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    I find that my writing style tends to meld and swerve based on the latest book I have read, or the most recent cult classic I've watched. For example, I'm incredibly excited by the new Twin Peaks reboot coming to the UK soon. :) Extremely excited. As such I have started watching the old school classic episodes. And now I am finding my writing is starting to include some of the rather crazy surrealist content that one can expect from David Lynch's directing and writing style.

    Now, normally I don't mind as I love being inspired, but I recently rewatched this:

    Now I find that I am ever so slightly concerned that I may just be making bad choices in writing! :) I'm curious if anyone else has found themselves inspired by certain styles, and how you feel about it. Do you feel I may just be adding more work for the editing process?

  • I'm very, very, easily influenced. I think that's one reason why I tend to avoid reading too much (at least outside my genre) while in the middle of writing something until I get to a point where I need to take a break. Then I'll go read something completely outside of what I'm writing, or I go watch some cartoons; because can't go wrong there. :P

    I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing. Literally, the best fight scene I've ever written (it's not that great, granted, but better than my usual) happened after watching a Game of Thrones marathon.

    Lately, I've also been playing a lot of random adventure games that are very narrative heavy and are usually in 2nd person which, oddly makes me want to write that way. Which... Is no good. In those cases, sometimes I actually need to write a little one-shot to get it out of my system before I can go back to my own stuff. :/

    My characters also tend to turn British in my head whenever I watch a lot of Doctor Who, which, is actually pretty funny. I don't mind that at all. lol

    I still haven't watched Twin Peaks. I started it some time ago, but never actually went past the first couple of episodes. I didn't know they were rebooting it. I hope they do it well.

  • @Blackbird said in Cult classics:

    My characters also tend to turn British in my head whenever I watch a lot of Doctor Who, which, is actually pretty funny. I don't mind that at all. lol

    It's good to see I'm not the only one who does this lol

    To be totally honest, I haven't been reading books lately, so no influence there. The last book I read (by read I mean I'm one or two chapters in) was Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee and that had an interesting narration style that I thought might be worth playing with some time, though I'm not sure if I actually liked it.

    Music influences me heavily. That dinner scene with Rus that I shared wasn't supposed to go that way, but I was listening to an intense song, and what I was writing needed to match.... :| Anyway, I'm careful with my music choices these days, especially if I'm trying to hit a specific mood.

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    Thank you both for sharing this. It's one of those things that haunts me was a writer. I have a voice. I have a writing style. But I can be influenced easily. :D

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