Character Respond Answer Ask (April Edition)

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    @kehtarafura Welcome to the forums! :D We're here to support and laugh, dance, and occasionally make dark side cookies. ;)
    In response to your characters - I love that your characters seem to have a sense of humor. I am also really curious about the war going on. You've intrigued me. It seems like this war is having a serious impact on your characters to the point it's changed people. But it also seems like you have many different types of stories going on. :D A Knight... and computers... If they are from the same story that has me hooked and now I want to know more. :D

    @Blackbird - Haha. I'm glad Ari'fa could impress Gabrielle. :D Also, lol at being spit on by a camel. Vicious beasts! :D

    @SirBlood - Hehe. Missing things happens. :D Also the relationship between Aaron and Jack has me snickering. Also, now I am wondering what Aaron is up to when he invites people home. :D Ari'fa and he might get along.

    @typical_demigod - What's the point of having a character that isn't both alluring and dangerous. :D Alluring can be anything from someone you pity, to someone you empathise with to someone you simply find attractive. :D When it comes to my question about travel, it was also help shape your characters world. Some people wouldn't use a plane, but a space ship. ;) I also really want to understand what Resa has gone through to have such a sharp reaction at the end of the story! :D I also love that your characters continue to speak to each other outside the questions as well. ...and darn it. Now I want baklava.

    Ari'fa's turn!

    Q: Are you tidy? If so, do you have an issue with people messing with your things? If not, how messy are you?
    I own nothing except for the clothes I wear and the weapon I carry. I do not understand the concept of finances. That is what I rely on my dear friend and occasional lover Helene for. She handles all that. Thus it is hard to be messy. I do however love textures. There is nothing more glorious then walking into one of the League of Ecstasy's safe houses. The floor caresses your feet, the air envelops you in a warm embrace, gliding along your skin like the fingers of a lover. The music playing causes tremors to run down your spine in pleasurable ways. The colours are a visual smorgasbord, of course they are empowered to be what pleases the visitor so no two people see the same thing.

    As for someone messing with my "things". If someone wants my clothing they can have it. I only wear it because humans for some reason see the need to cover various parts of the body. That makes no sense to me at all, but my clothing would not ..."work" for them in battle. If they wanted my weapon, they can try it, but again, activating it would be difficult. My mother made sure of it.

    Q: Favorite meal?
    I could make the age of joke of ... I don't eat .. food. But the truth is I eat whatever I want, though I gain absolutely no nutritional benefits from it. I do love feeding off the idiot Guardians who are so sure they are on the right path... as if the destruction of children, or other species is "right". What typical "food" I do eat depends on my cravings. For example I recently wanted the most greasy of products. I was able to enjoy a massive greasy cheesy pizza. Of course the cook didn't survive, but Helene was hungry.

    Q: What's your favorite historical event?
    I have many, but I guess I'll pick one. I travelled to Liverpool in the early 1800s. I enjoyed watching the slave trade end, but what I enjoyed was watching the population grow. The more people around the better. I do so find humans fascinating, but I also like to think I had a big impact on the growth of the people there. I did spend several decades hunting and punishing individuals who were abusive to children. People suffered enough, so it was fun to pick on people who had no way of fighting back. Granted, this was due to needing a release of tension after being held captive in Hell for a stupid amount of time. I really really hate Quentin's father. shudder At least he is afraid of my mother...

    Q: Do you believe in ghosts?

  • Whats your favorite historical event?

    Aaron: I would have to say when Ed Gein was around. He was certainly a interesting and remarkable man who then later gave the inspiration for 4 interesting horror characters.

    Jack: I tend to enjoy The Golden Age of Piracy as well as The Victorian Age of England. Especially when a certain gentlemen named Jack the Ripper came bumping and slashing about.

    Do you believe in ghosts

    Aaron: Ghosts...hmmm. goes silent due to thought

    Jack: Aaron? Aaron? stares at him as Aaron's face slowly changes emotion from calm and collective to angry

    Aaron: grabs Jack Tidy the home and keep it tidy. Another episode is in order.

    Jack: nods yes sir.

    Aaron: leaves

    Jack: I think he does believe in ghosts.

    Favorite myth?

  • @Josey Hahahaha You'll be sympathetic for Resa, that's all I'm saying there. Of all the characters, excepting maybe Lafe, he definitely had the most to lose, and he successfully lost it all :P But for reals. If your character needs advice. And yeah, alluring and dangerous make a good combo. What exactly is Helene? (I guess that's really not the question I should be asking, but whatever.)

    @SirBlood It sounds like Aaron may have some issues with ghosts.

    Q: Do you believe in ghosts?

    Fi: What kind, exactly?

    River: No.

    Tee: Eh.

    Winnie: No?

    Resa: There are so many variations on the concept of ghosts that you have to be a little more specific.

    Q: Favorite myth?

    Fi: That should honestly be pretty obvious.

    Mars: Aw look at that!

    You have to go away. Be gone! shoos Mars away

    I don't even know anything about Mars. sigh

    Winnie: They say that there's a portal to a world filled with all the art the world ever lost. I imagine that it's a beautiful place.

    Resa: The only problem is that art is subjective. The story is never really clear about who the collector is.

    Winnie: That's true. There could be some weird stuff in there. O_o

    Tee: For me, personally, I find the entire religion in Mirror Image to be amusing. It's not a myth, obviously, but for ironical reasons, you have to agree with me.

    River: I've never really been into mythology, honestly. Our mom really loved mythology, though.

    Q: Do you like the outdoors?

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    @SirBlood LOL, someone has issues with ghosts. Also don't forget to respond as well. :D

    @typical_demigod - Helene is what is known as a Deviant (shapeshifter in @occi's mythology as I write primarily in his worlds). She's a spider shifter. She .. likes to eat people. :P And yea there are a lot of different types and concepts. I wonder what ones exist in your world. :D I am officially in love with Resa. That whole idea of a collector's artwork could be -anything- from used chewing gum to various types of locks, lol

    Incoming Ari'fa

    Favorite myth?
    For me, I think I have to pick the guardian's creation myth. It's not that I like it, or feel it means anything. It's more.. I enjoy mocking them for their lack of understanding. They spend their time worshipping their celestials, all products of their god Zhoal, but honestly.. Zhoal has NOTHING on Theiya. Her children are ... deep breathes are heard .. I don't need to breathe at all, but just the thought of her infernal children make me want to slaughter countless guardians. I've heard her palace and dimension are fun to visit, full of parties or something. But let me tell you, my experience in Hell was nothing at all like that.

    Do you like the outdoors
    That depends entirely upon the time of day. See there is this little thing called sunlight, which annoys me because it can cook me. Quickly. In very painful ways. If the sun is out, and I can sit in a comfy cave watching the wildlife, I'm all for it. I spend a vast majority of my life living outside in the vast wilderness of Earth.

    Q: What quick on-the-spot decision have you made that you look back and with pride?

  • @Josey sorry bout that XD Yes, he does. It was sleep paralysis which is the closest paranormal event he's ever had ^^ It would be interesting if our characters were to meet.

    @typical_demigod Sleep Paralysis does wonders XD As or the previous question, I did consider other than music but just went with it. idk y.

    Do you like the outdoors

    Jack: Yes, yes I do. But I end up being kept in here for most of the day. sighs When will this pain in my butt return?

    What quick decision have you made with pride

    Jack: Taking an axe chasing a woman as I eventually chopped her into bits. She made a fine chili.

    What seven deadly sin would represent you most

  • @Josey I've brainstormed from the very beginning of writing this story if there was any way to make Resa a protag instead of Winnie and tell the same story. If I use Resa instead, though I think it might be somewhat more interesting, the story is totally different. Plus, I would lose a huge reveal at the end. Anyway, he's one of the several side characters in Remnants that is more deserving of the title "Protagonist" than some of of the actual protags. :P

    That makes sense. Now I'm imagining a bunch of human bodies wrapped up in spider web or wrapped up like the alien did in the Alien movie. (Was that it? I can't remember.) But her body is the spider lady from Doctor Who. O_o it's weird mixture. So, next "who" question of the day: Who are the guardians?

    @SirBlood I've never had sleep paralysis but it sounds freaky tbh.

    What does Jack do for a living?

    Q: What quick on-the-spot decision have you made that you look back and with pride?

    Tee: I once kept a guy from losing an arm. That's pretty good, in my book.

    River: Probably... probably coming up to Central Pedestal, honestly.

    Tee: Y--

    River: At least now I have an idea of what I'm doing with my life.

    Tee, thinking: don't speak. just let it go. just let it go.

    Fi: Hmm. I've made a lot of rash decisions. That's a hard one. Probably the time I kissed Martin.

    Winnie: Not asking my mother for more information.

    Resa: Ah man you'd regret that.

    Winnie: Exactly.

    Resa: All of my rash decisions turn out horribly for me, so I'd say none.

    Q: What seven deadly sin would represent you most?

    Tee: Gluttony. I love food.

    River: You barely eat.

    Tee: I love food. If I had an appetite more often, it would be fantastic.

    River: I'm pride.

    Fi: I guess... lust?

    Winnie: Sloth or greed. I can't tell.

    Resa: Envy.

    Have your character answer: "Never have I ever....?"

  • Aaaaahhhh... so much activity so many questions AAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhh.... panicked flailing

    Okay, okay, okay okay.... Responses first. lol


    And since we've already agreed that you're beta reading in the future, I have to be careful with the spoilers o_O

    I won't ask the questions then because I have a huge difficulty not answering when people ask me stuff about my characters. Even if it leads to spoilers. I've... Actually been doing pretty well on this thread where spoilers are involved. What a freaking miracle.>.>

    Cheesecake is fantastic. Omg. I kinda need some right now. -.-

    How many variations of ghosts are there? :)

    Winnie: That's true. There could be some weird stuff in there. O_o

    Judging by deviant art, I say that's a strong possibility.


    Ari'fa scares and fascinates me and I don't know if I enjoy that. lol

    And, I'm extremely curious about Hell. What's it like? Why was she there? o.O

    Also... Two things I've literally banned from my worlds are spiders (either giant or in large quantities) and clowns. My friend wanted to have a character who could control insects and arachnids and I'm like "If there's the smallest chance this will lead to someone being killed by a hoard of spiders, I'm vetoing this right here." She didn't make the character. >.>


    Aaron and Jack are interesting little people. I kind of want to introduce them to a couple of my characters and just... sit back and watch the fireworks. smirk

    Also, and pardon me if this already came up somewhere and I missed it, what are they to each other? ^.-

    Answering time!

    Q: What's your favorite historical event?

    Gabrielle: "There are few major historical events in Valcrest that aren't related to people slaughtering each other over some stupid magical bedtime story." glares at Gerald "Do you seriously not understand why I despise religion?"

    Gerald: "What human beings do with the knowledge they're given is hardly the Twins' fault, Porter. And yes, I understand why you despise religion. I'd just rather you didn't categorize all forms of belief as 'blind faith' and 'ignorance'."

    Gabrielle: "I don't do that, Tucker. You just assume every criticism I make is directed at you. Like an idiot. That part was definitely directed at you."

    Gerald: "Very mature."

    Johanna: "You're both idiots." slaps both

    And no question was answered that day. -.-

    Q: Do you believe in ghosts?

    Gabrielle: "Not really."

    Gerald: "No."

    Sebastian: "I used to when I was a kid."

    Kyle: "It was funny. I once hid under his bed and grabbed his ankle. He nearly peed himself. Dad was furious."

    Sebastian: "Again, I don't quite remember that, but now I'm less sorry for filling your pillow with ants. In fact, I might do it again tonight."

    Johanna: "Sometimes I believe I'm a ghost."

    Gabrielle: "What?"

    Johanna: "The physical manifestation of something that used to be alive."

    Gabrielle: "..."

    Johanna: smiles

    Gabrielle: "Never thought of it that way."

    Gerald: "So... Ghosts are a state of being to you?"

    Johanna: "They can be."

    Gerald: "You... Worry me..."

    Johanna: "Thank you."


    Johanna: "For caring." smiles

    Jo worries me too. :/

    Dani: "I don't think so. I never gave ghosts much thought, really."

    Lena: "Not in the literal sense. As in, I don't believe the souls of deceased people are wandering about the mortal realm."

    Dani: "In what sense do you believe in ghosts then?"

    Lena: "It's complicated."

    Dani: gives confused puppy stare

    Lena: sigh "Ghosts are the souls of dead people, clinging to the mortal world for one reason or another, right?"

    Dani: "Yes."

    Lena: "Literal death is when your body shuts down, your mind is no more. You slip into an eternal void... or whatever you may believe goes down after death. But, figuratively, death can mean change. So, when a person changes it's as if some previous version of them dies so that they can become someone new. And... I believe that when people refuse to accept the changes within themselves and cling to the memory of who they were; in their mind who they are still supposed to be, they begin to live in a state between life and death. It's like they're there, but not. Do you understand?"

    Dani: "Eh... Kind... Of..."

    She doesn't understand. But she will. >.>

    Q: Favorite myth?

    Johanna: groans "Noo..."

    Gerald: "My mother liked to tell me the myths behind the creation of the Newhaven Knights. It was my favorite, uhm, bedtime story, so to speak. frowns

    Gabrielle: "Just because I don't believe the myths, doesn't mean I don't like them, Tucker. I happen to enjoy the stories themselves quite a bit. I've actually read all the books you added to the library. Not that there's much option."

    Gerald: "Oh?"

    Gabrielle: "I don't think I have a favorite one in particular, but I do enjoy some of the myths involving Death and War. War is more often than not misunderstood for his intentions towards humanity. If reality was anything closer to the myths, maybe Valcrest would be better of."

    Gerald: opens mouth

    Gabrielle: "If you make this into a theological debate I'll break your jaw."

    Gerald: "I was just going to say that I agree." hold hands up

    Gabrielle: "I'll allow it."

    Johanna: "The creation of music. That's a good one."

    Sebastian: "I've been reading up on Time, lately. The whole idea that before Time came into the Mortal Realm, everything existed in a state of inertia where nothing changed or evolved on its own is... Daunting. Everything moves so fast now."

    Kyle: "I don't really have a favorite myth. As stories go, they all serve some form of purpose, I guess... But none has been particularly influential to me."

    Dani: "There's a myth about how the Wolfpack was created. Our clan is older than any faction in Valcrest, we existed alongside the Twins themselves! Now that... That is cool."

    Lena: "There's a myth telling about this one time Life and War played chess for six hundred years and were unable to outmatch one another. I won't bore you with the details, but I think it's pretty amusing."

    Q: What quick on-the-spot decision have you made that you look back and with pride?

    Gabrielle: "Johanna made me promise not to talk about saving her life here again. So I'll abstain."

    Johanna: frowns "That's talking about it."

    Gabrielle: "I'm sorry, but I am proud of it. I'd love to say it wasn't a choice and it was my first instinct, but I'm not a liar. I debated it. And I'm glad I made the right choice."

    Johanna: "I can't think of one." shrugs

    Gerald: "Your impulses do tend to be rather... Destructive."

    Johanna: kicks Gerald on the shin

    Gerald: groans "Case in point."

    Johanna: >.>

    Gerald: "I'd love to tell some story about this brilliant moment of quick thinking, but the truth is I need my plans to work and I tend to make sure they do."

    Sebastian: "I've survived so far by making increasingly stupid decisions until something finally works. I'm not the best person to ask this question to."

    Kyle: "I'm usually just... Running after him like a panicked idiot hoping he doesn't drop dead, so..."

    Lena: "I could give examples for miles, but I'm not actually allowed to discuss assassinations. I'd... I'd have to kill you. And those are some good stories, but I don't think you'd want that."

    Dani: "There's very little Lena isn't proud of herself for." -.-

    Lena: "I have a healthy sense of self-worth. It's not a bad thing, you should try it."

    Dani: death glare

    Q: What seven deadly sin would represent you most

    explains to the confused bunch what those are because Valcrest has no such concept

    Gabrielle: "Wrath."

    Gerald: "Uhm... Uh... Pride, I think.

    Johanna: "Sloth."

    Gerald: "Is it?"

    Johanna: mumbles "Apathy..."

    Gerald: "Ah, I see. I guess that can be considered."

    Sebastian: "None."

    Kyle: "Seriously?"

    Sebastian: "I just wanted to see your reaction. It's obviously pride."

    Kyle: "Wrath."

    Lena: "Pride. Obviously." eyeroll

    Dani: chuckle "I would say pride, but Lena would definitely argue Sloth."

    Lena: "No, I don't think you're lazy. I think you're very committed, just not to the right things. Actually, I'd rather you were just lazy. I could beat that out of you in a week."

    Dani: =.=

    Q: Have your character answer: "Never have I ever....?"

    Gabrielle: "Do the others have to drink if they've done it?"

    No. And I'm surprised you actually know a drinking game.

    Gabrielle: "I'm not a child." snort "Never have I ever... Hm... Danced with another person."

    Johanna: "Oh?"

    Gabrielle: "I'm not good at it."

    Johanna: "I'll dance with you!"

    Gabrielle: "Let's not." >.>

    Gerald: "Never have I ever... Thought about getting married."

    Gabrielle: "I'd take you more for a traditional kind of guy, Tuck."

    Gerald: "My parents were never married and they were just fine." shrugs "Everyone I knew in Newhaven who was married was sort of miserable and some were most definitely sleeping around. Why would I ever want that?"

    Gabrielle: "Fair point."

    Johanna: "...Been drunk."

    Sebastian: "Never have I ever... Killed someone." shrug "I might as well say it while I still can."

    Kyle: "Never have I ever... Accidentally hurt another person."

    Dani: "Never have I ever... Cursed in front of my parents."

    Lena: "Never have I ever... Betrayed someone."

    Q: If you're walking down a street and a mime or some other similar street performer starts to follow you around and imitate you... Do you get annoyed, do you ignore them, or do you play along for laughs?"

  • @Blackbird said in Character Respond Answer Ask (April Edition):

    Gerald: "Never have I ever... Thought about getting married."
    Gabrielle: "I'd take you more for a traditional kind of guy, Tuck."
    Gerald: "My parents were never married and they were just fine." shrugs "Everyone I knew in Newhaven who was married was sort of miserable and some were most definitely sleeping around. Why would I ever want that?"

    I was gonna wait to respond until later because I don't have time to actually answer the question but I read that and that is pretty much Benito's viewpoint on marriage. His biological parents were married and from his memory they were happy (though I'm not totally sure what their marriage was like), but his mom never married his step-dad and it's an unspoken truth that his mom and step dad were sleeping around before his dad died. I would've written that later this afternoon, but then I would've forgotten, so. (As happens with half the things I mean to say. I'm pretty sure @Josey also asked about the ghosts as well and I forgot to answer >.< )

  • @Blackbird We really should have our characters get together. I'm sure they would make a great production team and make wonderful episodes

    Have your character answer never have I ever

    Jack: Never have I ever tied cinder blocks to a woman's legs and thrown her into the ocean

    Aaron: returns with three knocked out bodies. two being guys and one girl I return with the newest edition to the victim list! Now whats this I hear about drowning bodies in the ocean? That sounds fun!

    Jack: Its a never have I ever question

    Aaron: Well, how about this; never have I ever cut open someones head with a scalpel, cut off the frontal lobe, chopped it into bits with a butcher knife, and fed it to the next victim.

    Jack: wide eyed When was this?

    Aaron: Last episode of our associate's live stream.

    Jack: Morgan?

    Aaron: Oh yeah smirks

    If a mime was following you and mimicking you, how would you react

    Jack: grabs the butcher knife If one more mime mimics me, so help me; I will stab them to death and play around in their blood like a little kid in mud!!

    Aaron: It depends on my mood mainly. out of the time i'm fine with it. But today wasn't the case. So, before getting these lucky contributors, I took the mime to a secluded place, plucked his eyes out, and shoved them down his throat.

    Jack: Was he silent?

    Aaron: The best part was he was actually speaking.

  • Okay! I'm back for real to answer questions XD

    @Blackbird No spoiling is haaaard. Characters want to make references and I have to keep slapping them before they do. -_-

    So, the story is set at least 200 years from now, but probably more. So there's the "Old World" (ours before the apocalypse) and the "New World" (their world). I'm about 50% sure that there's a "Middle World", in which the world was recovering and reshaping itself, during which time, most major nations and city-states were probably formed. That being said, there are as many versions of ghosts as have been passed through the generations, as well as any new versions that were shaped up to now.

    Pedestal has most likely adopted whatever the major ghost myth is in Mirror Image, since Mirror Image is a huge nation state that actually produces most movies, music, etc for the region. Though I don't know a lot about Mirror Image, I would have to say, based on their religion, they probably believe in ghosts similar to those in A Christmas Carol-- if you're bad in life, then you'll be cursed to wander around and never have peace. Some of those would probably turn into the scary kind that haunt objects or burn crops or something.

    Also, I enjoyed Lena's description of living ghosts :/ Made me think of way more characters than is healthy. How did the match between Life and War wrap up? Did they just agree to disagree? I find that amusing tho XD

    @SirBlood So they murder people... for television??? O_O

    Q: If you're walking down a street and a mime or some other similar street performer starts to follow you around and imitate you... Do you get annoyed, do you ignore them, or do you play along for laughs?"

    Fi: Probably I shoot them. I would go to prison if I did that, but prison seems a lot less daunting than gladiation, so it's a risk I'd be willing to take. If I'm unlucky, I'll even wind back up gladiating. sigh No, I wouldn't shoot them, but I would be willing to slap them if I asked them to stop and they didn't.

    River: I've... never... met a mime?

    Tee: They're probably popular in the west or something :/

    River: That would make sense.

    Winnie: I find mimes weird. I find anyone covered in makeup weird.

    Resa: ...

    Winnie: Look, I don't wear enough makeup that you couldn't tell who I was outside of it, too.

    Resa: ...

    Half the plot relies on her not being recognized, and to accomplish that, she tones it down on the makeup. Anyway~

    Q: Do you use makeup? Why or why not?

  • @typical_demigod pretty much! ^^

    Do you use makeup? Why or why not?

    Jack and Aaron: no. We have no use for it.

    How would you handle staying the night in a abandoned home

  • @SirBlood

    Amber: "oooh, ooooh... ARE WE PUTTING ON A SHOW!? CAN I BE IN THE SHOW!? I'll bring my own tools!"

    Amber... No... Go away... You're not supposed to be in the thread this month!

    Amber: "But I barely got any play time!"

    I know, but, not now... Shooo....

    Amber: groans "But I'm BOOOOREEEEED!" throws hands up and leaves

    Well, I'm gonna pay for that next time I write her. >.>


    Jack: grabs the butcher knife If one more mime mimics me, so help me; I will stab them to death and play around in their blood like a little kid in mud!!

    I find humor in the thought that this is somehow a recurring thing in Jack's life. lol


    It's not an official Myth (yet), but I like to think War eventually conceded and Life considered himself the victor, even though he didn't actually win. Because he was a bit of an immature asshole. :P

    I can understand the urge to shoot mimes. >.>

    Q: Do you use makeup? Why or why not?

    Gabrielle: "I hide my face 90% of the time I go out in public, so I don't see the point in wearing makeup."

    Wait... Do you seriously wear that scarf over your face ALL THE TIME? I thought you were wearing it because it was winter.

    Gabrielle: sigh "I wouldn't wear it to the city at midday in the summer, that would stand out like a sore thumb. I'm not an idiot. Most times just wearing my hat and keeping my head down works. That said, I tend to avoid the cities. Even more so during the day. Some Wolves actually do know my face at this point."

    Gerald: "I have never worn makeup."

    Johanna: "We can fix that." smirks

    Gerald: "Don't give me that look. That's not going to happen."

    Johanna: "That's what you always say, Gerry."

    Gerald: "I mean it this time. No."

    Johanna: "Okay." smirks

    Gerald: "...I'm doomed."

    Johanna: "I don't wear makeup." mutters "It doesn't really work anyway."

    I have a feeling Jo tried covering up her scars at some point, but it didn't work out too well. >.>

    Dani: "Eh... Prettying myself up on a daily basis seems like a pointless endeavor when I'll be eating dirt for most of the day. If there's something like a party then I'll wear a little."

    Lena: "Not usually, no."

    Q: How would you handle staying the night in an abandoned home?

    Gabrielle: "We've all done it at least once, I'm sure.

    Sebastian: "Me and Kyle were doing it up until a couple of weeks ago."

    Gerald: "All of our safe houses are abandoned homes. So yes, we've all definitely done it." shrugs

    Johanna: "Is that supposed to be... Scary?"

    Gerald: "I don't see why. They're just empty houses."

    Dani: "Just fine."

    Lena: "I've done that enough times. It's not a big deal." shrug

    A lot of Valcrest is abandoned homes and ruins. We're all just used to it by now. :P

    Q: How important is money to you (or in your society in general)?

  • @Blackbird awwwwww, poor Amber.

    Aaron: Shame. And I was looking forward to having another female companion. Maybe she could be Jack's soul mate.

    Jack: grabs lister knife Aaron, don't make me gut you.

    Aaron: pulls out a butcher and kitchen knife out of coat First ill skin you, then chop you up. Ill wear your flesh like a coat and your face as a mask. I'll chop your brain into bits and feed it to the victims. Your fingers will be chopped off and made into a side dish. Your arms and legs grilled like steak. Best of all, your skull will become my next coffee mug.

    Jack: glares I. Was. Joking.

    Aaron: facepalms you know better than to threaten me, regardless of it being a joke or not!

    Morgan: sighs watching the two guys argue Men.... pulls out a revolver and shoots the wall SHUT UP!

    How important is money. (In your society wise)

    Aaron: Important. We need for food, shelter, entertainment, our show.

    Jack: Morgan has the least hardest job out of all of us.

    Morgan: Excuse me?!

    Jack: You're a part time digital artist, we do the hard labor.

    Morgan: eye twitches Im really considering wether I should saw your crotch in half.

    Jack: face goes pale

    Morgan: Thats what I thought.

    How do you capture your prey?

  • @SirBlood Tbh, I get more concerned about your characters the more I see from them.

    @Blackbird You should probably be more careful with your wildcards :/ Also, I can see Johanna putting makeup on Gerald in his sleep. Then he wakes up covered in it.

    Q: How would you handle staying the night in a abandoned home?

    River: I'm pretty sure our apartment building qualifies as abandoned.

    Tee: quietly the door never opens

    River: It's really bad. The only difference between it and an abandoned building is that people live in it.

    Tee: and cats

    River: That cat doesn't count.

    Tee: :(

    Fi: They're free, which is really nice when you're trying to stay off the grid, if you know what I mean. Otherwise, they don't have insulation or air conditioning or electricity or... any of the basic necessities, really. So... I mean, if I'm desperate, then it's okay, but otherwise?

    Winnie: Ew.

    Resa: There are some days that I think, "Being homeless in an abandoned building can't be worse than some of the things I put up with!" Then I remember that there's nothing beautiful in abandoned homes. Just vandalism and graffiti.

    That... well, I guess that would explain why you always stick around. :/

    Q: How important is money to you (or in your society in general)?

    Resa: Makes the world go round!

    Winnie: I mean, I couldn't do anything that I'm allowed to do if I didn't have money.

    River: How else do we pay rent or for his meds?

    Tee: Sadly.

    Fi: That's a dumb question, honestly.

    Money has a huge aspect in Pedestan society. Wealth = happiness.

    Q: How do you capture your prey?

    Fi: I don't think I should talk about that. Generally, it involves cornering them.

    Mars: It's easiest to do if there are more than one person. Three to one is great, but usually impossible.

    exasperated sigh

    Winnie: I don't... hunt?

    River: I don't really hunt. I don't see the value in killing an animal for no reason. Especially when you can just drop by the grocery store or something.

    Tee: Hunting is expensive. I have neither the time, the interest, nor the money to go hunting.

    Q: Do you like children? (I apologize in advance. :P)

  • @SirBlood Weeeell... To be fair, Amber is a shapeshifter so she's not always female. :P

    Plus I don't think her Mistress would be so willing to let her go out and play with strangers...

    Amber: "What Sammy doesn't know can't hurt her. Or me." smirk

    Sam: "Come again?"

    Amber: o_o

    I'll... Let them settle this 'offscreen'. >.>



    Hahaha... Don't give Jo ideas. Poor Gerry. >.>

    I find the concept of hunting being expensive interesting. I mean, hunting is how you survive in Valcrest if you have literally nothing. You can do it with a sharpened stick. :P

    Or if you're really lousy you can try to live off berries, but... eh. >.>

    Q: How do you capture your prey?

    Gabrielle: "Is this a trick question?"

    Gerald: "I know we call ourselves 'hunters' but we don't exactly 'prey' on people. On the contrary."

    Johanna: "..."

    Lena: "We're assassins. We don't 'capture' people. That's for common psychopaths."

    Dani: "Yes, we're clearly above such behavior." hides bear trap behind her back

    Lena: "What are you doing with that?"

    Dani: "It's best you don't know." smiles

    Lena: sigh "Just don't get caught."

    Q: Do you like children?

    Gabrielle: "Yes. I mean, I'm not around them on a regular basis, but there were younger children in my family, when I had one. I..." sigh "They're okay."

    Gerald: "That was an awfully... Flustered... Response, Porter. Why is that?"

    Gabrielle: "Mind your own business, Tucker."

    Gerald: "I like children. If things were different I'd consider having them, but... I don't see that happening."

    Johanna: "..."

    Okay, no, you don't have to answer. Enough pouring salt in that particular wound. >.>

    Sebastian: "They're okay? I was never around children much. Even when we were children, I mean... We lived a little ways from the city and we were unfortunately pretty sheltered."

    Kyle: "The children at the orphanage were annoying. I thought so."

    Sebastian: "I don't blame them. I mean, that place was shit."

    Dani: "I like kids! I'm always hanging around them when I have time..."

    Lena: "I like Sarah. I'm not sure about kids in general, though."

    Q: How accident prone are you?

  • @Blackbird Oooorrrrrrrrrrr, we could get the popcorn! ;)
    @typical_demigod XD Sorry, I get dark sometimes. (A lot)

    Do you like children

    Aaron: I've always wanted a little version of me.

    Morgan: sighs Here we go again.

    Aaron: Aw cmon! It'll be fun. Think about it, my son or daughter joining their father and learning how to kill and torture. And when someone treats them wrong, thats when I come in and show them the roots.

    Jack: I don't think I would make a good father, but yes, kids are fun. Especially little ones. They're so cute!

    Morgan: I dont do kids.

    Aaron: Cause you're a witchy witch.

    Jack: chuckles I have to side Aaron with this one

    Morgan: Don't make me get Janet.

    Aaron: Don't you dare! She is my precious! Back away from my precious!

    Morgan: Its just a chainsaw, Aaron. Good grief.

    Aaron: Everyone has a special item that is dear to their heart!....Mine happens to be my grandpa's chainsaw.

    How accident prone are you

    Morgan: Aaron sucks in the kitchen.

    Jack: you shot yourself in the foot before.

    Morgan: I was young and stupid! Cut me some slack!

    Aaron and Jack: No

    How close have your characters been to duels to the death

  • @Blackbird It's not necessarily that it's really expensive as much as it is that Tee and River are poor. Though, to be totally honest, I'm not sure how much wildlife is running around. At least, within Pedestal.

    I feel like Gabrielle is hiding something. Like... like maybe... a warm fuzzy side.

    @SirBlood Fair enough XD

    Q: How accident prone are you?

    Tee: Not very. I'm a careful person.

    River: Eh. I mean, I wouldn't trip up the stairs on a regular basis.

    Resa: It depends what I'm doing.

    Winnie: Let's just say that, to my dismay, I avoid heels.

    Fi: I've decreased my accident pron-ness lately, that's for sure.

    Q: How close have your characters been to duels to the death

    Fi: 0_0


    Wait, that question freaks him out, but not the one about hunting people!? O_o You may need help, my man.

    Winnie: Never. And hopefully it will remain that way.

    Resa: I've definitely never been in a duel. I've never even made a public enemy. Do you have any idea how much skill and effort that takes?

    River: I mean, there's this one time that might qualify.

    Tee: ?? Um, for me, no. I'm a pretty normal, boring person.

    Q: Do you need/use white noise to sleep?

  • @typical_demigod Hm... The abundance of wildlife is definitely something to consider. I mean, to be fair, in Valcrest if you throw a rock in the woods there's like a 2% chance you'll kill something with it. Or at least... Anger something with it. :P

    I feel like Gabrielle is hiding something. Like... like maybe... a warm fuzzy side.

    What!? Nooo.... Gabrielle is made of stone and ice and steel and... and...

    Johanna: "Rainbows!"

    Gerald: "And warm fluffy clouds..."

    Johanna: And sunshine!"

    Gabrielle: "What are you two on about?"

    Johanna: "Nothing." >.>

    Gerald: "Absolutely nothing."

    Gabrielle: "..." =.=

    Resa: I've definitely never been in a duel. I've never even made a public enemy. Do you have any idea how much skill and effort that takes?

    That's so true. I mean, even my most pacifist character kind of has a mortal enemy at this point. -.-

    Q: How close have your characters been to duels to the death?

    Gabrielle: "...." snort "........Pft... Ha... Hahahahahaha..."

    Gerald: "Holy shit, is she...?"

    Johanna: "Gabe is laughing." o.o

    Gerald: "Has that ever happened before!? I don't think that's ever happened before?"

    Johanna: "No."

    Gabrielle: continues to laugh herself to tears

    Gerald: "Uh... I think she's broken."

    Johanna: "She'll have to stop eventually. Let's just..." starts to walk away, pulling Gerald with her

    I... Uh... What the fuck. o.O

    Y'know, a very long time ago I decided that Gabrielle and Luckas were blood-related. Which bears no weight in their stories whatsoever, they'll never know of each other's existence after all, but... I'mstartingtoseesimilaritieshere. ^.-

    Dani: "The closest the Wolfpack has to duels is when the Alpha is challenged and... They rarely actually end in someone's death. The victor is within their right to kill the loser, but... It's rare. I think no Alpha has even been challenged in the past century or so."

    Lena: "Not since mom's grandpa and for what the records say... It ended pretty quick."

    Dani: "Did he kill the challenger?"

    Lena: "Not exactly? I mean, he was hauled to the White Shadows with a missing hand, and that's the last record of him. I'm assuming he must have died of either blood loss or infection though. Medicine was barely in its infancy then."

    Dani: "Do you think I'll be challenged?"

    Lena: "I don't think so."

    Dani: snort

    Lena: "You won't be."

    Q: Do you need/use white noise to sleep?

    Gabrielle: "Silence bothers me, but then it's rarely silent in the forest and I don't sleep for very long at a time anyway."

    Johanna: "Noises have color?" smiles "Like Gabe says, it's rarely silent, but..." shrugs

    Gerald: "Jo has random moments of not wanting to sleep alone and then she sneaks into our rooms at night. Like a creep."

    Johanna: "And you punched me!"

    Gerald: "I woke up and you were STARING AT ME. And you dodged that very well, don't make it sound like I actually hit you." frowns

    Gabrielle: "It's nerve wrecking at first, but you get used to it."

    Dani: "I don't really know what silence is like. So... Maybe?"

    Lena: "We have wolves and crickets and owls at night and birds and voices and footsteps during the day. I mean, it's never quiet here. Ever."

    Dani: "You have migraines again?"

    Lena: "Ugh... I'm fine."

    My characters live in one of those "sounds of the forest" CDs apparently. :P

    Q: Are you, or have you ever been, in love?

  • @Blackbird Resa's so good at staying out of trouble that the only people he has to regularly avoid for the duration of the story is his mother and possibly the other brother. Now, by River's plot arc, there are probably a couple of people that are displeased with him, but that's because of a split in ideology on something plot-related. (Now, within that split may be people who truly despise him, but I've already said too much.)

    My characters live in one of those "sounds of the forest" CDs apparently. :P

    Having literally just come back from being in the forest for like 3 hours, I can see that being possible. I remember once I went to the forest REALLY early in the morning and I think then it was silent until the sun started to come up and the birds started to wake up, but that was a long time ago. :P

    I want a side story where the challenger went on to create/control a rival group, btw. Or maybe he becomes the founding father of medicine. Either way, everyone thinks that he disappeared and died, but in reality, he went on to do big things.

    I find Gabrielle and Luckas being related amusing :/ Do they share a physical trait so that, in the future, people with too much time on their hands can make wild guesses about them actually being related?

    Q: Are you, or have you ever been, in love?

    Resa: Nah. It seems like too much trouble.

    Winnie: I want to be, anyway.

    Resa: You have clearly been paying no attention to the world.

    Winnie: Well... I mean... I have been, but not everything crashes and burns.

    Tee: Do crushes count?

    River: On who?

    Tee: No one!

    River: ...

    Tee: ._.

    River: ...

    Fi: yeah.

    Q: What do you know about the heart?

  • @typical_demigod I'll think about that side story. ^.-

    Gabrielle, Luckas' father, and Luckas/his twin brother are the only ones in their family line to be born with grey eyes, actually. It's a rare eye color even in Valcrest where weird eye colors are normal. So there's that. Although, Luke's eyes are now black because of his magical imprint, so... His real eye color is a tiny little detail in there.

    Also, his real name is Gabriel, which is actually a coincidence (I never use his real name so I tend to forget it and never gave two thoughts about it when I named Gabrielle later on), but I built an entire backstory that won't ever be revealed around the fact Gabrielle actually met Luke's dad when he was a kid and thus that's why he named his son Gabriel. :P

    Gabrielle is actually Luckas' aunt, but his father was born when she was 19, and it had been almost a decade since she left her biological family. So, while they do meet, he never actually knows Gabrielle is his sister and eventually (around the time Shadows Rise ends) she just stops showing up.

    I don't know if anyone can actually piece all that together from what I'll actually write with them. Luke's real eye color does come up here and there in passing, but it's small, neither of them uses their original names or likes to think about their biological family much... So all in all, it's something that exists for the sake of my own amusement. :P

    Tee: Do crushes count?
    River: On who?
    Tee: No one!
    River: ...
    Tee: ._.
    River: ...


    Q: What do you know about the heart?

    Gabrielle: "That's a stupidly vague question. Do you mean the organ? The Goddess? Are you being figurative and talking about emotional stuff? What answers are you looking for here?"

    Gerald: "I don't think they mean Heart. Otherwise the wouldn't say 'the heart', it's just Heart."

    Gabrielle: "The heart is a weakness. That's what I know."

    Gerald: "Do you mean the organ, or...."

    Gabrielle: "Same difference. If it's broken, you die. Or in the very least wish you had."

    Johanna: "It hurts..."

    Gabrielle: "Exactly."

    Gerald: "I want to hug you, but I know I shouldn't."

    Gabrielle: "I appreciate your restraint, Tucker. That's why we get along so well."

    Gerald: :/

    Dani: "Hmmm... I don't know if you're being literal, but... Not... Much?"

    Lena: "The heart is a muscular organ in humans and other animals, which pumps blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system. Blood provides the body with oxygen and nutrients, as well as assists in the removal of metabolic wastes. In humans, the heart is located between the lungs, in the middle compartment of the chest."

    Dani: "Are you quoting a textbook?"

    Lena: "Yep."

    whispers It's actually wikipedia. >.>

    Q: In what ways do you usually show affection to other people?

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