Killing My Darlings

  • So, I had a firm grasp of what my characters looked like. But it was all still in my head.
    Now that I've been able to play around in the world and attach pictures of people who closely resemble them... I'm running up against a problem.

    How am I gonna re-kill everybody in my edits when they're so darn cute now?

  • Plotist Team: Timeline Master

    You poor thing! Jenny wrote a blog post about this a while back and had the same problem.

    To be honest I've never killed off a character I care about during the storyline, only had them already passed on when the story started - and even that makes me want to blubber! I only kill minor characters otherwise!

    Maybe choose more off-putting pictures so it will help you want to get rid of them? XD

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    First, Yay! Characters should be adorable! :D Second, you're killing people in your story? You are awesome! That's not easy to do!

    My suggestion and advice in this comes from years of running and being part of tabletop games. When it comes to re-killing everyone, or simply killing them, create another character known as "In-ebit-able". AKA inevitable. Inevitable has no emotions! Inevitable is all about making characters suffer. Then let Inevitable kill them. No sweat off your back and totally Inevitable's fault! :D

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