Issues with adding photos to elements in Plotist

  • Hey, so I've just skimmed through the feedback forum to see if this has already been addressed, but since I haven't seen anything specifically about this I've decided to ask myself.
    So when you add an element, you're given the option to add a photo to it. Simple enough. But when I tried to add a picture to my character, I had problems. First of all, it took the second try for the picture I wanted to show up on the screen for cropping, which I then did. Then, I clicked save, but it wouldn't. Something about it timing out, if I recall correctly.
    Ordinarily I would've chalked this up to my internet, because it can be slow at times, but upon doing the same thing with a location, it saved with no problem (I can't recall if it took the second try for it to show up on the cropping window, but my memory is leaning towards no). I've tried with the character roughly three or four times, but it still won't save.

    I have no idea if this is a bug or just me, but I decided to bring this up just in case. Thank you :)

  • I'm a bit new myself but I think there are size limits on the pictures. If you put your picture in Paint and resize it to 75% or so, then save again under a new name, that might work. I think I've done that before and it worked fine.

  • Oh right, that would make sense. I'll try that, thanks!

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    Madi - I will get @jaycano to confirm but I believe this is a known problem that is being worked on. So should be a solution soon! In the meantime is @toasha's solution working?

  • @Sian It is indeed ^-^

  • Plotist Team: Keepers of Code

    Hey Madi! As Sian says, these are known issue we are working on, and we'll hopefully have it fixed next week (they are very elusive bugs!)

    There is a size restriction on the images, 5Mb, but you should not be shown the crop tool if the image is too big, you would see a warning instead. We've seen this happening with some images that are smaller than the 5Mb limit, but we haven't figured out yet why those images are different than the rest.

    I'll keep you updated :)

  • @jaycano Thank you :)

  • Plotist Team: Keepers of Code

    Hey Madi!

    We just released a fix and the weird error message about timing out or payload size should be gone now.

    The grey screen issue when loading an image, where you have to select a picture twice, is something I've seen before but we've been trying to fix it now and we couldn't reproduce it again.

    We've made a few changes for the other error, the weird message one, so this one might have been fix as a side effect. Please let me know if you still have that issue (having to select an image twice) and we'll look into it again.


  • @jaycano Thank you, I'll test it again when i have the time :)

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