What Are Your Writing Peeves?

  • @Blackbird said in What Are Your Writing Peeves?:

    I also don't like powers that come out of nowhere. Like somewhere in the middle of a story in the most convenient moment possible a character goes. "Oh yeah, I can explode things with my mind!" and goes into a mile of exposition in order to explain this thing the writer clearly pulled out of their special little place. >.>

    I was just about to say that tbh. Also when it's used as a plot device? I know in Red Queen (which was cliched in general to me, but other people may feel differently; I know a bunch of people who love it) that was the basis of the whole plot and it was just like


    The other one that I almost forgot about but I remembered it because I was thinking about a book I just finished that doesn't quite fall into that trope, what's up with YA relationships and one partner is hiding something/lying/etc.?? Sometimes it turns out okay, but usually it's... questionable.

    Anyway. I don't read enough to have much to say on this thread :P

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    OMG yes. The obvious solution in most books is just COMMUNICATE. TALK. Just talk!!

  • Because I was just talking to someone else about this.... worlds where there is some societal element that is Super Taboo in our world but Totally Normal in the secondary world, but the protags all look down on said cultural element. Rather than, since they've been raised with said cultural element, looking at it as neutral at best or positive at worst. (Unless there's a legit reasoning behind them disliking that popular societal belief, but there usually isn't.)

  • The more a writer mentions in the narrative that a character is attractive the more I become annoyed with said character. It eventually gets to a point where I'm mentally shouting at the book "Yes, this person is hot, I GET IT!!!!"

  • When you wanna write and you have people telling you that you need to write, but then when you sit down to write, you either have no idea what to write (despite having an outline for that purpose) or no idea how to write it.

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    Second guessing every character trait, motivation, and plot arch I have created.

  • @Josey When I'm ghostwriting, the words fly out of my fingers. And when I'm working on my own story, I have to pull each letter out with plyers.

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    @toasha Got a pair of pliers to spare? :D Also.. you're a ghostwriter? How intriguing. You'll need to start a new topic and tell us all about what it is like being a ghostwriter! :D I know I'm curious.

  • When I'm ghostwriting, the words fly out of my fingers. And when I'm working on my own story, I have to pull each letter out with plyers.

    You too? I thought I was the only one with that problem. I don't know what it is, but that goes for my plotting, my characters, my everything. So annoying.

  • @Josey Will do

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