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    So I just got back from taking a vacation, which means I'll be around a lot more! Soo much to catch up on, but something struck me while I was on vacation. Not only did I take a vacation from Plotist (totally against my will! hehe), I also took a break from writing. If you're anything like me, characters constantly beg for screen time on a page, or at a table (I am a huge tabletop RPGer). So every time one of them spoke up, I put a huge "Do No Disturb" sign up in my head. Shushing my darlings.

    Now that I am back, I'm finding that my characters are begging to have their stories told again, and something interesting has happened! The stories I was originally working on, are actually ... better! It's almost like my characters realised they had to try harder. ;)

    I humbly suggest everyone take a break once in a while. I don't feel like I'm beating my head against the same story anymore. It feels new, refreshed, more awesome than it did before!

    Has anyone else experienced this?

  • What tablet RPGs do you play? I gave up trying to find a good one a long time ago.

    I have a massive WoW addiction, in recovery for about 2 years now. Still feel the itch.

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    I used to do WOD. A modified version of it cause I don't feel they got the books right. @jaycano likes DnD and Pathfinder I believe. But to me those are more .. rollplay and not roleplay. Currently, every Saturday I get together with my friends and we play characters we created in @Occi 's universe. He's getting ready to publish several books that take place in his creation (took him like 6 years to build it, it's insane how big it is). I also write fanfiction in his entire creation. He loves other people taking what he's created and doing things with it!

    For me though, it's all about the characters. We only add dice rolls in to add a bit of chaos, but for the most part it's all about letting the characters exist. Letting them walk across the world, experience it, and the horrors that await them there. :D

    I know Occi is really busy getting prepped to get his book out, but I'll see if I can poke him to at least come give a teaser of what it is he has created. :D

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    @josey got it (mostly) right. It's been a while I don't play RPGs and I was lately trying to decide between learning Pathfinder or Shadowrun. In the past I played DnD and Shadowrun mostly, but also some games of Vampire, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

    On computer, I play almost any RPG, but I'm not huge on MMORPG. I'm not a social gamer, so after a couple of months playing I usually feel silly for paying for a multiplayer game I play alone when there are other single player games with better stories. That said, there are 2 MMOs that I think are absolutely brilliant: Wildstar and The Secret World.

  • I think I found my tribe

    I want in on everything you guys just said!

  • @Josey Yes!

    I've been trying to take a break for a couple of weeks, but... I'm not able to completely stay away. I mean, if I'm not actually writing a story I tend to rewrite character sheets or jot down ideas, but... I'm kind of feeling burned out lately and right now I think I need, like you said, to take a little vacation.

    Been playing lots of Skyrim. It helps me procrastinate. lol

    I never tabletopped and I feel like I missed the opportunity to do that before I became insanely invested in forum RPing. I mean, right now I think I'm afraid to try it because honestly, the last thing I need is another thing to become insanely invested in. :P

  • @Josey This is pretty much how I was able to get back into Remnants in April, I feel like. I had a several-month-long break from that story but the characters were constantly grumpy because I wasn't finishing the story, but when I stopped ignoring them it was fairly easy to write to the end of the story.

    But I'm like @Blackbird. I find it hard to take a break, even in my head. Like I might not write down everything, especially if it's a recurring scene that I play out in my head (which sounds weird but anyway), but I find it hard to completely stay away from an idea :P

    Ya know, I have never tabletop RPGed, despite the numerous recommendations by tabletop RPGers. I used to forum RP all the time, but there was a period where I had a lot going on and keeping up with the RPs stressed me out and I haven't done any in a really long time :P

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    @jaycano said in Refeshing the story:

    @josey got it (mostly) right

    My head, it shall hang in shame! Doh! Also, you should totally check out Secret World Legends (Free-to-play now). Holy cow. It's not an MMO, it's a shared RPG experience. But man... My newest addiction.

    @toasha said in Refeshing the story:

    I think I found my tribe

    alt text


    @Blackbird - Oh, I totally understand that inability to not being heavily involved, or invested in story, character, etc. I literally had to prepare my mind for going cold turkey, and even then, it was rough. For example I got a chance to go to a Poison Garden. A garden .. full of plants that will kill you, burn you, destroy your body. And I was able to get close... and I so wanted to build a character, do a story, and talk about why someone would do something like keep a garden or beautiful flowers, ..and then use it to kill people. Or maybe they used it to protect their home from troops. So many ideas, but I had to stop.

    @Blackbird @typical_demigod As for avoiding tabletop RPGs... it can be awkward at first, but if you have a group you trust, tabletop (I bet forums are the same way) RPGs allow the exploration of so many different concepts that it helps to build richer characters!

    Man, you both, along with @toasha make me want to look at hosting a fun Plotist tabletop RPG. Where you get to participate as characters and I can GM for you. Show you a method of playing where it can be fun, or scary. One of the greatest lessons I ever learned from my GM was there has to be a balance between humour, and all other emotions. Those ups and downs help relieve stress. :D After all players are their own worst enemy. We'll see though, as I have so many nifty things I am working on in the background with our team for you awesome peeps.

  • @Josey I had to make up writing games for my son who hated doing his homework. And he ended up loving the games. Forgot he was doing homework completely. All the kids loved it and actually played well after they were done with school.

    They were mostly basic games like rolling 2 dice and that's how many words you can add to the story. Or writing each other into a cliffhanger and making the other person get the character out of it.

    I read on a blog post here yesterday about using tarot cards and other 'real life' things to help with plot. I thought it would be fun. Write the character into a jam and draw a tarot card to say what happens next.

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    @toasha Ooo, that's a fantastic teaching method! For me I learned about story telling and writing through tabletop games. Interesting enough, when I have to drive a story (respond to dangling hooks from the Game Master) or wait for other character's inputs (as a GM, I cannot force those playing at my table to do anything, they are unpredicable at the best of times) I learned so much about story and plot.

  • @Josey We played some DnD as a kid and I loved it. My 13 yr old has been begging me to get her started, but it's just the 2 of us.
    We make up stories together all the time, though. My mom did it with us, or me...not sure if my little brothers did... but at bedtime we'd make up a whole story or continue the one from the night before. I did that with all mine, and they loved it. Now the youngest wants to dictate her stories to me and make me type them for her. I love it!

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    @toasha I love the idea of the younger generations getting involved in telling stories! They are such a fantastic way to experience new things in a safe way. :)

  • I wonder if there's an online DnD I can do with her, so we can play with other people. I'd love to get back into it with her, but it's not gonna be a good enough experience for her if it's just the 2 of us.

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    @toasha said in Refeshing the story:

    I wonder if there's an online DnD I can do with her,

    ...there is. :D Well, it's kinda a platform for online tabletopers but it has DnD modules, etc. Some people will set up games, and you can join them, schedule them, etc.

  • I love that idea.
    I found too

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    @toasha That is more a game client like an MMORPG. :D But yeah, it is there too! :D

  • I love MMORPGs so I'm gonna give it a shot. Maybe get her used to the world before putting her in a 'real' game. Cuz I know people take it very seriously and I'd hate for her to tick off a pro :)

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    @toasha Ah, if you do, then I have a recommendation for you. Now it's not for kids, and it has a mature rating, but the story is exceptional. There is blood, secret societies, magic, Cthulu type creatures, secrets, and it's 100000% about story. It's an online game called Secret World Legends. If you decide to look into it, let me know. When not working, or writing, and not doing other things, I can be found there. The stories are literally second to NONE when it comes to MMORPGs.

  • I created an acct. Name's Reneah. Can't download right now because I'm at work.
    And I checked out roll20. Gonna look for maybe a beginner table or something to ease her into it.

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    @toasha Ooo, in Secret World Legends?

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