• This does need some editing but I thought I would share this. Hope you enjoy ^^

    Journal Entry 8

    I've been getting the hang on writing and reading. I have been learning new words each passing day. But each passing night gets worse and worse. I am constantly reminded of the sins that I have committed and the horrors I have laid upon others. I never meant to do wrong, nor did I ever want to. Was it inevitable? Was all my effort into remaining calm and collected for nothing? I have no idea, honestly. I look and hold onto the knife I have committed those sins with and wonder if I bash this said blade into my head will it make everlasting pain go away? Or will it send me down a path of even more pain? I endlessly wonder this after reading that scripture from Hamlet. I been reading that bible and Hamlet ever since I had stole it from that rich couple.

    I try my hardest to be a good person. To do what seems right for not only myself but those I hold dearly. Oscar is proud of my efforts and determination. Jacklyn is too but it just seems to make her worry more. She tells me I can come to her about anything but sometimes i'm just too afraid to do so. I'm afraid to tell her about the flashing pictures I see and the crying voices I hear. They're horrifying to be honest. Sometimes it even sends into tears of sorrow, fear, and pain. Doesn't matter if i'm holding the watch, starring at it to remind myself of what I had done that night in hopes of never doing so again.

    My thoughts and dreams run wild. They torment and remind, yet sometimes I wonder if that's a good thing. Maybe it's a punishment for the wrong I have committed or my mind's way of telling to remember what I have done so that it may never happen again. I'm not sure honestly, but the more I write about it the more reassuring it seems. I think i'll go to bed now since Jacklyn is still asleep. Funny thing is, even though I feel some strange warm sensation in my chest when near her, we sleep separately. Maybe it's cause I punch and kick in my sleep. Or so she says. Anyway, I now end this entry.


  • @SirBlood said in Journals:

    Maybe it's cause I punch and kick in my sleep.

    Seems like a good reason to me!

    The first paragraph was interesting because it struck me of an excerpt you would see on the back of a book to hook you in.

    It definitely says a lot about Clyde's motivations; it shows that he genuinely is trying to be a good person, but he questions if that will fix anything, which is interesting. It raises a lot of questions about who Clyde used to be, and it does give a lot about the world. One could find a copy of Hamlet or the Bible at a library somewhere, or finding one or the other could probably be found at a friend's house, no thievery necessary.

    Is the whole story told in journal entries?

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    Can I just say I miss stories written in letter form. It's such a fascinating concept and I would love to see more like it! Also, your first big post with us sharing your work! I'm excited and so happy you're willing to share this with us!

    Now, when you say it needs editing, I don't know why. After all this is being written by someone who is new to words! This journal entry from Clyde makes me wonder about the seven before. And I'm really curious now about what type of life he's living. Hamlet is a rather dark piece to take inspiration from and some might say the same of the bible, so he's such a fascinating concept to me! I really want to see more! :D I love watching characters go through various catharsis events. I also love watching people in general, so to say I am hooked and want more is a bit of an understatement.

  • @typical_demigod no, but its gonna be used to show what dwells inside his mind

    @Josey I'm really glad you enjoy it! I actually based this off of some thinking from when my hallucinations would occur. they're pretty repressed now, but this is what it was based off of.

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    @SirBlood Incredible. We find the most interesting subject matter in versions of ourselves. :)

  • @Josey Can't deny that ^^

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