• I'm new around here and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Bree and I've been writing since I was a tiny human. A friend of mine turned me onto Plotist and I'm thrilled with it. I hope to make some new friends and plot my little heart out.

    My main genres are: lesbian/bi YA, NA, urban fantasy, fantasy, scifi, poetry, and visual poetry.

    I have one self-published co-written book on Amazon and four more coming in that particular series. I'm currently working on my first solo novel.

    Hit me up if you want to talk writing or anything else for that matter!

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    Hey Bree! Welcome to Plotist!

    This is the first time I'm hearing about NA (New Adult, I guess?). I find it quite interesting how genre is adapting to age now. I'm going to sound really old, but when I was a teenager you would either read kids books or adult books. That's when I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy and many sci-fi classics. What would you say are the main differences between YA and NA?

    Congratulations on your published book and good luck with the next ones in the series! What are they about?

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    I cannot wait to see, and learn more about your writing and you! You've peaked my curiosity at the idea of visual poetry. There are so many different types and I'm curious about what you create is like.

    As Jay said, congrats on having published a book! What fascinates me is that you co-wrote it. Collaborative writing is so neat and the fact that you have several more planned has me bouncing in excitement. To build a series with a friend... sigh It's like a dream come true! :D Granted I'm also co-writing, but it seems like we can never find the time to finish the work we've started. So I stick with fan-fic! :)

    For your first solo novel, are you planning on following the same type of story path as your collaborative work, or will you be trying to push out into a new direction?

  • Hello, new person!

    I would also like to know the answers to the questions posed by @Josey here, seeing as I myself am very into collaborative works. Although, ours are still a long ways from publishing of any sort; why I'm going solo at the moment. ^.^

  • Hello & Welcome! I agree that it's really cool that you've co-written and published something, because I can never get someone to sit down and collab with me XD Question: Is most of your NA romance? I just had another conversation with another writer about a lot of NA being in the romance genre, so I'm curious if you tend to write straight romance or in other genres (with or without romantic subplots) :)

    @jaycano I don't read a lot of it myself, but NA is essentially about college-aged characters (18-24, I believe?). Another thing about it is that it tends to have more mature content & plot arcs than YA. It's really new though :D

  • Hi and welcome. :) I'm looking forward to getting to learn more about you and your work. NA is a genre I hope to get more into myself eventually, but I guess we'll see how what I'm working on materializes.

    *@jaycano I don't read a lot of it myself, but NA is essentially about college-aged characters (18-24, I believe?). Another thing about it is that it tends to have more mature content & plot arcs than YA. It's really new though :D

    I've read the age range can span as high as the characters being in their early 30s. I think it depends on how the characters view things and how the plot is approached. I've been reading up on it some and it looks like a genre shaping up in mostly indie circles at the moment. Certainly promising, though!

  • Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome!

    @jaycano The widely accepted age range for New Adult fiction is 18-26 but @Rose is correct that some consider it to go into the lower 30s. As a genre it's distinction is that it covers the period of our characters transition to adulthood. @typical_demigod is spot on about the more mature content and plots.

    Thank you! We are excited to still be hanging around the top 20 in a few lesbian fiction lists and have steady sales and reads. The series is called Paper Dolls and it follows two girls, Avery and Olivia, who are just graduating high school. They meet in their senior year and form an intense bond. Between family issues (Avery's absent parents and Olivia's over involved mother) and Avery's affair with a teacher, their lives have never been this complicated.

    My co-author and I just naturally fell together. We were both in some of the same fandoms and both wrote fanfiction. We decided to write some together and that led to us writing original fiction together. Paper Dolls evolved out of that into a project that consumed six months of our lives, seven days a week. In the end we were left with over 300,000 words.

    We trade chapters, writing in first person and pen the responses of our characters within each other's chapters. We largely agree on most things and are both willing to compromise on story decisions. It was the perfect storm.

    My solo work is going to be a little more literary and a little more geared toward the fantasy side.

    As for the visual poetry, some of it is in graphic form that I post on instagram, some of it is hand drawn, and some of it is 3D mixed media. I like to use geometric animal shapes to hide words.

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    A hearty hello and welcome :) fantastic that you have self-published successfully, I'm curious as to how your experience with the whole process was?

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    @blackindiaink That is awesome! There is something wonderful about those serendipity moments of collaboration!

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    Welcome @blackindiaink! Visual poetry is completely intriguing to me: I've only dipped my toe into poetry in general and it can be so personal it's difficult to find something to your taste.

    I started a thread a while ago asking for poetry recommendations for my 22 year old sister so if you have anything to add please drop it there, I'm a bit of a poetry novice so am always looking for recs!

    Congratulations on your self-published book, that's amazing! Hope we can help you with your solo project : )

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