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  • I should create a slur for chipped vs 'natural' people.

    I keep thinking that about Enlightened vs non-magic users, but I never come up with anything.

    Q: Would you survive if you were dropped into your world tomorrow?

    Hell, no. Not for five seconds. Pft. No way.

    If I had the option to go there somehow, I would because I'd want to see it just once... but I'm very aware that I would die so freaking fast.

    What are popular children's toys or games in your world?

  • @Blackbird

    And, funny enough, Crys and Jake joked about that, but in the end, she wanted a ring because she can't see a tattoo and it's not the same thing. >.>

    I can understand that.

    Haha, I'm with you on the economy. Pretty sure I also probably have no understanding of politics, but half the stories in this universe are political, so I have no choice really :P (What happens when you're tired of royal stories where the royals are stuck up and don't want to be royals? You write a story with stuck up royals that are actually willing to do their job and then make up all the details on politics.)

    @toasha Are there any versions of those that no longer exist because it doesn't work? For example, I can't see it making sense to say "Dear Stone" or "Oh my Stone" unless they also worship him.

    Q: Are there any racial slurs or insults particular to your universe?

    Actually, yes. There's a lot of hate, you may have noticed. opens up massive document to search for every slur or insult that has ever been used, because there are a lot of arguments in OttQ

    Adding the word "silver" before just about any word makes it an automatic insult, ESPECIALLY if you're relating it to the Othorns. I think the most unique insult I came up with was "silverthorn". (Silver is pretty much the foundation of their currency and valued the same as we value gold, though it's somewhat more common than gold. Due to historical habits of conquesting, Othorns are considered greedy.)

    It's also referenced a lot in politics-- "silver throne", "silver tongue"... "silver bed" is used if people are sleeping with other, more influential people.

    The only other specifically racial insult is "sandman", because large parts of Craestan are actually desertous. It's highly offensive, especially if you're saying it to someone that is very clearly not Craestic.

    Suggesting that Provincials are in any way Othorn, or using insults that you would use on Othorns on Provincials, is gonna get you shot one day.

    On that note, had an MC travel from the Province to mainland Provabia. He called someone "Muxay". That basically means the insulted person was being a greedy, insensitive asshole. Turned out to be much more offensive in Mainland Provabia than he expected.

    "Sa Dame" is used when someone's being a drama queen or demanding or just plain annoying. It's not seen outside of Provabia, and even within Provabia, it's only really common among the wealthy.

    This brings me to the last one that I can think of. The most passive aggressive way that you will ever see someone insulted is when someone (usually of higher rank to someone of lower rank, but not always) calls them by a lower title. It's the easiest way to express both anger and their power and influence over the other person. The insulted person never calls out the insulter on this insult, owing to the fact that the insulted person is usually of a lower rank (even if it's barely lower at all).

    I realized what a terrible human being I am that I can think of slurs and insults so easily. In Earthlings, there's 'cadaver' to refer to very pale quecheen (who also have blue blood, giving their skin a somewhat different hue in general) and 'delver' to refer to people of Southeast Asian descent in regards to political stances many SE Asian countries took in regards to recent relationship issues with the quecheen.

    Q: Would you survive if you were dropped into your world tomorrow?

    I'm not confident of it. I wouldn't die very quickly, but I would also have issues fitting into society :P At the very least I would have to live in Craestan, simply because they're more open to the idea of women... doing things. It couldn't be anywhere urban, though, both because cities are not well maintained and cities are where riots happen.

    I fear that the next time a plague went through, I would catch it and die. That would be an issue.

    Q: What are popular children's toys or games in your world?

    ....and yeah. I don't really pay attention to children in my world.

    Um, there's one kid that's referenced to have toy soldiers, but now that I'm looking back, that kid's family was not rich enough to be able to afford those. Middle class and up kids, sure. That family? They were so poor that one of the kids left the family at ~15 to try and make money somewhere else.

    The actually rich MC was only ever shown entertaining himself with his friend by running around all day in the woods.

    Actually, the really poor MC was also only ever shown entertaining himself with his friend by running around all day in the woods.

    Dolls definitely exist. Checkers exists, and that was shown being played by the really poor family I mentioned first.

    So. Idk. I might have to think about this. I probably won't, but I might have to :P

    Q: How do people react whenever someone sneezes in your world? Is it even socially acceptable to sneeze?

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