Mass Effect: Andromeda

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    I've not had much time to really dig into this game, but I love stories and characters. I'm wondering if anyone else is going to be, or is currently, playing Mass Effect Andromeda :D

  • @Josey I'm not much into things that require shooting... but I'll definitely watch someone play it at some point. The story definitely interests me. :)

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    @Blackbird I have a love of the franchise, and there is a method of playing where there is a much bigger focus on the story. It's called "Narrative" and from what I have heard it works well for people who just want to see the story and don't care so much for the fighting. :D

  • I have only heard good things from all the Mass Effect games (except 3. Everyone hated 3 lol). I have yet to beat the first one, but I've seen the first two played, and Andromeda seems interesting! ^_^

  • @Josey Huh.

    mumbles I probably shouldn't get any more games though. I might have a problem. >.>

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    @typical_demigod I am one of the few who actually loved the ending of ME3. I appreciated it before they put out the "ending patch". As a story teller what they did made sense to me. :)

    Mass Effect 1 is hard to get into. It is heavy on RPG, but it suffered from "OMG SO MUCH CITADEL". In a way, I almost recommend people playing 2 first, and then going back and doing one. :) You have a better understanding of the story, and ME:2 was my favourite.

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    @Blackbird Yeeeah. As someone who used to do game journalism, I needed a break from games. I actually got into writing, reviewing, etc because I gamed so much. I think I am sitting on something like 700+ games.. of which I have lost waaay too many hours to games like Civ. (1000+ gone to civ games). :D

    However, I highly recommend ME:A - even if just to watch someone you enjoy play it. Thing is, as it is an RPG, you might end up more connected to the choices if you were making them. If you're watching someone else make those choices, they may not be as meaningful, however the commentary (or lack of depending on who you watch play it), may just make up for it.

  • @Josey I've seen both games played through to the end, though, granted, not sense ME2 came out. But I dislike doing things out of order.

    Maybe I should find it on Youtube :/ I enjoy sitting around IRL watching other people play video games and giving them advice. The only problem is 90% of the game commentary on Youtube by the players I find annoying, so you see the issue.

    Funny thing about them re-releasing the ending is that I heard that a lot of people who enjoyed the original ending didn't like the new ending. Is that how it was for you or did you like them both?

    of which I have lost waaay too many hours to games like Civ.

    really tho.

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    @typical_demigod Ill be honest. I never finished the 3rd one again after I beat it the first time. I have done a lot of playthroughs but I have chosen to enjoy the experience and not rush to the end... :D I will have to try and see if I like it.

  • Full disclosure, I've been with Bioware through a lot >.> There may be spoilers here, depending...

    Got the initial and second ME games for console back-back-back-back in the day. Tali Zorah Vas Normandy > Ash imo. And Samara broke my male Shep's heart, and while the Ardakyakshi ate his soul, it was worth it to see that bad end.

    Got DA Origins as soon as it was possible. Proceeded to do unspeakable evil in Dragon Age (played all origin stories to find my favorites, the best loot, etc, and played through the game on multiple difficulties with multiple different character/party configurations.) Favorite was the Human Noble Rogue who never put a point in the weapon trees, but instead became a full plate master of dirty rogue tricks that transitioned into an assassin/duelist wielding a greatsword from stealth, because nothing says kill like OVERKILL! Mages were OP, it started back here, it does not change throughout the series.

    Eventually I got ME 1 and 2 for the PC and replayed them both in order, starting up a FemShep (as everyone should). Proceeded to do unspeakable evil to the verse (RenFemShep 4 Life), almost always accompanied by a krogan and turian. Yet Liara was my lovemuffin, because why not? And Legion as my comic relief, because he is. Didn't find out until way too late that you could directly control squaddie abilities (thanks @Josey , not the first or last dumb thing I've done in Bioware games). ME2 end boss is my favorite boss battle of all time, I really enjoyed the perspectives they played with. The conversation with Sovereign from ME1 is still one of the best moments of foreshadowing and power juxtaposition I site from games. "I'm Commander Shepard, and I'm the baddest ass most heroy human in all the land, fear meh!" "You are an ignorant child flailing against an uncaring cosmos. STFU." The end scene of ME2 putting the scenario full and central stage in prep for ME3 was a superb cliffhanger/mic drop imo.

    Everyone had a gallon of hateraide for DA2, but I played through it and beat it twice at least, going for both templar and mage endings to see the differences. Sure the SnarkyHawke was typical, and romancing anyone other than Isabelle seemed like profanity against the pixels, but I gave the elven bloodmage keeper-to-be an opportunity to make an honest protagonist out of Hawke too. I didn't hate the level reusage, I actually liked their ideas for staff fighting in that one, and while I'm sure mages were OP, they probably didn't seem quite as insane as the first game, because I can't remember the same ridiculous spell combos.

    Then ME3 came out and I beat the hell outta that game a couple/few times. First playthrough and completion they hadn't installed the ending patch, it was fresh and new and no one had even said 'boo' about the ending, because they hadn't gotten there yet. My previous saves didn't crossover to my first ME3 completion, so the story was more disjointed than it should've been, but I understood the AI's perspective and the hard choice of left or right (don't think synthesis was even an option). I did what every save scumming itchy quicksave finger RPer would do and saw both endings. The ending of the trilogy didn't seem final for the franchise, even if it was for the character. A hero sacrificing themself at the end of their journey fit for Shep, I mean it wasn't like he could cart Anderson up there and make him just lay on one of the controls, plus there was that small problem of being the Lazarus Project. When I next completed the game, it was on hardest difficulty with a good import from my RenFemShep run, and synthesis was my choice. There seemed to be more explanation from the AI, so it felt like the little guy was holding my hand and trying to flesh out the philosophy more, but I was still cool with the ending. Also, tons of multiplayer was had.

    DA: Inquisition was a lot of fun, played the hell out of it ramping up the difficulty and adding more self imposed challenges along the way (like soloing dragons at lvl while on nightmare difficulty), and also played through all the DLC eventually. I'm still hoping to get some information on DA4, as the Dragon Age franchise calls to me even more than the Mass Effect franchise. Multiplayer was a nice fit for a long time, although the servers have always had problems, made worse as the player base thins. I'm still down for DAI multiplayer tho >.>

    I ended up getting a new rig partially because of how pretty (and system intense) ME:A was going to be. I saw a lot of potential in the playthrough that I started, but after a certain point I kinda lost momentum and put the game on pause. I still have to go back to it and finish my game. At some point my character became powerful enough that I just decided to put it on max difficulty and keep going that way, even though my squaddies die like chaff and then rely on me to get all the work done. Some days it's hard being the hero of the galaxy. I think the pathfinder plays very differently from the shepard, and I was glad to see that distinction made. Played some multiplayer and would still be down for MEA multiplayer in the future, but it doesn't have the same retention for me as the previous DA and ME games had. Not sure I can put my finger on the why of it. So, there's my long winded guilty admission. I need to put this game back on my radar after an over-long hiatus.

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