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  • @Blackbird said in Character Respond Answer Ask (April Edition):

    Just want to point out that I really dislike this test because I never feel the results end up matching my characters

    Sameee. I feel that way about most personality tests, but they're amusing when I'm bored, so. (Now I kind of want to do it for all of mine headdesk)

    Also, I get the feeling that I would really enjoy your story. I love it when the authors don't make you pick a side but present them both as being even, so to say. That is, they can both be correct. In the end, it'll probably come down to whether or not you have a bias towards one side... but given that none of your characters are necessarily 'good' and I love them all, I think you have a good chance of pulling it off :) (Then again, us writerly people have weird tastes in characters.)

    I actually have a bit of dialogue in one of the upcoming chapters with Gabrielle telling Gerald he's a "good man" like it's a character flaw. Which, it can be all things considered. Truth is when you help a stranger you can't ever know how that can end up complicating your life. :/

    Those are my favorite complications.

    Q: How easily do you cry?

    Fi: I don't think I cry for the duration of the story. Not on-screen, anyway. Either way, it's really saying something.

    Resa: I lost all sense of emotion after 3-10.

    Winnie: It's good to finally have a specific date. Now I can mark it in my calendar to remember the anniversary. As for me... it depends on what is going on and who is involved, really. I can be highly emotional at times. You know, like, when Lafe when and got a girl pregnant. :/

    Resa: Everyone was emotional after that. Passionately emotional. If I ever see him again, do you know what I'm going to do?

    Winnie: I don't think I want to know. Anyway, what happened to losing all sense of emotion?

    River: I cry fairly easy.

    Tee: You never cry.

    River: Yes I do. I cried at least once in the first chapter.

    Tee: ....

    I love writing them. Not for the reason you think, either.

    Also, you'd think that they break the fourth dimension all the time in story, but that's a fully functional thing. :/

    Q: What's your favorite animal?

  • @typical_demigod XD yes, but they're my creation. I made them and i can take them out

    @Blackbird well then XD

    @Josey nice!

    D&D alignment

    I know nothing about D&D honestly XD

    Aaron: All the time

    Jack: Only when needed

    How easily do you cry

    Jack and Aaron:shrugs

    Favorite Animal

    Aaron: If mythical ones count then the Chimera

    Jack: the hydra

    Favorite song

  • @typical_demigod I'm too tired to answer questions today (or at least right now :/), but... I just got home poured myself a cup of chamomile tea, took a sip, and literally muttered "That's the stuff..." and it immediately made me think of the fact most of my characters are obsessive tea drinkers.

    I think we have a problem. >.>

  • @SirBlood Fair enough. And I also know nothing about D&D, but I enjoy the alignment test for fun XD I would do it and then share it but at least one result is spoilerish. Unless I take it from the same POV that that character uses in-story. It wouldn't be an issue; there's already some misleading going on by that character in this thread :/

    @Blackbird My sister was talking about getting tea for her MIL and I realized that everyone she knew (almost including her) loves tea.

    It's not just you/your characters. It's ALL of the people/characters.

    What is with this craze? O_o Am I missing something? Have I not tried the right tea yet?

    Try and rest up! Hopefully you aren't coming down with something?

    Q: Favorite song?


    you want me to create the music scene of my world

    you horrible you

    Resa: I mean, most music is pretty much the same, when you think about it.

    Winnie: Then you're listening to the wrong music, probably.

    Resa: I was never a big fan of digging around the music store until I found something that piqued my interest.

    Winnie: What a sad life you must live.

    Resa: shrug I prefer to spend my time doing something else. Though, some of the ancient stuff can be interesting.

    Winnie: Only because you can't tell what they're saying.

    Fi: Hmm. I always liked instrumental stuff? Every so often you can come across and Old World song, though, and that's always been interesting to me. Maybe it's because you can't understand them anymore. Were the lyrics meaningful? We'll never know. We'll only be able to guess.

    "Ancient" and "Old World" refer to the same thing, if you were questioning. "Ancient" is a bit of an overstatement, but oh well.

    River: shrug Pop music is okay.

    Tee: I'm open to most everything, I guess. I like the more mellow stuff better, though.

    Q: Do you (or have you ever) desire(d) to rule the world? Why?

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    Instead of editing my post, I am going to just go ahead and start over, lol. :)

    Outside of our general questions responded to:
    @typical_demigod said in Character Respond Answer Ask (April Edition):

    Psssh, what's wrong with having multiple protags in here at once? Given that Fi, Winnie, and River all come from 3 different plots & times, I really don't think it matters. Just make sure they never interact.

    I like to give my characters more space to respond. :D As you've seen they kinda like to use paragraphs to answer the questions. :D

    @Blackbird said in Character Respond Answer Ask (April Edition):

    @Josey I totally missed this before, but... Glados? Portal reference or unrelated? :P

    Perhaps the best way to explain it is she choose that name on purpose. It is not her original designation. ;) It may, or may not, (TOTALLY DOES) reference Portal.

    **Inside our general questions! :D **

    @Blackbird - Ha! Now that's comical. Gerald questioning if Gabrielle did actually answer everything truthfully or not. Something I like to do with character is have two character sheets. It has a list of questions like what we have here, but one sheet is filled out from the character's perspective, and the other from the player's perspective. So, if you were to ask my character if they think they are evil, or morally wrong in some way, they would totally say they are not because in their mind they aren't. But in the other sheet, it would be written that they do evil things, or do not view murder as wrong.

    @typical_demigod - Wow. It is saying something when you can not just state the date you lost emotion, but also recognise that you don't cry on screen. Makes me wonder just how they deal with really really strong emotion. Is there any form of cathartic release for them?

    @SirBlood - I'm starting to wonder what it would take to get a really long answer out of Jack and Aaron. :D They seem to the point! As I am curious why the Chimera? What the Hydra? :D Why don't they know how easily they cry? Or is it something they don't care about? :D I'm almost begging for more information! :D

    Bring on Ari'fa

    Q: What is one thing no one would ever catch you doing?
    Willing walking into Hell. As I've said before my experience there was not pleasant, to put it mildly.

    Q: If you could do a prank and know you weren't going to get caught (unless that defeated the purpose of the prank), who would it be on and what would it be?
    Pranks require a very close relationship in my humble opinion. Why would I waste my time pranking someone I do not care about? To be fair though, I enjoy getting caught, so this is a tough question for me. One of my companions Q, likes to prank Helene. He knows she loves her fancy cars, so whenever we travel, he makes sure it looks ... ostentatious. Though Helene seems to not care, Q still tries. I do adore and love them.

    Q: What's your D&D alignment?
    So I went here to attempt to find out my alignment, but there is a bit of a problem. The questions they ask have me laughing. Yes, my family is incredibly important, but my family force marriage on me? I'm almost unable to write this as I'm laughing so hard. The League of Ecstasy doesn't care about marriage. If you want to, that's fine, and we'll support you, but forcing a marriage on you? Hahaha... oh .. hahahaha!

    Q: What side of the force are you?
    As a member of a family that believes in enjoying every sensation, good and bad, I am definitely not Light Side. And while my actions are considered by many to be selfish, I do them for the betterment of the people I love, thus not Dark Side. Perhaps I am a nice Middle Side? Does this mean we get our own gang signs? That would be interesting.

    Q: How would you describe your sense of humor?

    Q: How much do you lie?
    I do not believe in lying to the people I love. About anything. Not even white lies, or whatever you want to call them. Everyone else is fair game. I will do -anything- to protect the people I love and lying is so insignificant to some of the things I have had to do to keep those I love safe.

    Q: How easily do you cry?
    It is.. difficult. I am more like a pressure cooker. Emotion builds up inside me. Pain swells with it. My heart doesn't beat unless I want it to. I don't breath unless around people who expected it, or to draw breath to speak. I do not sleep, so I have no way of fully relaxing as most species do. Thus emotions slowly build. Recently though, I've had a lot of emotions thrown my way in such a quick succession that the pressure built way to fast. One of my companions saw the warning signs and provoked me, allowing me act out part of my pain and frustrations. Another hunted me and the battle that took place allowed the cathartic release that I needed to become stable again. It pays to have friends who heal exceptionally fast the more they fight.

    Q: What's your favorite animal?
    I cannot have just one. I love too many. I love spiders, snakes, dragons, gargoyles, wolves, cheetahs, mountains. smirks

    Q: Favorite song?
    Ah, this old chestnut. Did you know that there is a band on Earth that actually wrote a song after meeting me and several of my family members? We thought it would be funny to tell them about things, but of course they don't remember too much, the result though is a song that is quite fitting. It's not for everyone, but it does give quite a bit of information on my family's history. If you're interested, do look up Otep - Ghostflowers. It's enlightening.

    Q: Do you (or have you ever) desire(d) to rule the world? Why?
    Absolutely not. Do you have any idea how much time that would take up? I have other things I want to do, like focus my attention upon those I love. Ruling the world would be a waste of time, and I have little patience for people who are unwilling to take responsibility for their own actions and thus seek out their "leaders" to solve their problems. Solve your own problems people.

    Q: What book would you like to jump into? Why? The book doesn't have to be from Earth, it could be from your world. If it is tell us a little about it and, again, why.

  • I love how half the characters were just like "middle side. Definitely." ...I think we need to start a club for them.

    @Josey I have yet to listen to the song in the other thread (no headphones), but by the title of that song, I get the feeling that the Glados reference won't be missed in-story.

    Well, Fi probably handles it in an extremely unhealthy way and because the people around him are mostly also going to be handling it unhealthily, there's not much accountability. Eventually he just becomes numb.

    Resa I'm not sure. From what I can tell, he's veeeeeery passive-aggressive, but I think in terms of actually releasing strong emotion, it's probably directed in an outburst at the first family member that presses the wrong button. That would probably occur during times of high stress. is basing all of this after one scene

    I'm just not sure how I feel about Ari'fa. I have such mixed feelings.

    Q: What book would you like to jump into? Why? The book doesn't have to be from Earth, it could be from your world. If it is tell us a little about it and, again, why.

    geez! Why do you guys think I know anything about this? The fact that they highly value art doesn't mean I know anything about it. :P

    Resa: I enjoy historical book a lot. It's amusing to see what the Old World was like.

    Winnie: Isn't it!?

    Fi: Honestly, I was never into reading much. I think it's alright if you're extremely bad, but, for the most part, I enjoy film more.

    Tee: This is another topic where I'm chill with anything. Except thrillers. They take too much energy out of me.

    River: points to Tee If he says a book is good I'll give it a try.

    Q: What's your favorite breakfast food?

  • @Josey I love Portal. It's like a Stockholm Syndrome simulator. In the end of Portal 2 I legit cried a little like "wait, no, I don't want to go, I'm not ready!" >.>

    I have little patience for people who are unwilling to take responsibility for their own actions and thus seek out their "leaders" to solve their problems. Solve your own problems people.

    Ari'fa should take a trip to Valcrest. >.>

    Also, I agree with her about the D&D test, a lot of those were a bit tough to answer. :/

    Gerald knows Gabrielle better than she knows herself. It's amusing.

    @typical_demigod I think my love of tea began with my allergies. Johanna has a point; tea does help. Plus, I don't drink coffee, so something has to fill the void. >.>

    I envy people who can write full books and full songs within their stories. I cannot do that stuff. o.O

    Q: How easily do you cry?

    Gabrielle: "My birth parents taught me not to give people the satisfaction of seeing my tears. It was a habit my adoptive family couldn't ween out of me, although they tried."

    Gerald: "That just means you don't cry in front of people, though."

    Gabrielle: sigh "I've cried all I had to cry in life. I honestly doubt there's anything left."

    Gerald: "I don't cry easily, but I wouldn't go as far as say I'm dead inside, like Porter here. At least not yet."

    Gabrielle: "I never said I'm dead inside." -.-

    Gerald: snort "I know."

    Johanna: "I try not to think about the bad things."

    Gerald: "She cries now and then."

    Johanna: "Gerry..." glares

    Gerald: "There's nothing wrong with that. You shouldn't be ashamed to admit it."

    Johanna: sigh

    Sebastian: "I don't cry that easily. Sometimes I think that I should." :/

    Kyle: "Why would you want to?"

    Sebastian: "Because it's normal."

    Gerald: "People react to things in particular ways, kid. There's not one right way to handle emotions."

    Sebastian: "I guess."

    Dani: "I've cried... Twice. I mean, other than when I was little, I mean, little kids cry over everything. But for emotional reasons. Twice."

    Lena: "I don't cry easily."

    Q: What's your favorite animal?

    Gabrielle: "We've answered this before."

    Johanna: "Sort of."

    Gerald: "Not really. It was mostly the two of you arguing about pets. Again."

    Johanna: "I like all animals."

    Gabrielle: "I don't dislike animals. I just rather not be responsible for one. I actually like bats. They start coming out at dusk and make a ridiculous amount of noise. It's quite amusing."

    Gerald: "You should have one as a pet. You could keep it in your pocket."

    Gabrielle: "Don't be stupid, Tucker." -.-

    Gerald: "My mother had a cat. He was a jerk. I loved it."

    Johanna: o.o "Kitty!"

    Gerald: chuckle

    Q: Do you (or have you ever) desire(d) to rule the world? Why?

    Gabrielle: "Of course not. I have enough problems."

    Gerald: "Who would want that? Honestly. It sounds like an insane amount of hassle for little to no reward."

    Kyle: "I don't know. If you ruled the world wouldn't everyone have to do your bidding?"

    Sebastian: "Everyone would hate you, though. How would you ever be able to trust anyone? Literally everyone would want you dead."

    Kyle: "What if you were a good ruler?"

    Sebastian: "People don't care about that. If you're a ruler, literally everything is your fault and no one gives a shit if you mean well. It's the worst possible job there is."

    Johanna: "I don't like that idea."

    Dani: "Being Alpha is more than enough pressure, thank you very much." -.-

    Lena: "I never want to be a leader."

    Q: What's your favorite breakfast food?

    Gabrielle: "Oatmeal."

    Gerald: "I don't usually do breakfast. Just a cup of tea and maybe some fruit."

    Johanna: "Muffins."

    Sebastian: "Yes, muffins!"

    Kyle: "Can we have muffins?"

    Gabrielle: "You're spoiling these kids, Jo," -.-

    Gerald: "You said she couldn't have a pet... That's what happens."

    Dani: "I like oatmeal, with about three spoonfuls of honey. And a piece of fruit."

    Lena: "I usually have a piece of bread with honey or jam and a cup of tea."

    Q: Is there a food you find absolutely disgusting?

  • @Blackbird I don't drink coffee either though because that upsets my stomach.

    I have an empty life, apparently. :P

    Sameee. Eventually I'm going to read Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norrell and she wrote footnotes that went like "in X book (1821) by X person it says balh blah blah" and I just wish that was me tbh.

    Maybe one day. eyes go distant

    I get the feeling Resa and Gabrielle should get together. They probably have more in common than they realize.

    Dani strikes me as that person where if they cry, you know the world is coming to an end. :/ It's freaky when someone you know never cries and then they cry in front of you and it's just O.O

    Kyle: "What if you were a good ruler?"
    Sebastian: "People don't care about that. If you're a ruler, literally everything is your fault and no one gives a shit if you mean well. It's the worst possible job there is."

    I got a story about that :P

    Muffins are great <3 Muffins and biscuits. Muffins and biscuits. nod (and breakfast burritos.)

    Q: Is there a food you find absolutely disgusting?

    River: Salad.

    Tee: What type?

    River: Any type. I hate salad.

    Tee: Oh. Huh. I didn't realize you hated salad with such a passion. debates what to do with this information For me it's probably anything sour.

    River: Duh.

    Tee: There are people who like sour food. They're weird.

    Fi: Seafood. Being relatively close to the coast, we eat a lot of seafood, but... no.

    Resa: I love food. I should've been born to a chef or gone to culinary school or something.

    Winnie: There's nothing you don't like?

    Resa: thinks Maybe mushrooms. I don't like the texture of mushrooms. Otherwise, there's nothing that you can't make taste good. What about you?

    Winnie: Uh... Anything cold.

    Resa: That explains a lot.

    She eats salads though? Ah, well. People are contradictory.

    Q: What's your favorite kind of character?

  • @Josey One long answer coming up.

    Desire to rule the world and why?

    Aaron: We never wished to rule the world, only to instill fear upon it. Originally this show of ours was to make easier money through our desperate times. Then the mental hell broke down upon us.

    Jack: It became hard to tell wether we wanted to continue to kill or put an end to our lives.

    Aaron: With each passing day and each growing night, the world seemed colder and darker. More lonely and unforgiving. It was then when we saw what the world of humanity really is. A sadistic world filled with savaged beings and twisted minds

    Jack: And so we decided to become parodies of this world. A couple of jokes. We heard a joke once.

    Aaron: Man goes to a doctor, says he's depressed. Life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels alone in the threatening and unforgiving world.

    Jack: Doctor says, treatment is simple. the great clown Pagliacci is in town. Go see him. He'll lift your spirits. But doctor, he says bursting into tears, i am Pagliacci.

    Aaron: Good joke. Everybody laughs, roll on snare drum, curtains.

    What book would you into and why

    Aaron: Jekyll and Hyde. Then I would be the new Jack The Ripper

    Jack: Either that or Stephen King's Cujo. I'd hunt Cujo and skin him making him into a nice doggy rug. Then i'll give folks something to really fear. I may be a camera man, but don't think I can't come up with something fearful.

    Favorite breakfast food

    Aaron: I like to wake up to a nice plate of scrambled eggs and some sausage with a tall glass of milk.

    Jack: Whose food you like more?

    Aaron: Its a tie.

    Jack: You always say that!

    Aaron: its true.

    most disgusted food

    Aaron: Fish

    Jack: I love fish! I can't stand it raw though. It has to be cooked. For me, it has to be Hawaiian pizza. Pineapple and pizza don't mix.

    Favorite kind of character

    Aaron: I love the villain. I enjoy seeing as to what makes he or she tick. what their philosophy is and how they view the mind and soul.

    Jack: I like villains and antiheroes. Same for Aaron's reason with the villain, but I like to be captivated by how an antihero takes justice into their own hands and in a villainous way.

    Recite your favorite monologue

  • @SirBlood One can rule the world through fear.

    I agree with Jack about the villain/antihero thing.

    Q: Recite your favorite monologue

    Winnie: People memorize monologues?

    Resa: Actors.

    Winnie: People that aren't actors?

    Resa: I mean, I've memorized some poetry.

    Winnie: But a monologue? And aren't those usually long?

    Resa: I don't know. You're asking the wrong person.

    Fi: I bet HJ has given me a monologue at some point, but if I wasn't paying attention in the first place, then I wouldn't be when he was lecturing. So, I really can't tell you what my favorite monologue is.

    Tee: Monologues are boring? It's just one person rambling on about what life has given them. They'd probably feel better about life if they did something about their problems.

    Ha. That's mildly ironic.

    I'm having an issue because for some reason I keep thinking of family-oriented questions but there are people here who have only sob stories about their family :/ (minus the sobbing, but that's the shortest title for most of those stories.)
    Q: Would you say that you have a good imagination?

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