  • My emotional state after finally going back to chapter two...

    alt text

    I'm not crying. T.T

    Good writing session though, so hey maybe I'll be able to get this ready enough for feedback soon. >.>

  • @Blackbird Yay! You finally made a breakthrough!

  • @typical_demigod I don't wanna jinx it, but... whispers Yay. o.o

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