Character Respond Answer Ask (April Edition)

  • @Blackbird awwwwww, poor Amber.

    Aaron: Shame. And I was looking forward to having another female companion. Maybe she could be Jack's soul mate.

    Jack: grabs lister knife Aaron, don't make me gut you.

    Aaron: pulls out a butcher and kitchen knife out of coat First ill skin you, then chop you up. Ill wear your flesh like a coat and your face as a mask. I'll chop your brain into bits and feed it to the victims. Your fingers will be chopped off and made into a side dish. Your arms and legs grilled like steak. Best of all, your skull will become my next coffee mug.

    Jack: glares I. Was. Joking.

    Aaron: facepalms you know better than to threaten me, regardless of it being a joke or not!

    Morgan: sighs watching the two guys argue Men.... pulls out a revolver and shoots the wall SHUT UP!

    How important is money. (In your society wise)

    Aaron: Important. We need for food, shelter, entertainment, our show.

    Jack: Morgan has the least hardest job out of all of us.

    Morgan: Excuse me?!

    Jack: You're a part time digital artist, we do the hard labor.

    Morgan: eye twitches Im really considering wether I should saw your crotch in half.

    Jack: face goes pale

    Morgan: Thats what I thought.

    How do you capture your prey?

  • @SirBlood Tbh, I get more concerned about your characters the more I see from them.

    @Blackbird You should probably be more careful with your wildcards :/ Also, I can see Johanna putting makeup on Gerald in his sleep. Then he wakes up covered in it.

    Q: How would you handle staying the night in a abandoned home?

    River: I'm pretty sure our apartment building qualifies as abandoned.

    Tee: quietly the door never opens

    River: It's really bad. The only difference between it and an abandoned building is that people live in it.

    Tee: and cats

    River: That cat doesn't count.

    Tee: :(

    Fi: They're free, which is really nice when you're trying to stay off the grid, if you know what I mean. Otherwise, they don't have insulation or air conditioning or electricity or... any of the basic necessities, really. So... I mean, if I'm desperate, then it's okay, but otherwise?

    Winnie: Ew.

    Resa: There are some days that I think, "Being homeless in an abandoned building can't be worse than some of the things I put up with!" Then I remember that there's nothing beautiful in abandoned homes. Just vandalism and graffiti.

    That... well, I guess that would explain why you always stick around. :/

    Q: How important is money to you (or in your society in general)?

    Resa: Makes the world go round!

    Winnie: I mean, I couldn't do anything that I'm allowed to do if I didn't have money.

    River: How else do we pay rent or for his meds?

    Tee: Sadly.

    Fi: That's a dumb question, honestly.

    Money has a huge aspect in Pedestan society. Wealth = happiness.

    Q: How do you capture your prey?

    Fi: I don't think I should talk about that. Generally, it involves cornering them.

    Mars: It's easiest to do if there are more than one person. Three to one is great, but usually impossible.

    exasperated sigh

    Winnie: I don't... hunt?

    River: I don't really hunt. I don't see the value in killing an animal for no reason. Especially when you can just drop by the grocery store or something.

    Tee: Hunting is expensive. I have neither the time, the interest, nor the money to go hunting.

    Q: Do you like children? (I apologize in advance. :P)

  • @SirBlood Weeeell... To be fair, Amber is a shapeshifter so she's not always female. :P

    Plus I don't think her Mistress would be so willing to let her go out and play with strangers...

    Amber: "What Sammy doesn't know can't hurt her. Or me." smirk

    Sam: "Come again?"

    Amber: o_o

    I'll... Let them settle this 'offscreen'. >.>



    Hahaha... Don't give Jo ideas. Poor Gerry. >.>

    I find the concept of hunting being expensive interesting. I mean, hunting is how you survive in Valcrest if you have literally nothing. You can do it with a sharpened stick. :P

    Or if you're really lousy you can try to live off berries, but... eh. >.>

    Q: How do you capture your prey?

    Gabrielle: "Is this a trick question?"

    Gerald: "I know we call ourselves 'hunters' but we don't exactly 'prey' on people. On the contrary."

    Johanna: "..."

    Lena: "We're assassins. We don't 'capture' people. That's for common psychopaths."

    Dani: "Yes, we're clearly above such behavior." hides bear trap behind her back

    Lena: "What are you doing with that?"

    Dani: "It's best you don't know." smiles

    Lena: sigh "Just don't get caught."

    Q: Do you like children?

    Gabrielle: "Yes. I mean, I'm not around them on a regular basis, but there were younger children in my family, when I had one. I..." sigh "They're okay."

    Gerald: "That was an awfully... Flustered... Response, Porter. Why is that?"

    Gabrielle: "Mind your own business, Tucker."

    Gerald: "I like children. If things were different I'd consider having them, but... I don't see that happening."

    Johanna: "..."

    Okay, no, you don't have to answer. Enough pouring salt in that particular wound. >.>

    Sebastian: "They're okay? I was never around children much. Even when we were children, I mean... We lived a little ways from the city and we were unfortunately pretty sheltered."

    Kyle: "The children at the orphanage were annoying. I thought so."

    Sebastian: "I don't blame them. I mean, that place was shit."

    Dani: "I like kids! I'm always hanging around them when I have time..."

    Lena: "I like Sarah. I'm not sure about kids in general, though."

    Q: How accident prone are you?

  • @Blackbird Oooorrrrrrrrrrr, we could get the popcorn! ;)
    @typical_demigod XD Sorry, I get dark sometimes. (A lot)

    Do you like children

    Aaron: I've always wanted a little version of me.

    Morgan: sighs Here we go again.

    Aaron: Aw cmon! It'll be fun. Think about it, my son or daughter joining their father and learning how to kill and torture. And when someone treats them wrong, thats when I come in and show them the roots.

    Jack: I don't think I would make a good father, but yes, kids are fun. Especially little ones. They're so cute!

    Morgan: I dont do kids.

    Aaron: Cause you're a witchy witch.

    Jack: chuckles I have to side Aaron with this one

    Morgan: Don't make me get Janet.

    Aaron: Don't you dare! She is my precious! Back away from my precious!

    Morgan: Its just a chainsaw, Aaron. Good grief.

    Aaron: Everyone has a special item that is dear to their heart!....Mine happens to be my grandpa's chainsaw.

    How accident prone are you

    Morgan: Aaron sucks in the kitchen.

    Jack: you shot yourself in the foot before.

    Morgan: I was young and stupid! Cut me some slack!

    Aaron and Jack: No

    How close have your characters been to duels to the death

  • @Blackbird It's not necessarily that it's really expensive as much as it is that Tee and River are poor. Though, to be totally honest, I'm not sure how much wildlife is running around. At least, within Pedestal.

    I feel like Gabrielle is hiding something. Like... like maybe... a warm fuzzy side.

    @SirBlood Fair enough XD

    Q: How accident prone are you?

    Tee: Not very. I'm a careful person.

    River: Eh. I mean, I wouldn't trip up the stairs on a regular basis.

    Resa: It depends what I'm doing.

    Winnie: Let's just say that, to my dismay, I avoid heels.

    Fi: I've decreased my accident pron-ness lately, that's for sure.

    Q: How close have your characters been to duels to the death

    Fi: 0_0


    Wait, that question freaks him out, but not the one about hunting people!? O_o You may need help, my man.

    Winnie: Never. And hopefully it will remain that way.

    Resa: I've definitely never been in a duel. I've never even made a public enemy. Do you have any idea how much skill and effort that takes?

    River: I mean, there's this one time that might qualify.

    Tee: ?? Um, for me, no. I'm a pretty normal, boring person.

    Q: Do you need/use white noise to sleep?

  • @typical_demigod Hm... The abundance of wildlife is definitely something to consider. I mean, to be fair, in Valcrest if you throw a rock in the woods there's like a 2% chance you'll kill something with it. Or at least... Anger something with it. :P

    I feel like Gabrielle is hiding something. Like... like maybe... a warm fuzzy side.

    What!? Nooo.... Gabrielle is made of stone and ice and steel and... and...

    Johanna: "Rainbows!"

    Gerald: "And warm fluffy clouds..."

    Johanna: And sunshine!"

    Gabrielle: "What are you two on about?"

    Johanna: "Nothing." >.>

    Gerald: "Absolutely nothing."

    Gabrielle: "..." =.=

    Resa: I've definitely never been in a duel. I've never even made a public enemy. Do you have any idea how much skill and effort that takes?

    That's so true. I mean, even my most pacifist character kind of has a mortal enemy at this point. -.-

    Q: How close have your characters been to duels to the death?

    Gabrielle: "...." snort "........Pft... Ha... Hahahahahaha..."

    Gerald: "Holy shit, is she...?"

    Johanna: "Gabe is laughing." o.o

    Gerald: "Has that ever happened before!? I don't think that's ever happened before?"

    Johanna: "No."

    Gabrielle: continues to laugh herself to tears

    Gerald: "Uh... I think she's broken."

    Johanna: "She'll have to stop eventually. Let's just..." starts to walk away, pulling Gerald with her

    I... Uh... What the fuck. o.O

    Y'know, a very long time ago I decided that Gabrielle and Luckas were blood-related. Which bears no weight in their stories whatsoever, they'll never know of each other's existence after all, but... I'mstartingtoseesimilaritieshere. ^.-

    Dani: "The closest the Wolfpack has to duels is when the Alpha is challenged and... They rarely actually end in someone's death. The victor is within their right to kill the loser, but... It's rare. I think no Alpha has even been challenged in the past century or so."

    Lena: "Not since mom's grandpa and for what the records say... It ended pretty quick."

    Dani: "Did he kill the challenger?"

    Lena: "Not exactly? I mean, he was hauled to the White Shadows with a missing hand, and that's the last record of him. I'm assuming he must have died of either blood loss or infection though. Medicine was barely in its infancy then."

    Dani: "Do you think I'll be challenged?"

    Lena: "I don't think so."

    Dani: snort

    Lena: "You won't be."

    Q: Do you need/use white noise to sleep?

    Gabrielle: "Silence bothers me, but then it's rarely silent in the forest and I don't sleep for very long at a time anyway."

    Johanna: "Noises have color?" smiles "Like Gabe says, it's rarely silent, but..." shrugs

    Gerald: "Jo has random moments of not wanting to sleep alone and then she sneaks into our rooms at night. Like a creep."

    Johanna: "And you punched me!"

    Gerald: "I woke up and you were STARING AT ME. And you dodged that very well, don't make it sound like I actually hit you." frowns

    Gabrielle: "It's nerve wrecking at first, but you get used to it."

    Dani: "I don't really know what silence is like. So... Maybe?"

    Lena: "We have wolves and crickets and owls at night and birds and voices and footsteps during the day. I mean, it's never quiet here. Ever."

    Dani: "You have migraines again?"

    Lena: "Ugh... I'm fine."

    My characters live in one of those "sounds of the forest" CDs apparently. :P

    Q: Are you, or have you ever been, in love?

  • @Blackbird Resa's so good at staying out of trouble that the only people he has to regularly avoid for the duration of the story is his mother and possibly the other brother. Now, by River's plot arc, there are probably a couple of people that are displeased with him, but that's because of a split in ideology on something plot-related. (Now, within that split may be people who truly despise him, but I've already said too much.)

    My characters live in one of those "sounds of the forest" CDs apparently. :P

    Having literally just come back from being in the forest for like 3 hours, I can see that being possible. I remember once I went to the forest REALLY early in the morning and I think then it was silent until the sun started to come up and the birds started to wake up, but that was a long time ago. :P

    I want a side story where the challenger went on to create/control a rival group, btw. Or maybe he becomes the founding father of medicine. Either way, everyone thinks that he disappeared and died, but in reality, he went on to do big things.

    I find Gabrielle and Luckas being related amusing :/ Do they share a physical trait so that, in the future, people with too much time on their hands can make wild guesses about them actually being related?

    Q: Are you, or have you ever been, in love?

    Resa: Nah. It seems like too much trouble.

    Winnie: I want to be, anyway.

    Resa: You have clearly been paying no attention to the world.

    Winnie: Well... I mean... I have been, but not everything crashes and burns.

    Tee: Do crushes count?

    River: On who?

    Tee: No one!

    River: ...

    Tee: ._.

    River: ...

    Fi: yeah.

    Q: What do you know about the heart?

  • @typical_demigod I'll think about that side story. ^.-

    Gabrielle, Luckas' father, and Luckas/his twin brother are the only ones in their family line to be born with grey eyes, actually. It's a rare eye color even in Valcrest where weird eye colors are normal. So there's that. Although, Luke's eyes are now black because of his magical imprint, so... His real eye color is a tiny little detail in there.

    Also, his real name is Gabriel, which is actually a coincidence (I never use his real name so I tend to forget it and never gave two thoughts about it when I named Gabrielle later on), but I built an entire backstory that won't ever be revealed around the fact Gabrielle actually met Luke's dad when he was a kid and thus that's why he named his son Gabriel. :P

    Gabrielle is actually Luckas' aunt, but his father was born when she was 19, and it had been almost a decade since she left her biological family. So, while they do meet, he never actually knows Gabrielle is his sister and eventually (around the time Shadows Rise ends) she just stops showing up.

    I don't know if anyone can actually piece all that together from what I'll actually write with them. Luke's real eye color does come up here and there in passing, but it's small, neither of them uses their original names or likes to think about their biological family much... So all in all, it's something that exists for the sake of my own amusement. :P

    Tee: Do crushes count?
    River: On who?
    Tee: No one!
    River: ...
    Tee: ._.
    River: ...


    Q: What do you know about the heart?

    Gabrielle: "That's a stupidly vague question. Do you mean the organ? The Goddess? Are you being figurative and talking about emotional stuff? What answers are you looking for here?"

    Gerald: "I don't think they mean Heart. Otherwise the wouldn't say 'the heart', it's just Heart."

    Gabrielle: "The heart is a weakness. That's what I know."

    Gerald: "Do you mean the organ, or...."

    Gabrielle: "Same difference. If it's broken, you die. Or in the very least wish you had."

    Johanna: "It hurts..."

    Gabrielle: "Exactly."

    Gerald: "I want to hug you, but I know I shouldn't."

    Gabrielle: "I appreciate your restraint, Tucker. That's why we get along so well."

    Gerald: :/

    Dani: "Hmmm... I don't know if you're being literal, but... Not... Much?"

    Lena: "The heart is a muscular organ in humans and other animals, which pumps blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system. Blood provides the body with oxygen and nutrients, as well as assists in the removal of metabolic wastes. In humans, the heart is located between the lungs, in the middle compartment of the chest."

    Dani: "Are you quoting a textbook?"

    Lena: "Yep."

    whispers It's actually wikipedia. >.>

    Q: In what ways do you usually show affection to other people?

  • @Blackbird Lemme know if anything interesting comes out of it :D

    That does sound amusing. Sometimes you just have to have those amusing bits for yourself. After all, you write for yourself first, right?

    Also, I totally left that question vague on purpose. If context helps, though, I've been studying and memorizing all the parts in the organ (as well as the steps to actually pump blood) for about a month now -_- I can tell you all the steps to pump blood off the top of my head.

    I love that they pretty much all have the same reaction though XD

    No one has to know it was Wikipedia...

    Q: In what ways do you usually show affection to other people?

    Winnie: I'm a very touchy kind of person. I love hugs and sitting next to each other and that sort of thing. scoots closer to Resa

    Resa: :/ Touch is okay. Everyone really likes touch in my family though, so it's the easiest way to show affection to people.

    Fi: I like giving gifts. It's a good excuse to go shopping, but it's also interesting to see their reactions.

    Tee: If I'm affectionate towards someone, then I'll spend time in the same room as them and talk to them sometimes.

    You can't tell in here, but he's ridiculously introverted.

    River: I don't know. I'm kind of a mixture. I like hugging people but sometimes I think it's nice to do things for other people.

    Q: In what ways do you like to receive affection from other people? (I.e., your love language.)

  • Do you need/use white noise to sleep

    Aaron: not really. you two?

    Morgan: Nope

    Jack: no really.

    Are yo, or have you ever been in love

    Aaron: Well....

    Morgan: Don't you dare

    Aaron: Me and Morgan had a thing once

    Morgan: Aaron!!

    Aaron: shrugs

    Jack: Its safe to say we all have been in love.

    What do you know about the heart

    Aaron: made up of four chambers that help deal with blood and oxygen. And it is an organ that can't be eaten unless you want disease.

    Jack and Morgan: Pretty much what he said

    In what ways do you show affection to others

    Aaron: Well...I try to be sweet and charming while hint little by little of me being dark. When I think I trust them enough I show more and more of my dark side gradually. My hope is to find a woman who shares my ideals and inspirations.

    Morgan: I try to be my tomboyish self but a little girly at few times. I like to treat my partner with gifts and be sweet.

    Jack: no comment

    What would you do if you were to meet unknown life?

  • @typical_demigod

    Tee: If I'm affectionate towards someone, then I'll spend time in the same room as them and talk to them sometimes.

    Me. >.>


    Aaron: made up of four chambers that help deal with blood and oxygen. And it is an organ that can't be eaten unless you want disease.

    Luckas: "Wait, what?"

    No, you're fine, Luckas.

    Luckas: "But..."

    Annie: "Ugh, Luke, you haven't..." sigh "Either way... If you were going to get sick from that, you would have by now."

    Luckas: "It was one time. I was curious. Usually, Stalker eats them." >.>

    Guys, why are you here? =.=

    Luckas and Annie: "..."

    Back in the goddamn cages, both of you. Don't make me get the whip.

    Luckas: "oooh!"

    Don't, test me, Luckas! >.<

    Luckas is not a cannibal, btw... He does like animal hearts though and well... He got curious this one time. :P

    Q: In what ways do you usually show affection to other people?/In what ways do you like to receive affection from other people?

    Gabrielle: "I show affection to people by tolerating them to a much higher extent than I usually would."

    Gerald: "Aw, you're making us blush now, Porter."

    Gabrielle: "See, usually, I wouldn't tolerate that kind of stupid remark, but Tucker is practically family so I won't even entertain the idea of knocking out his teeth. No matter how infuriating he gets."

    Gerald: "If that's not love I don't know what is." chuckle

    Gabrielle: "As for the second half of the question. I... Honestly, I believe the greatest display of affection anyone can give is to just respect the way I am and not demand things of me that I may be unwilling or unable to give. Aggravating as these two may be..." points at Gerald and Jo "At least they understand that just because I won't take part in any hug fests... Doesn't mean I don't care."

    Gerald: "Well, Johanna does... Impose a lot of affection on you."

    Johanna: gives Gabrielle questioning look

    Gabrielle: "And that's fine so long as she doesn't demand I do the same. Bottom line, I just don't like to feel obligated or pressured to fulfill other people's emotional needs. I have enough dysfunction on my own, thank you."

    Johanna: "Sounds fair." nods

    Gerald: "Personally, I tend to be more protective of people I care about than anything and I try to show them as much support as possible. I'm not too fussy with how people choose to show affection so long as we share some level of intimacy. I'm not going to accept hugs from strangers, well-intentioned as they may be."

    Johanna: "I like hugs, but..." shrugs

    Gerald: sigh "Jo's very good at giving affection, not so much accepting it."

    Gabrielle: "True. She will invade your personal space all willy-nilly, but if you try to do the same she'll possibly try to murder you."

    Gerald: "Sorta like a feral cat, you gotta let her come to you or you risk losing an eye."

    Gabrielle: "Which is why I say we don't need a cat."

    Johanna: -.-

    Dani: "I'm a very affectionate person with people I trust. It just takes me a bit to get there."

    Lena: "I'm a practitioner of tough love. Maybe a bit too much sometimes, but honestly, if I sometimes need to knock some sense into people, it's only because I care."

    Dani: "I'd like to argue, but... I know that's true. Besides, you do let me get away with a lot on a regular basis, so I feel I shouldn't complain." >.>

    Q: What would you do if you were to meet unknown life?

    Gabrielle: "Unless it bothers me... Nothing. Why should I care?"

    Gerald: "So, meeting like a completely unknown life form doesn't interest you in the slightest?"

    Gabrielle: "The already existing life forms in this world are enough trouble, thank you."

    Gerald: throws hands up "I swear, the Twins themselves descending from the Immortal Plane wouldn't as much as faze you!"

    Gabrielle: "Unless they come bearing the gift of cake, I honestly wouldn't care." smirk

    Gerald: "Now you're just trying to annoy me."

    Gabrielle: "If that's not love I don't know what is."

    Gerald: =.= doesn't know if he should argue or just take it as a compliment now

    Q: What is your favorite childhood memory?

  • @SirBlood I thought Aaron said he wanted to find a woman who shared his ideals and aspirations and I was going to ask what his aspirations were, but that was actually inspirations :/ I feel like Morgan is a wolf in sheep's clothing. "I like to be sweet" you're hiding something o_o

    @Blackbird Tbh I don't question Luckas anymore. I've learned that it only brings me pain.

    Gabrielle: "Unless they come bearing the gift of cake, I honestly wouldn't care." smirk


    Q: What would you do if you were to meet unknown life?

    River: Be surprised. But then call someone because that seems like a good way to make money.

    Tee: I think it would be important to figure out if it's poisonous or not first.

    Winnie: What kind of life?

    Resa: Is it from earth, or is it an alien? Because if it's an alien, those are different rules.

    Fi: I don't know. I've really never thought about that. It never really seemed important to me.

    Q: What is your favorite childhood memory?

    This question actually amuses me because I have done no development on the childhood of any of them. It's something that you would expect I did, but, in all actuality, the time spent outside of the characters' plot arcs is something of a grey void. There's just enough going on in those voids that I know where they've been and what they've done. That said, even though it's a horrible choice on my part, I'm going to pass this up.

    I have literally no idea what their childhoods were like, nor what they would potentially be like. A serious worldbuilding error, yes. One that I probably won't work on, either. :/ is a horrible author

    I now present to you another childhood question:

    Q: Did you have dolls or stuffed animals growing up?

  • @typical_demigod mwahahahahahahaha!
    @Blackbird nice XD

    Favorite childhood memory

    Aaron: not sure

    Jack: My first rollercoaster.

    Morgan: Riding a bike

    did you sleep with a stuffed animal growing up?
    Aaron: nope

    Jack: When I was little I slept with a bear.

    Morgan: .....

    Jack: Morgan, just say it we know.

    Morgan: They don't need to know!

    Aaron: And just for that I'm taking your guns

    Morgan: blushes Fine! I did!

    Aaron: Always gotta make things difficult

    Do you like to gamble

  • @typical_demigod Usually I'd just answer that question myself, but I think if I make any of these characters talk about their childhoods in any sort of depth they will hate me forever. >.>

    Except for Gerald. His childhood was okay. :P

    And well.... Luckas is a sadist, so he'd be pleased to know he's caused you pain, but at the same time, he'd also be extremely confused as to how and why that happened. lol


    Morgan is growing on me. lol

    Q: Did you have dolls or stuffed animals growing up?

    Gabrielle: "My sister had a doll... It creeped me out. I never liked them."

    Gerald: mumbles

    Johanna: giggles

    Gabrielle: "What?"

    Gerald: sigh "I had a stuffed... Unicorn... When I was little."

    Johanna: "And?"

    Gerald: "Jo... Ugh... Why did I ever tell you that?"

    Johanna: "Aaaaand...."

    Gerald: "It was called Buttercup." -.-

    Gabrielle: snort "Tucker, that's... Adorable..."

    Gerald: "My mom named it, okay?"

    Gabrielle: "Uh-huh."

    Gerald: "Never speak of this again."

    Johanna: "I had a porcelain doll once. Alex broke it."

    Gerald: "Were you mad?"

    Johanna: "No. I didn't like it, but... It was expensive."

    Gerald: "Was your brother in trouble, then? Or... let me guess... You told your parents you did it."

    Johanna: smiles and shrugs

    Sebastian: "I don't remember having any plush toys, but I assume when were babies we must have."

    Kyle: "Eh... Dad went and got us real, very deadly, very sharp, swords when we were born Seb. I don't think he had a great notion of 'age appropriate'.

    Seb: "Well, not like he just let us play with them, though."

    Kyle: "Still, I have a feeling if we ever had anything like that, Kat was responsible. I don't remember it either."

    Dani: "Nothing like that. Although, I did have... A blanket..."

    Lena: "Had?" ^.-

    Dani: "Shutup." o.o

    Q: Do you like to gamble?

    Gabrielle: "Not if I can help it."

    Gerald: "Eh, I did back when I was in the guard. Card games were a go-to way to pass the time. But my father was vehemently against it, so I cut the habit when I went to live with him."

    Johanna: "No."

    Kyle: "I'm great at cards. That's why Seb won't play with me."

    Sebastian: "That and you cheat."

    Kyle: "No one has ever caught me cheating. I resent that."

    Dani: "Do not play cards with my little sister."

    Lena: "Sarah is only eleven, but she will take your every last copper if you let her."

    Dani: "I have no idea how she even learned to play Olith like that."

    Q: If you had kids, what toys would you like them to have?

  • @SirBlood My first rollercoaster was a horrible experience. The rest were pretty okay, but I should not have fallen to peer pressure and gotten on the biggest rollercoaster first. o_o Also, I find it mildly amusing that she finds it embarrassing to have had stuffed animals. I feel like a stuffed animal is something most kids have as at least babies :/

    @Blackbird I wish I had a stuffed unicorn. I only got bears. And this one seal that I adored for all of a week before allowing it to join my shelf of forgotten bears :/

    What is Olith? Is it just a typical card game?

    Q: Do you like to gamble?

    Fi: Nah. I'm pretty bad at it, really.

    Resa: I'm decent at gambling, but there are certain things that, should I get caught gambling with them, would result in some sort of punishment close to death. I can really get into a good card game, though.

    Winnie: Card games are good. I'm pretty good at reading people, but I'm something of an open book myself, so I avoid gambling sorts of games.

    River: I'm pretty good at it, actually.

    Tee: Eh.

    Q: If you had kids, what toys would you like them to have?

    This kind of plays back into my not knowing anything about children, but. Toys can't be too different?

    Tee: I really don't want kids, tbh.

    River: Hm. Probably just the typical stuff?

    Resa: I really don't want to talk about this.

    I forgot o_o

    Winnie: ... um.

    Resa: I guess you probably don't have to think about that -_-

    Winnie: I was actually talking about your reaction. Anyway, probably your typical educational stuff. Electronics, too, because otherwise there's no way to distract them when you need a break. :/

    Resa: ...

    Fi is also opting out of this one :P

    Q: What do you think of the current fashion?

  • @Blackbird Oh she is, huh? MORGAN!

    Aaron: uh oh

    Morgan: yes?

    So you're warming onto others huh?

    Morgan: You can't prove a thing

    shows the text message

    Morgan: blushes

    What have I told you before? How many times must we go over this?

    Morgan: aww cmon! He might be fuuunnn!

    NO! Now you get to sleep in the dungeon! Go to your cage!

    @typical_demigod She had them till late teenage years XD

    Morgan: Hey! blushes hard

    In the cage! gets a bull whip

    If you had kids, what toys would you like them to have.

    Aaron: Im not sure, I'm fine with whatever choice they make.

    Jack: I guess action figures if a boy and dolls as a girl

    What do you think of todays fashion

    Aaron: shrugs

    Jack: I don't even know what todays fashion is. I just dress casual.

    King or Emperor? Queen or Empress?

  • @SirBlood Well, I feel awkward now. ^.-


    Okay, I think it's time to stop asking questions about children and childhood as I can see neither your characters or mine are gonna be happy about them. :P

    And Olith is this overcomplicated version of poker one of our RP players invented and I'm honestly not sure how it's even played, but it's both a bluffing and a strategy game as there are several types of card combinations you can make and different approaches in how to play them. And apparently, Dani and Lena's little sister is a strategic genius. >.>

    Also, I still have a teddy bear that my mom got for me 6 months before I was born. It is literally older than me. ^^'

    Q: King or Emperor? Queen or Empress?

    Gabrielle: "Okay, I'm not subjecting myself to this level of vague questioning anymore. It's a waste of time and energy. You either elaborate on this or just... Screw you and your games."

    Gerald: "Relax, Porter."

    Gabrielle: "No. You can't just put a question mark after a series of words and call that a legitimate question!"

    Gerald: "Well, you don't have to answer it."

    Gabrielle: "I don't intend to." >.>

    Gerald: "I'm gonna make us some tea. You sound like you need it."

    Johanna: "I want tea."

    Gabrielle: "Tea is the answer. If you can be vague so can we."

    Uh... Okay then?

    Dani: "Wolves don't answer to either of those. So neither. None."

    Lena: "Valcrest has too many Kings, Queens, whatever. That's not to say I'd rather we were an empire, but seriously... It's pretty stupid."

    Dani: "We're somewhat functional the way it is. There's a weird balance between the cities and their kings. Tipping the scale either way would only make everything messier."

    Lena: "You have a point, but still... Just because something could get worse doesn't make it ideal."

    Dani: "Maybe 'ideal' isn't possible for us. Ever thought of that?"

    Lena: "Constantly."

    I might have asked this before, but different characters...

    Q: What is one thing no one would ever catch you doing?

  • @SirBlood Pssh. There's nothing wrong with that. I still have all my stuffed animals on a shelf upstairs.

    @Blackbird It's only Resa and Fi. I... I forgot. You would think I didn't, since I wrote them, but... yeah. Mistake on my part. >.>

    I know people who have children like that. They're frightening.

    Honestly I don't understand why everyone loves tea so much?? :P

    Q: King or Emperor? Queen or Empress?

    Winnie: We don't have any of those? But I guess I'm in line to become queen anyway.

    Resa: That makes me king I guess :P

    Winnie: Don't be so disappointed.

    Resa: shrug

    Fi: All of those sound like a lot of energy. Which is why it has always been my attention to avoid becoming any of them.

    River: I get the feeling an empress is richer than a queen, but also probably like it has more haters.

    Tee: Idk

    River: You are absolutely no help to me

    Tee: Idk

    All I can think of is a character I have and the plot of the story is her stopping a usurpation (OttQ if it ever comes up in the future) and I just keep seeing her response in my head: "Well, empress would be nice, because that beats the Othorns by a long shot. The only issue is that if I self-declare myself empress, then MO might get a little grumpy, and the House might start complaining about not following the constitution, so, honestly, it's easier to just be queen. I would be willing to risk all of that to look Cosetta in the eye while he called me Empress nods"

    The ironic part is that the Othorns are much more powerful and deserving of the title "empire" than Provabia (her nation). The other ironic thing is that Cosetta is like KNOWN for having horrible eye contact with people.

    Anyway. Moving past this nostalgia:

    Q: What is one thing no one would ever catch you doing?

    Tee: Exercise. I don't have time to die.

    River: Playing hooky.

    Winnie: His is smiling.

    Resa: I literally smiled in my introductory chapter.

    Winnie: You were very stressed in your introductory chapter. I'm not sure if that counts.

    Resa: -_- This is what I put up with. Anyway, you would never see me painting. I am a horrible painter and I refuse to have it found and released to the public or something.

    Winnie: I think that runs in the family. I'm never gonna get caught smoking. Anything.

    Resa: What does that mean. What have you done.

    Winnie: Never.

    Fi: Sleep.

    Mars: There's a reason for that.

    Fi: Yes.

    ? There's something interesting going on here.

    Q: If you could do a prank and know you weren't going to get caught (unless that defeated the purpose of the prank), who would it be on and what would it be?

  • @Blackbird XD Don't you keep Amber in a cage?

    @typical_demigod nice ^^

    What is one thing nobody would catch you doing

    Aaron: Well, now that Morgan is in the cage I guess we gotta answer.

    Jack: I guess. For me its collecting fingers

    Aaron: why fingers?

    Jack: I wanna make a necklace with the bone

    Aaron: For me, its dancing.

    Jack: Well, you aren't very good at dancing

    Aaron: meh

    If you could prank someone without getting caught, who would it be

    Aaron and Jack: smiles looking at each other Morgan

    Which side of the force do you belong?

  • @SirBlood Keeping people in cages is inhumane.

    Q: Which side of the force do you belong?

    Winnie: Good? Is there anyone that would answer this question as bad?

    Resa: If you're a good person who makes bad decisions, maybe?

    River: Good, obviously. I'm pretty sure my plot arc is specifically about proving that.

    Tee: I'm a good person. ^_^

    Fi: Mmm I think I'm in the middle. Is there a side for that?

    And this because I like to see if there are any themes across characters:

    Q: What's your D&D alignment?

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