Food Writing Thoughts: Lettuce help you...

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    Put down your pen and pick up your fork. It’s time to think about food writing…

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  • One thing that always bothered me about Harry Potter is the assumption that being a wizard would automatically make you think pumpkin juice isn't freaking gross. Because that is literally the only thing to drink in Hogwarts and it sounds absolutely disgusting to me. :/

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    Well @Blackbird you just had me almost spit out my tea from laughing. I take it you're not a big ran of pumpkin?

  • @Josey Cold watery pumpkin? Not really. lol

    It's not even that I find it gross, but the fact that literally everyone likes it. Even kids who grew up as muggles and wouldn't be having that stuff every day are just like "sure that sounds normal and delicious". It's weird. >.>

    Sorry about your tea. XP

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    @Blackbird Haha. I can kind of see your point here. I guess because I love pumpkin it never crossed my mind, but that's such a good point about how food can impact a story. Actually now that I think about it, as I am allergic to fish, whenever people in books, movies, stories, etc, go on about fish, shrimp, oysters, etc... I get queasy so...

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