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  • I've been telling everyone I know about this site since I found it the other day. I'm wondering what more we can do to get some activity in here. I love the site so much and I think it will help other writers.

  • Plotist Team: Keepers of Code

    Hey Toasha!

    Thank you very much for helping us! Every little effort helps a lot, and recommending us to friends and on social media is not only very flattering (thank you!) but also makes this community even better. If you want to help, we are always on the lookout for people looking for tools for writers on Twitter, Reddit and any site we can think of, to recommend them Plotist, and we are always very thankful for likes and retweets/reblogs/shares.

    In any case, the best thing you can do for the community is just being part of it. We are so much better now that you are with us :)

  • I told my friends on Scribophile and the campers in my CampNano for July. I hope it helps. I know if they take my word for it, your site will really help them!

  • Plotist Team: Keepers of Code

    Awesome! Thank you very much!

    We actually love Scribophile, they have a really nice app for writers. @Josey is deeply lost in love with them

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    Welcome Toasha!

    To say I am in love with Scribophile is a small understatement. lol. :D Still, welcome! And thank you so much for spreading the word! Do remember to bring us any suggestions and feedback you might have as well! :D

  • Do you guys have a group? I'm in a couple, but they seem to ebb and flow. Never quite active when I need them.

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    @toasha I've contemplated having a group on Scribophile :D Give me a few days. :D I just got back from vacation and thus I am doing that horrible catchup thing. ;) Granted anything I do with Plotist is a joy, ;)

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