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    I found this wonderful website much by accident, but I'm very glad I did. I'm in serious need of a timeline software... And spending ~$50 on Aeon Timeline wasn't really desirable for me. I'm really looking forward to playing around with the timelines on here; it seems very promising.

    My current project takes place just a few decades ahead of current times and involves Dragons, magic, intrigue, and -- potentially -- the apocalypse.

  • @huckabayjennifer Hello!

    Did someone say dragons? Where'sthedragons. O_O

    Ehem... I tried Aeon Timeline before finding Plotist too, I found it entirely too confusing. I need 'a child could work with this' levels of user-friendliness in order to function. ^^

    Anyway, welcome to the forums!

  • Plotist Team: Keepers of Code

    Hi! Welcome to Plotist and to the forums, glad you're enjoying it so far.

    Sounds like an interesting project you're working on, epic to say the least!

    If you need any help with anything let me know, I'm here to help :)

    Happy plotting!

  • @huckabayjennifer Hello!

    Yeah, I'm curious on both Aeon Timeline & Scrivener, but both are expensive and seem to have complicated interfaces, so if I can organize what I need on Google Docs and relatively few other online programs (such as Plotist), then I'm good.

    Ooh! I know I should be drawn to the whole dragons thing, especially since I have a modern setting with dragons because dragons, but I'm actually curious about how magic/technology intersect in your world, if you would be willing to talk about that a little. ^_^

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    Hello @huckabayjennifer :D A pleasure to meet you! First of all welcome! If we can be of any help do let us know. We are very supportive here. And if you have suggestions, ideas, etc about what we can do to make Plotist even more amazing for you do let us know. We are in beta as you know, but we are building it for you as well. So be sure to hit us up!

    Now, as to your current project. It sounds like it is JUST up my alley. I love supernatural books. I love urban fantasy, urban sci-fi, I love... well reading. And writing, but I do hope over time you'll tease us by revealing more! You can do that actually be jumping into our Character Respond Answer Ask. You do not have to respond to everyone, but if you hop in, we can use it to build characters, share characters, and inspire each other! Hope to see you there. :D

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    Hey there, @huckabayjennifer! Welcome to Plotist!

    I love the idea of dragons in modern times, the first time I heard about it was on Shadowrun where they have the motto "Never deal with a dragon". As @typical_demigod, I'm also interested into how to mix magic and technology so if you are up for it, I would love to have a chat :)

  • Oh wow! Thank you so much for the warm welcome, everyone. (: I wasn't expecting this kind of response, but I very much appreciate it. I've missed having an active writing community.

    @Blackbird Yeah, user-interfaces can make or break a software.

    @simon Thank you! I'll be sure to ask if I need anything.

    @typical_demigod Oh, I love Scivener! It's convenient to have both your manuscript and your research all in one place, and there's a bunch of organizational tools to be found on there. The company has released a bunch of tutorials to help... Also, if you're familiar with NaNoWriMo, usually one of their "winner" goodies involves a steep discount on the software, so that's an option.

    @Josey Oh, I saw that thread; it seems like a lot of fun~ I'll be posting something there momentarily. It actually reminded me of some old roleplaying forums... Those were always great for character development. Basically, you stick your character into a situation they wouldn't normally find themselves in along with some characters from other people, and then together, you and other writers create a story as your characters interact with theirs.

    @jaycano @typical_demigod I would love to discuss it with you guys as well~ Is there a separate thread I should be doing that on, or is here fine? I'm still trying to figure out the forum organization on this site.

  • @huckabayjennifer Yeah, I know that. I've got two codes sitting there until Oct 31st and November 1st (from November & the April Camp).... I might look more into the tutorials then. Everyone says it's fantastic, but at the same time, I'm not the most organized person, and I don't keep really detailed notes, so I'm trying to weigh if it would help me be more organized or just be a program I have but don't really use :P

    I would say here is fine? If not, probably General Chit Chat is the place to put it :D

  • @typical_demigod So, Juniper (Rory's Dragon) is actually the first dragon to appear in a very long time. Humanity has actually long forgotten about magic -- the Shadowrealm (basically the world where everything supernatural lives) was locked away hundreds of years ago.

    But toward the end of the book, that barrier between worlds is torn open, and now the world very much knows the existence of the supernatural... They don't exactly take it well, unfortunately. Especially when they realize just about every single race in existence can over power them, and they outnumber humans. In book 2, there's going to be a lot of growing pains.

  • @huckabayjennifer oooohhhhh

    interest piqued

    why was the Shadowrealm locked away? Was it the humans that did it, hundreds of years ago, for the very same reason humans are freaking out about all the supernaturals?

    Do they try to make alliances with any of the other races?

    Why did Juniper appear?

  • @typical_demigod The answer to your question is really long... The short answer is the Shadowrealm wasn't locked away by humans, but it was locked away to protect them.

    So, in my world, there are these beings called "Ancients." Basically, they're gods, and their duty is to protect humanity. To help them with this, each Ancient has three...I guess you could call them helpers? They're known as either an Oracle, a Knight, or a Thief. Each one has access to a different aspect from their respective Ancient.

    Now, a while ago, one of the Thieves got it into their head that the Ancients ought to be replaced, and so she roused a Rebellion. One of the other Thieves didn't go along, so she was killed...which is why the movement didn't have enough power to actually kill the Ancients (she was the most powerful one of them, and in order to actually kill the Ancients, all of the Thieves are needed).

    That said, they were severely injured. So, they each appointed a Guardian who was charged with watching over the last Dragon eggs (the existence of Dragons with their Riders is dependent on them having access to the Ancients themselves) until the time came where they could rise again. And then promptly locked themselves away and created a spell that prevented any supernatural movement from the Shadowrealm into the human world.

    That said, there's still some leakage and some back door deals that happen with the people who are basically the gatekeepers -- they're called "Mediums" -- but that's minimized.

    Rory's mom was one of those Guardians, and when she died, the Dragon egg went to Rory...and then it hatched for her.

  • @huckabayjennifer Where were the Oracles and Knights in all of this? Could they have been recruited to help and make up for the Thief that didn't help?

    Why did the Thief want to replace the Ancients? How different were her opinions about how humanity should be protected compared to the Ancients?

    Was the barrier torn open by supernaturals, or by the Ancients deciding that they were fully healed and could return to their full duties in protecting humans?

    BTW, I know I ask a lot of questions, so if you decide that you don't want to answer them, that's fine :D I get the vibe that the last question in particular is one that is answered in-story.

  • @typical_demigod

    Where were the Oracles and Knights in all of this? Could they have been recruited to help and make up for the Thief that didn't help?

    Most of them were on-board or had been brainwashed. Daine -- the Thief who orchestrated all of this -- was rather careful... She took her time with all of this, and she didn't tell any of her peers until all of the preparations were made. In order of power available to them, the Oracles had the least and the Thieves had the most, so it wasn't hard for Daine to overpower an unsuspecting Oracle one on one.

    The Knights were a little more tricky; they each were a Dragon Rider, and the Dragons fully supported the Ancients because they derived basically their existence from them. Daine organized a team of various races to slaughter all of the Dragons before she started moving forward with her plan.

    Why did the Thief want to replace the Ancients? How different were her opinions about how humanity should be protected compared to the Ancients?

    Honestly, Daine doesn't really care about humanity. She kind of had the whole Loki thing going on where she felt used, unwanted, and unappreciated. The idea stemmed from a Demon who was wanting to sow chaos; he wanted to know why she subjected herself to the Ancients if she had the power to overcome them.

    While she's been stewing on trying to figure out how to destroy the Ancients a second time, her opinion has slightly shifted. When she rips open the dimension between the Shadowrealm and Earth, she intends on allowing the invasion of the supernatural races into Earth. If humanity can't defend itself, then tough. The Supernatural world has been hiding for long enough, in her opinion.

    Was the barrier torn open by supernaturals, or by the Ancients deciding that they were fully healed and could return to their full duties in protecting humans?

    The barrier is actually torn open by Daine's spell -- and the person instrumental in helping her is Rory. When posed with the choice of saving her Dragon or saving the world, Rory picks Juniper, mostly because she's going crazy. Since the Ancients are locked away, Juniper doesn't have enough power to sustain her, which means as she starts to die, her Rider starts to lose her mind. To begin with, Rory wouldn't have really cared much about other people, so when given the choice and not entirely in her right mind, she resorts to old habits.

    Once restored, she goes on to save humanity from the invasion, but still; history is never going to forget Rory as the girl who almost wiped out humanity. But that's more of an issue in book 2.

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