Camp NaNo for 2017

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    This is another event from the people who bring you NaNoWriMo each November. This is chance to develop another story, and it's not always about being novel length. In fact, many I know who participate in Camp NaNo tend to work on shorter stories, tiny little 10-30k word stories. I'm a little swamped this year so I can't do all that I want with it, but I am curious if anyone else is participating!

  • I am, actually. I'm finishing a story that I started in July '16. My goal is only 10k because I don't want to stress myself out with something higher, but probably if I keep going at this rate, I'll probably surpass that :P (There's only another 20-30k left in the story as a whole, so if I don't finish it this month, I'm aiming on finishing it by June.) This is the blurb (which is slightly inaccurate because most of it was written last July before I actually started writing, but the inaccuracies are small):

    Just weeks before Winter-Running's wedding, it hits the news: her younger brother has been in a love affair with beautiful Mariner-Telling. As more information comes to light-- including the woman's pregnancy-- the lovers disappear from Pedestal completely, their whereabouts unknown. The young woman determines she must find them.

    In distant Mirror Image, young Fi finds himself in circumstances he could never imagine: he has been kidnapped from his wife and daughter and sold into the vibrant business of gladiating. The only escape is participation.

    Meanwhile, River-Waking has been accused of robbery and murder. Taken to the High Court of the Lady Protector Candace, she determines to escape the charges. In the process, she discovers the dark history of the long-ruling family of Pedestal.

    Before long, they will all come to the same realization:

    Love destroys all.'s all very dramatic :)

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    @typical_demigod Ooo, I like how dramatic it sounds. And the naming convention is rather interesting. :D Will this be something we can read when you're done? :D

  • @Josey said in Camp NaNo for 2017:

    @typical_demigod Will this be something we can read when you're done? :D

    alt text

  • @Josey @Blackbird


    (not sure if that is going to gif like it's supposed to but i think you can see my reaction still XD)

    Idk. I might let you read the first chapter (since I edited it a couple weeks ago when I was getting back into the swing of the story), but there's also the issue of posting a full chapter 1 online for the entire world to see and I'm not sure how I feel about that :/ I got an idea. Maybe I'll send a link to you both via the PM system?

    I want the rough draft done by June, at which point there are a few things I will have to research, and then, of course, there'll be editing. When I reach a point where I feel confident enough in the writing to invite beta readers to read it, I will be sure to contact you. makes note on random piece of paper

    @Josey I have no idea where/how I came up with the naming convention, but I can't tell you how awesome it is. Never in my life has it been easier to come up with a name (in a world where I can't just use a random generator to ease my pain).

  • @typical_demigod Yes! I'd love to beta read. Hit me up when time comes for that. :)

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    @typical_demigod I'm totally with @Blackbird here! I would love a beta read :D

  • @Josey @Blackbird I will definitely hit you guys up ^_^

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