The 16th Century

  • Right now I'm trying to go research the 16th century in Europe for a fantasy story I'm writing... and it's so BORING trying to research all the things in the 16th century. It's like research papers. Can anyone offer some assistance, with the sources where you've found them? Please and thank you.

    From, Someonestolemyhands

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    Hey Someonestolemyhands (fantastic name and if you want your forum name to match you can follow the guide here)!

    I totally understand your pain. In order to help are you looking more for activities, actions, and events to pull from? If so I highly recommend this website. I use it to help me get a good picture of what's going on when and where.

    Another option is to look for comical nonfiction books. We were lucky to interview Claire Cock-Starkey who does a vast amount of research, but puts together fantastically funny books covering topics of the past. Helps to keep it from being dry. :D

    I've also read 16th century things and oh man, the pain! :) If that helps let me know. If you're more interested in something specific also let me know so that I can point you to some other places.

  • I don't know a ton about the 16th century or sources, but my theatre teacher said that the best way to learn about the people of a time period is to read the fiction, particularly the drama. Via drama (and, to a lesser extent, other forms of fiction), you can quickly learn worldviews, popular opinions on subject matters, and even speech patterns. Granted, in the 16th century, most fiction was written by people in the nobility and/or for the nobility, but I'm sure there are still interesting things to glean, and you can get a break from academic stuff that way :)

    You could also try looking for documentaries and accurate period pieces. Yes, it's not pure research, but it's fun and it gives you a way to see everything you're researching put into play and used by people in day to day activities :)

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    @sweetpoke10 Goodreads has a Best Books of the 16th Century reading list and a Fiction Set in the 16th Century reading list - could be useful to consult?

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