Easter Eggs: What do you get when you eggs-it the quest?

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    Finding hidden Easter eggs can be an achievement. It can be surreal. It can be awe-eggspiring.

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    The puns... lol. Wow are they strong in this one. I'd never thought of myself as the actual Easter Egg in my stories, but I can see how that could happen. I know that for people who sit at my tabletop games they get a lot of random Easter Eggs. The object the group discovered in one game, is actually the one that was created by another story they did years ago. It's lovely to remind people of the past.

    For example, in a recent tabletop, I purposefully made the bad guy named Francis to pay tribute to many at my table who loved the Deadpool movie. I wanted to let do something to show them a bit of love. After all I listen to them, and want them to see just how well I know them. If I ever become more of a published writer, I plan on doing the same thing with the audience who gives me feedback and reviews (both good and bad). :D

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