Character Respond Answer Ask (March Edition)

  • @typical_demigod I was just talking to my co-GM about this the other day (he's from Canada and we were discussing maple syrup; long story), what we call pancakes in Brazil... are not the same thing other countries call pancakes. And they're definitely not cakes. They're more like savory... crepes... I dunno.

    Amber would probably just let you slap her. She legit does not care unless she wants to mess with you. Also, I suspect she might enjoy it a little too. So... At your own risk.

    Q: Night owl or early bird?

    Sam: "My sleeping habits are not your concern."

    Amber: "I'm more akin to a psychotic squirrel."

    Kevin: "Questions like that are for people with regular access to a bed, and who aren't constantly having to stake out slaver hideouts for a living. We sleep when we sleep."

    Celia: "Sleep is for the weak, Baby Face."

    Luther: "You've slept for twenty-seven hours straight once."

    Celia: "That was after a really good night out. It's not a reoccurring thing, alright?"

    Lila: "I was worried you might have slipped into a coma for a bit there."

    Celia: "Maybe I did." o.O

    Luther: "We sleep when we can, is the point here."

    Q: What happens if you fail at your job?

  • @typical_demigod It was basically a worldwide purge and then ended up with the rich being divided from the poor. And Clyde and Oscar live in the center of that division.

    Q: Night owl or early bird?
    Clyde: I could go either way. I don't get much sleep anyway but I guess night owl.

    Oscar: Night Owl, my work keeps me up all day so I get little sleep as well but its nice to see this one in stable condition.

    Q: What happens if you fix your job?

    Clyde: I don't really know....Nor do I really want to find out

    Oscar: Good, that keeps you determined and devoted to your place of work.

    Clyde: What about you?

    Oscar:...I don't even want to know what would happen

    Q: If you were stuck in purgatory, what would you be stuck in there for?

  • @Blackbird That makes sense. And I don't know any Canadians (i.e., I'm going on stereotypes here in the US), but they're really big about their maple syrup O_o

    takes risk and slaps Amber because at this point, unless Amber has magical powers, Amber can't reach her through a computer

    Also, I would be concerned that Celia was in a coma for that 27-hour-thing...

    @SirBlood Ooh, fun. What was the reason for the purge? needs to stop asking questions

    Q: What happens if you fail at your job?

    Benito: The ship implodes.

    Nelly: headdesk

    Benito: Stop sucking the enjoyment out of my life.

    Nelly: I"m just saying.

    Benito: sigh

    Nelly: Probably someone ends up in the wrong spot and an ingot was wasted.

    Michael: I would say the ship would implode, but... someone already said that. sigh I mean, we could end up in the wrong place, like a sun or something, but theoretically, the pilot is supposed to prevent that from happening.

    Benito: 'Theoretically' is the key word.

    Q: If you were stuck in purgatory, what would you be stuck in there for?

    Rus: Probably being extremely spiteful and unforgiving. frowns I also broke a kid's arm once. But he deserved that.

    Michael: You broke that girl's leg right after you got back to school.

    Rus: That was an accident. And she was willing to take that risk.

    Michael: Probably because you lied and said you couldn't walk still.

    Rus: I couldn't. And because of that, I had to hobble around for an extra six weeks or something like that.

    Michael: So you say.

    Rus: It was an accident, okay? And it wasn't even broken that badly. If we had been actually fighting, then it would be a problem. And breaking a bone really isn't that problematic.

    Coming from the person that has broken several bones :/

    Benito: Probably for only being an ass to my family. The fact that any of them communicate with me surprises me every time.

    Michael: I don't know. I've been a pretty good person in my life. Not done much sinning. Actually, can you go to purgatory if you don't believe in purgatory?

    Benito: The entire idea of religion is that even if you don't believe in it, it still exists. Even if you don't believe in it, doesn't mean you can't go to purgatory or hell or what have you.

    Michael: I guess.

    Q: Oh no! There's an alien invasion! Do you run in terror, stop and try to hold the aliens back, or make friends with the aliens (if possible) and become allies, in order to be sure that you're on the winning side? Or a different option?

    (Enter: Question I've asked myself about every character I create for Earthlings.)

  • @typical_demigod I haven't decided yet. I think i'll go with rogue or corrupted government something. I know next chapter will be about that.

    Q: Alien invasion! What do you do?

    Oscar: probably try to make amends and be peaceful with them. But if they are hostile then I would say hide underground. If one comes by, I will stealthily kill them and take their weapons and whatever they have.

    Clyde: I would either follow your lead or hide in terror.

    Oscar: probably better off if you hid. I would rather risk my life for yours and other's sake than have others fall because I didn't do anything.

    Q: If you could have anything in the world that your heart desired, what would it be?

  • @SirBlood What's a dystopia without a rogue/corrupted government? At least, so long as there's a good reason for it! (no really. It bothers me when governments are evil 'just because'. Yes, there are corrupt governments in the world. They typically aren't evil 'just because'.)

    Q: If you could have anything in the world that your heart desired, what would it be?

    Michael: Unlimited money. Do you have any idea how hard it is to go sightseeing when you're working 24/7?

    Rus: Probably food, to be honest. I'm not very discriminatory towards food, if we're supposed to be specific. Well, okay. I like sweet food, but only in moderation.

    Nelly: I would say books, but I feel like I've probably driven that point in hard enough. Hmm... maybe... a spaceship.

    Benito: A house. A really big house. That I don't have to pay very much for.

    Nelly: Our low taxes on the house will make it easier to buy fuel and employ a crew for our spaceship.

    Benito: Yeah, I guess it will. We'll have to get something military grade so we can bounce between Mars and earth whenever we want and no one gets priority.

    Nelly: Naturally.

    Benito: Something small, too. If I'm making a day-trip, I don't want to be stuck in some horrible place because I can't leave for another three hours and I don't want to be cooped up on a spaceship for that time.

    Nelly: How much does it usually cost to run a shuttle?

    Benito: Do I look like a pilot to you?

    Nelly: It's not my fault you chose the path of the dark side.

    Benito: They had pi. What was I supposed to do? Say no?

    Nelly: At least you would've been on the good side.

    Benito: Look, it's never too late to join us. We have cookies for new members.

    Nelly: But I don't like pi!

    Benito: We can teach you to like pi.

    Nelly: No... no, I think I'll stay on the light side. If you ever want to join me, we have pizza.

    Benito: I can't believe you just turned me down for pizza.

    Q: Hamburgers or chicken sandwiches?

  • @typical_demigod yeah, you got a good point there. Also, i like how the two sides just bribe each other with food XD I have to join the dark side of the force for pie and cookies and then attack the light side to steal their pizza. AND NO, I AM NOT GOING BY THE MODERN DAY SITH LIFE JUST SO I CAN GET KILLED BY MY APPRENTICE ONCE I BECOME A SITH LORD JUST SO HE OR SHE CAN BECOME A SITH LORD AND GET KILLED BY THEIR APPRENTICE AND THE CYCLE GOES ON AND ON TILL THERE IS AN UNSTOPPABLE SITH! I AM GOING BY THE OLD DAYS AND BECOME THE NEXT SITH KING! TRY AND STOP ME JEDI!

    Q: Hamburgers or chicken sandwiches?

    Oscar and Clyde: The heck or those?

    Oscar: Not sure what either of them are but they sound delicious.

    Clyde: Agreed. Maybe those will stop our hunger problem and give us some decent food around here.

    Oscar: Well Clyde, sometimes you gotta live with what you have.

    Q: You are wanted by the police. What are you wanted for?

  • @SirBlood Good luck, but it's the Sith Cycle of Life. To break it, would be to break the laws of the universe itself...

    Q: You are wanted by the police. What are you wanted for?

    Rus: Technically, I am wanted by a form of police. You know. Because I sort of. Um. Helped create a plot to steal a spaceship? And... um... people were sort of killed in the execution of that plot? ...but no, if I was wanted, it would probably be because someone sued me for hurting them.

    Michael: Probably fraudulence.

    Benito: lol I'll be wanted by police by the end of the novel.

    Nelly: What... what did you do?

    Benito: The specifics really aren't important. I mean, I may have punched a general in the face, but--

    Nelly: Excuse me?

    Benito: But it was for a good cause, it was for a good cause. Tell the-- oh wait. Nope, you weren't there.

    Michael: concerned expression Wasn't there for what?

    Benito: For when I punched General Guten in the face.

    Michael: I can't believe you did that when I was MIA.

    Benito: On the plus side, you won't be wanted by the police for it.

    Really, I just want to know about the fraudulence thing. It's probably a sign that I need to get to know Michael better.

    Q: Do you prefer apples or oranges?

  • @typical_demigod fair, but worth it.

    Q: Apples or oranges?

    Oscar and Clyde: Apples

    Clyde: Never tried an orange so I wouldn't know what they taste like.

    Oscar: they're ok, I just like apples more

    Clyde: I really wish I was older than you sometimes. Then I would know more than you.

    Oscar: Maybe someday you will

    Clyde: Riiiiight.

    Q: Madness or Sanity? And why?

  • @SirBlood What's the age difference between Oscar and Clyde? Clyde sounds 16 and Oscar sounds 47.

    Q: Madness or Sanity? And why?

    Rus: Sometimes I think madness would be okay, because then you really don't know or care what's going on, but if you're mad, then you don't know or care what's going on, so...

    Benito: My grandmother had dementia and I would prefer to not be... that. I mean, I have good memories of her, but most of them are after she got really sick.

    Michael: My grandpa had dementia. :/ I feel like madness is overrated. But I also work in a career field where everything is predictable and works within a set of rules and madness isn't really like that.

    Nelly: I don't know how you define either of those, but I would be sane. Some people would call my brother 'mad', and it's really more exhausting than it sounds. But maybe that's because I know he's not 'mad' or 'crazy' or whatever.

    Q: What is your opinion of exercise?

  • I'll still be working on Earthlings, but starting in April I'll be finishing a novella I started a while ago and I want to get back into their heads.

    Q: What is your opinion of exercise?

    Tee: Exercise would probably be the death of me. The happiest moment of my short life was when they fixed the elevator.

    River: You probably shouldn't exercise, no. I prefer you alive. For me, I mean, I really don't have time to exercise.

    Tee: I'm sure you could find time if you tried.

    River: Have you seen my schedule recently? I don't think I could.

    Winnie: Sometimes Resa makes me go running with him, but I find it easier to keep track of my food intake. Exercise just takes up so much time.

    Fi: I have to keep my stamina up somehow and exercise is one way. It's... well, it's kind of the only way.

    Side note: River & Tee, Winnie, and Fi are from three separate timelines. Winnie's is ~20 years prior to River's, and Fi's starts slightly after Winnie's begins. Unfortunately, this means that they really can't have interaction unless I pulled all of them from River's timeline, which defeats the purpose of throwing them in here.

    Q: What did you dream of being when you grew up? Have you fulfilled that dream?

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