A Sunfisher's greeting

  • Hey there!

    I am the newest member from little New Zealand. I am new around here though I had interacted with Plotist with my twitter account. The name's Oliver, and I have been writing for over a decade though I took writing as a serious passion seven years ago.

    I am currently writing my first book and hopefully, I can publish it around next year. My novel will be a New Zealand magical realism story where I take different settings around the country and "spice" it up.

    My main genres that I write are speculative fiction and magical realism. I can also write horror (specifically body horror) though I haven't written one in ages. Romantic Fiction is something I am terrible at.

    Feel free to ask me anything. Be a pleasure to know you all.

  • It's nice to meet you. Welcome! I'm looking forward to reading what you post.

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    New Zealand eh? I've been told that everyone who visits there wants to move there :D I so want to go visit some day. :D And the use of body horror reminds me so much of Clive Barker. He's big on that. So what your novel about? :)

    Also, it might have been me chatting with you over the Tweetsphere! :D

  • Hello! ^_^

    I am also terrible at romantic fiction. And yes, what is your story about?

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    Welcome :-) hope you have a good time here! Excited to hear more about your story!

  • Apologize for the late reply. time zones are a funny thing.

    Hey, come on over to NZ if you wanna have a go with fish n' chips on friday nights while watching Rugby with mates. It's cool. Small country but great.

    @Josey, hey nice to meet up with you. I enjoy the chats we had at the tweeterblog. Well, my main inspiration for body horror is from Junji ito.

    Well, my story is about a girl who discovers that she has a gift to tame stars...and other magical entities. I am trying to write New Zealand in a new perspective where the landscape is riddled with the magical and the impossible. Things like a colour-eating fog or a Taniwha, a Maori sea monster, are common sights that are part of the mundane, everyday atmosphere.

    Basically, I am writing to make the ordinary extraordinary. That's the simplest premise.

    Hope that was useful. Describing my story is often a tricky problem.

    Pleasure to meet all of you.

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    Ooh wow. I love the idea. There so so much hidden, and the myths and legends always have some measure of truth. Even if the truth is obfuscated by superstition. I am now insanely intrigued, and I do hope you look at joining us in our CRAA so we can perhaps meet your character/s (even if it is out of story context).

  • Greetings from Brazil!

    I have a friend who moved to New Zealand with his wife and he just loves it there. I really hope to visit someday. :)

    Your story sounds really interesting and I hope to get to know your characters better in the RAA. It's fun, we have cookies. :)

  • That sounds like a lot of fun ^_^ Stories where the supernatural are perfectly normal are the best imo. Plus you don't have to deal with the pesky masquerade business.

    Indeed we do have cookies! We also have cake, if you prefer.

  • Nice to meet you, Oliver!

    I love your story idea, by the way, and if you ever need feedback on it, let me know. (: I'd be happy to read it.

  • @huckabayjennifer

    Thanks. I'll post a sample of my book here once I get my head around this site.

    But thanks though. I'll also read some your works as well.

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    Welcome to the forums, Oliver!

    New Zealand always sounded to me like paradise. There are two places in the world I wouldn't mind living in, one is New Zealand and the other Canada. I'm really jealous of your raw nature and all the beautiful landscapes you have over there, and I will definitely visit someday.

    It's the first I'm hearing about body horror, I knew the idea but I didn't know it had a name. And about magical realism, I love the genre and I'm sure @Sian will be a huge fan. She does a lot of fairy tales, but she is in love with Allende, Marquez and Rulfo.

    In any case, welcome to Plotist! Let me know if there is anything we can do for you around here :)

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    Eek! Indeed, I am a massive fan of magical realism ever since I fell in love with Marquez and Rulfo while studying Spanish literature. I also love Murakami who I believe slots into the category. However I don't think I'm clever enough to write in the genre, I leave that to my betters! So I do hope you will share some work at some point.

    Welcome to the forums!

  • @Sian I am a fan of Murakami's stories too especially his short stories. I like how he play around with reality.

    FOr me, most of my influences for magical realism are visual like surrealist or abstract paintings. I also get a bit out from graphic novels especially from the artist, Junji Ito. I think one of the biggest players and influence is the comic, Mushishi.

    I really enjoy this series, and if you have a sneak peek at it, you can have a feel on what my story tries to capture especially the "marriage" of normal and paranormal

    Anyway, pleasure to meet you.

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