• I've been thinking about a story that would take place in the mid 1800s.
    I'm wondering how I can use Plotist to keep my research organized.
    Create the places and things that I want to reference.... Put research somewhere on its own? Keep technological advances straight.

  • I would just create a timeline called "Technological Advances" and then mark it that way. If the time of year is really important, you could do something like "June 1857", but otherwise I would just go by year.

    I would also do a timeline for major RL events, whether they directly or indirectly affect your story.

    One thing to think about, though, is who your characters are. I'm sure there were hundreds of fantastic advances in the mid-19th century, but how many of them actually affect your characters? When sewing machines were invented, I'm sure people were interested, but the target buyers couldn't actually buy them initially because they were too expensive (which, IIRC, led to the invention of credit! yay!).

    Out of curiosity, where would the story take place?

  • Yeah I've been thinking about that. New guns would be important to my guys. The location is made up but somewhere in the Midwest (US). So word will travel slower to them.

  • Plotist Team: Timeline Master

    @toasha something we've talked about doing with the tool in future is having some preset timelines that you can load then edit as you wish ie. we would have a timeline of key factual events during the 19th century already built for you and then you could use it as a keystone to plan your fictional events around. It would be cool right??

    @typical_demigod You should really just be the Official Timeline Advisor of the website XD You always come up with the most sensible ideas.

  • That would be a great feature. I know for my main WIP I'm making up dates anyway. But for this piece, historical fiction, it would help a great dea.

  • @toasha Ooh, the Midwest. Land of Nothingness. (That's what I've been told, anyway. My parents are both from the Midwest.) What're they doing out there? Do you have an idea yet?

    @Sian XD XD Thank you. It's funny though, because I always forget about my timeline and/or my timelines are super limited. (Ex: I needed a date for Earthlings the other day and, as it turns out, I did not have it in Plotist :| )

    Having premade timelines would be a lot of fun, but I also feel like it could get chaotic (at least on your end) really quickly, just because so much happens in such short amounts of time, relatively speaking.

  • @typical_demigod It's gonna be a Hatfields and McCoys meets Gangs of New York sprinkled with Little House on the Prairie. I married into the McCoys and spawned a couple myself. So I have plenty of experience to draw upon :)
    But really it came from a dream. Like so many of our amazing ideas do. I saw one scene in the dream that stuck with me and I'm writing the entire book around it.

    I love the idea of a premade 'real' timeline.

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