Tip Tuesday Round Up: Writing without stress

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    It’s stress awareness month! Beat anxiety, stress and burnout while writing by following these tips!

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  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    “We’re writers and we don’t need no lousy bosses to crack the whip. We can do it to ourselves–create the frazzle, the frustration, the deadlines, the endless to-do lists, negative feedback, and the conviction that we’re not doing enough fast enough.

    Holy cow. Yes. This. My to-do lists never end. And when writing, I am so quick to crack my own whip, and add all kinds of superfluous deadlines for things. Granted it can help me keep focused, but there are times when it bites me and ends up being more a way to oppress my creative side instead of inspiring it. lol :) Woops.

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