Alias Jeannie Delaney

  • The Wyoming Tribune

    Wyoming, January 1893

    Jeannie Morgan, notorious female cowboy, outlaw and jailbird, has almost single handedly saved her home town, Wolf Creek, Albany County, from devastation. Isaac Sorenson, a bully of insane disposition, sought revenge against Morgan for his brother's murder. He led a gang of gunmen in a ruinous invasion of the town, looting stores, vandalizing properties and interfering with townsfolk. The gang knew that the people would demand Morgan's release from ? Penitentiary, Texas, in the hope of her leading them to freedom. Miss Morgan would then be at the gang's disposal for acts of indecency. The prison authorities refused her release. However, her escape was organised by her brothers and members of her old gang. She was duly appointed deputy sheriff - an unheard of situation among womankind – by the town marshall, and used the force of her powerful persona and phenomenal gun to finally dispense of the gang. She was wounded herself at one point. Authorities have agreed to give her amnesty and she has since been assigned the deputy role permanently.'

  • Sounds like an action movie waiting to happen! ^_^

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    Haha. Wow. Yeah, that's a great concept. Though I am curious about the Penitentiary, her brothers, the gang, and of course what Isaac was doing to be labelled a bully. :D Hope to see more.

    Side note for you. Back in 2015 I was doing a bit of research on an area of Texas during 1900 for a tabletop game I was running. I ran across this little tidbit from th El Paso Daily Herald: (which is what your post reminded me of)


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