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    What is the Character Answer Ask?

    Have you ever had a character and you thought, "How do I get to know you better?"

    Well, you're in luck. The point of the thread is to get to know your character better, through both serious and ridiculous prompts, with the added bonus of other people getting to know your character, as well!

    The way it works is fairly simple. I'll post a question at the bottom of this thread. The next person will come and answer that question, and then leave their own question. Person #2 will come on and think, "That's an interesting question and I want to answer it!" Before they can do that, however, they must post a response to the previous person's answer. Then they can answer the question the first person posted, and then they can leave their own question.


    Person 1:

    • Answers the question that I left at the bottom of the thread
    • Leaves their own question.

    Person 2:

    • Responds to the answer of Person 1 (I.e., wow, Charlie has a really intense hatred for that board game! Is there a particular reason, or does she just really hate it because she can?)
    • Answers the question Person 1 left
    • Leaves their own question
    • And repeat.

    A couple notes:

    • Style doesn't really matter. You can answer it from your, the author's, POV (Charlie dislikes Risk because blah blah blah), or you can answer it from the character's point of view (Charlie: I hate Risk. That game is so stupid).
    • If you're new, don't feel obligated to answer all the past questions! (This also applies if you regularly participate, but you haven't been able to recently, so there's a lot of new posts/questions.) If there are a couple that really speak out to you, then feel free to answer them, but you don't have to. Also, because sometimes threads can get long and unruly, you don't have to read all the previous posts unless you really want to. Just have a response for the person above you, and you're good to go!

    So, if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask :)

    The question to start this month's post: Q: Would you ever be unfaithful to your SO? If so, what would be the most likely reason?

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    Jumping in this month!! This time, I bring forth a character of mine called Famine. She's an oddball, but when are my characters not oddballs? She is a member of the species known as Manumytes, which many humans mistake as being fae.

    Q: Would you ever be unfaithful to your SO? If so, what would be the most likely reason?
    I have to wonder why you are fascinated by the idea of a significant other. Then again, I can't wait to learn the reasons why you others would "cheat". In my world, dedicating yourself to one individual is so ... rare it is seen as the absolutely pinnacle of stupidity.

    Question for you then... You can save the lives of a million innocent people by killing a hundred thousand others. Do you save the million lives by killing the hundred thousand? Or do you let the hundred thousand die to save the million other innocent people?

  • @Josey I'm always happy to learn about your characters. They're so interesting. o.O

    Q: You can save the lives of a million innocent people by killing a hundred thousand others. Do you save the million lives by killing the hundred thousand? Or do you let the hundred thousand die to save the million other innocent people?

    Sam: sigh "Sometimes you need kill a few hundred thousand. Although those who oppose me would call my motives poor justification for genocide. And 'the ends don't justify the means' and all of that self-righteous bullcrap. This is why the world is what it is. The Twins fucked up humanity to a point where even though we're largely unhappy with how the world functions, the few of us willing to do whatever it takes to bring forth any significant form of change are shunned and hunted when the simple fact of the matter is: if something isn't working, sometimes you need to burn it down and rebuild from the ashes."

    Amber: "Can't I just.. Kill all of them? I hate making decisions."

    Kevin: "I hate these questions. The world doesn't work like this. At no point in my life will I have someone say to me 'now you must choose whether to kill this group of people or this group of people!'. Whether we kill or save an innocent is a matter of cause and effect and I would know; I've done my share of both."

    Celia: "Baby Face has a point. The way things work in our line of business, at any point we can end up getting an innocent killed, and by the time we manage to stop these people's suffering for good, that number might as well already be in the hundreds of thousands, but it's not a decision that we get to make."

    Luther: "I've killed hundreds of innocents to save myself. Their lives weren't worth any less than mine, they were just weaker than me. And I wanted to live. Likewise, it should be in those people's hands whether they live or die. Not mine."

    Lila: "Sweetie, it's not the same thing."

    Luther: "Survival is survival. You don't wait for someone else to decide where your life ends. You choose for yourself."

    Celia: "So... You'd have both groups face off in individual combat until only the strongest survive, Luthy? I don't think that'd be any more merciful than just making a decision."

    Luther: "That's not what I meant." frowns "I just meant that I don't understand how hundreds of thousands of people would so easily allow themselves to be at the mercy of one individual."

    Lila: "You're all over thinking the question. I would kill a hundred thousand to save a million." shrug

    Luther: "You won't even let me kill spiders."

    Lila: "It's a hypothetical, Luther. Gee." -.-

    Q: What is the one thing no one would ever catch you doing?

  • @Josey Why is it seen as stupid, though?

    @Blackbird I have to agree with Kevin. Still, ethical moral questions are fun to pose.

    Q: You can save the lives of a million innocent people by killing a hundred thousand others. Do you save the million lives by killing the hundred thousand? Or do you let the hundred thousand die to save the million other innocent people?

    Benito: What kind of a question is that? Do you just sit around all day thinking about what horrible scenario you can create to make people's true colors come out?

    Nelly: Apparently.

    Benito: Well, for your information, I would kill the hundred thousand, because at least it's less than a million.

    Rus: My favorite part about these questions is that they're deep and philosophical and disregard that if someone actually made you have to decide that, you wouldn't be able to make up your mind.

    Nelly: Is there at least a particular reason we're killing them?

    Michael: Probably the hundred thousand are the Sheqwuan, meaning that the million we're saving are innocent people on like earth or somewhere.

    Rus: I could do that then.

    Michael: O_o okay. I was not expecting you to get on board that quickly.

    Rus: I don't have time for your sarcasm right now.

    Michael: I'm not being sarcastic? Anyway.

    Q: What is the one thing no one would ever catch you doing?

    Benito: Why would anyone answer this? If you don't want someone to catch you doing it, then it must be embarrassing.

    Rus: PDA. PDA is so awkward.

    Michael: Most PDA isn't really that awkward. Usually it's just, "Let's hold hands!" "Okay!" What you are thinking of wasn't actually PDA. Because, you know, it wasn't actually in public and you weren't supposed to be there in the first place.

    Rus: Holding hands is okay. Anything beyond that is uncomfortable.

    Nelly: Playing a video game.

    Benito: I love playing video games with you.

    Nelly: It's horrible. I had to stop playing.

    Benito: It's great. She's says she stopped playing, but I still convince her every now and then.

    Nelly: But no one will ever catch me doing it.

    Michael: You'll never catch me singing.

    Q: Do you have a pet? If so, what is it and what is its name? If not, do you want one, and if you do, what would it be?

  • @typical_demigod What happens when Nelly plays video games? Is she just embarrasingly bad at them? ^.-

    Q: Do you have a pet? If so, what is it and what is its name? If not, do you want one, and if you do, what would it be?

    Sam: "I have two kitties. Seth and Pandora. They're sweeties."

    Amber: "Pandy is okay, but I'm convinced Seth is literally the Devil in cat form."

    Sam: "You say that like it's a bad thing." smirk

    Amber: glares at Seth and hisses until he flees "So long as he remembers who's boss." smiles "And eh. I don't think I'd be any good at keeping things alive. Or loving them."

    Kevin: "I'd love to have a dog, but I don't think I'd be able to care for it. I haven't even slept in my room in the past four months."

    Luther: "I don't like dogs."

    Celia: "I wanted a pet Liger, but Garrett says I can't have one. They're illegal. Pfft..." frowns

    Luther: "They are illegal."

    Celia: "What the Imperial Guard don't know can't hurt me." >.>

    Luther: "Get a cat. Or a Lynx. You're allowed to have a Lynx."

    Celia: "IwantapetLiger."

    Luther: sigh

    Lila: "Can we get a Lynx?"

    Luther: "Uh... Maybe...They're expensive, but why not? Might be good for when we have kids."

    Lila: squee "YES!" long pause "Wait did you says kids?" o.o

    Luther: "The question was about pets. Let's stick to the subject." >.>

    Terra has a lot of species of big cats... Lions and tigers and And you're allowed to have some as pets, but not others, and you're definitely not allowed to crossbreed, which is why Ligers are illegal. Although I have a feeling that won't stop Celia indefinitely.

    I'd also like to clarify that Luther doesn't exactly dislike dogs, rather he was kept in a kennel for much of his life when he was a slave. So, dog barks are sort of a PTSD trigger for him still. He doesn't like being around them.

    Q: What is one thing you were afraid of as a child, but not anymore?

  • @Blackbird That combined with she's a person that gets extremely into video games. :P

    I was amused by Celia secretly having a liger and then you explained Luther and now I'm just depressed.

    Q: What is one thing you were afraid of as a child, but not anymore?

    Benito: A hole in the pressurization somewhere. Ironically, that's not so much of a fear for me anymore.

    Nelly: With all the stories about all the ways you can die in space and that's the one that doesn't scare you anymore?

    Benito: When you think about how solidly spaceships are made, it's not really anything that needs to be a concern. shrugs

    Rus: I don't know. Most things that I was afraid of as a child I'm still afraid of, I think.

    Michael: I used to be scared of rodents.

    Benito: That's a reasonable fear.

    Michael: Then my cousin got one for a pet and it turned out that rodents really aren't that bad.

    Rus: Most rodents are pretty smart.

    Nelly: Rodents always make me squirm, but I love insects and bugs.

    Rus: I like lizards.

    Michael: that explains why you like dragons so much. rolls eyes

    Rus: Dragons are okay. Something I was scared of... I'll say that as a kid, my household was surrounded by death, and for a while the idea sort of scared me, but now I'm kind of neutral to people dying.

    Michael: o_o That was uncharacteristically cynical.

    I mean, when you consider that people randomly die from the first page of Ep. 3 to the last page.... if I'm going to be honest, Rus is the one that I screw up the worst. And it's really not a garden at any point in the story.

    Q: How do you feel about clones/cloning?

  • @typical_demigod I need an alternate Universe where Nelly becomes a Let's Player. >.>

    My brother's like that. I literally had to lock myself in my room just know because he was having a bitch fit over not being able to get through a boss fight. -.-

    I'm sorry my characters have such depressing pasts. lol

    Luther and Celia were actually slaves to the same master. Only Luther was a pit fighter and Celia was... His inappropriately aged 'wife'... >.>

    They got out of that over 20 years ago, though. It's fine.

    whispers And that guy's definitely not alive anymore.

    I'll come back for the question later. Or tomorrow. ^.^

  • @Blackbird I... that could be incredibly amusing, really.

    ugghhhh sounds like my brothers -_-

    that's that's horrible D: but the guy is dead, so that makes it slightly better, I guess.

    (You know, conversations like these make me wonder how non-writers view writers.)

  • @typical_demigod Welp, I didn't come back 'later' or 'tomorrow' but better late than never. :P

    Q: How do you feel about clones/cloning?

    Sam: "Hmm... Do you mean actual human cloning? Because, some enlightened or imprinted can create clones of themselves out of clay, but they're not actual human clones. Human cloning is... Hm... On one hand, it's practical for building armies, on the other hand... Aren't there enough people in the world already?"

    Amber: "I don't like clones. That's why I only copy the faces of people I killed." smiles

    Kevin: "Can human cloning actually be done? I don't think so. I hope not."

    Lila: "No. Not yet at least. Who knows what the mages do in their spare time."

    Luther: "Mages are... weird."

    Celia: "I don't like magic. At all. It isn't fun. How do those Valcrestian live with just waking up one day and 'hello, I can explode things now!'. No. Just no."

    Kevin: "Hey, I'd like to be enlightened. My birth father was a pretty powerful enlightened, but... I turned out to be a normie. Not fair."

    Lila: snickers "Normie? Why does that sound so... Derogatory?"

    Kevin: "I'm non-enlightened, I can use the n-word if I want."

    Lila: chuckles "I don't know. I mean, Dastan always seemed a bit conflicted about his enlightenment, but I think that's probably due to that whole... His father trying to kill him because he was cursed... Thing... In general, most enlightened learn to at least cope with their magic pretty naturally."

    This went pretty off topic, but oh well. lol

    Magic works differently in Terra than in Valcrest and, enlightened don't develop magic outside of Valcrest. Since Celia was shipped off to Terra young, her magic didn't develop at all, until... much later when she comes back. And she doesn't enjoy that at all. Pretty sure she hates being enlightened. lol

    Q: "If you had to switch bodies with someone you know for a day, who would you choose?

  • @Blackbird So if you're born in Valcrest, then the odds are that you're enlightened, but it only kicks in if you're in Valcrest?

    Q: "If you had to switch bodies with someone you know for a day, who would you choose?

    Rus: I really wouldn't do it at all. That's so awkward. There is such a thing as personal boundaries. :/

    Nelly: It might be humorous if we swapped bodies.

    Benito: I don't know how to do your job.

    Nelly: I think you can do my job. I really don't do anything super complicated.

    Benito: You would flail in my job.

    Nelly: That's what the Internet is for! Neither of us will fail miserably because of the power of technology!

    Benito: I'm pretty sure if it was that easy, we wouldn't be paid as well as we are.

    Nelly: You're really overanalyzing this.

    Apparently none of my characters are terribly keen of the ideas of swapping bodies with someone. XD

    Q: What is your opinion of sugary foods?

  • @typical_demigod You don't have to be born in Valcrest to develop an enlightenment, but you do have to be in Valcrest for it to manifest.

    Y'know I asked that question because I was watching a review of this cartoon episode and the reviewer mentioned how they hate it when characters swap bodies and they still sound like themselves in someone else's body. It always pissed me off too. It makes no sense. You don't get to bring your vocal chords with you! -.-

    Q: What is your opinion of sugary foods?

    Sam: "I'm rather fond of sweets. It's one of my few guilty pleasures."

    Amber: "I actually like savory or spicy things better. I do have a weak spot for chocolate though."

    Kevin: "I like chocolate; as most human beings do, but otherwise I'm not much of a sweet tooth. If Celia could just eat sweets all day every day, though, I'm pretty sure she would."

    Luther: "I'm pretty sure the only reason she doesn't is because she knows it'd kill her."

    Celia: "There are worse ways to die." >.>

    Q: If you could have too much of a good thing, without consequences, what would be that thing?

  • @Blackbird said in Character Respond Answer Ask (March Edition):

    You don't get to bring your vocal chords with you! -.-

    That is so accurate. But then the children would be confused as to who is who, so I guess they feel obligated. I mean, in most cartoons, kids don't really know what's going on anyway, but whatever.

    Though, it would be fun to see something that actually explored how freaky it would be to have your body swapped, rather than just, "Oh no! I'm in the wrong body! But that's okay, we can fix this by the end of the episode and have without consequence!"

    Q: If you could have too much of a good thing, without consequences, what would be that thing?

    Rus: That lava cake thing. I need to figure out how to make that with ingredients that I'm not fatally allergic to. >.<

    Michael: You're not dead, so I'm not sure that you're fatally allergic to any of the ingredients.

    Nelly: Books.

    Benito: I thought books were good for you. :/

    Nelly: So good, it's too much. I don't have time to read and the responibilities associated with adulting.

    Benito: Mine would be spite, without the spite. Like, I'm not really spiteful towards anyone, I just have the motivation that comes along with spite. Because I've found that I'm most motivated when I'm feeling unusually spiteful. And if you look at great people, they were also usually motivated, ultimately, by spite. In short, spite is a good thing, in a strange way.

    Nelly: I thought you already got that from Quick.

    Benito: I'm not really spiteful towards her, or vice versa.

    Nelly: Uh-huh. Okay.

    Michael: I'm... honestly not sure.

    Rus: How did you get married? You're not sure of anything. rolls eyes

    Michael: I'm sure that you annoy me.

    Rus: But you still talk to me, so I really don't want to hear you complaining. I don't have time for complaints in my life.

    Michael: rolls eyes

    Q: You have access to all the knowledge in the world, but you can only use it to research one topic. What is it?

    Bonus option: Q: Who's your best friend, and why?

  • @typical_demigod said in Character Respond Answer Ask (March Edition):

    I don't have time to read and the responsibilities associated with adulting.

    So relatable. -.-

    People I know online from blogging are releasing books left and right and I'm like "bought it, I'll read when I can!" and now I have a digital mountain of books on my kindle I haven't even touched yet.

    I love Benito's answer. lol

    Q: You have access to all the knowledge in the world, but you can only use it to research one topic. What is it?

    Sam: "Fate. Although I doubt even all the knowledge in the world could provide the answers I want."

    Amber: "Pain."

    Kevin: "Engineering. I like tinkering with my crossbow and I'd like to have the ability to modify it into something epic."

    Celia: "Music. It's the only thing I actually enjoy studying."

    Luther: "The cure to all the world's diseases."

    Lila: "Well, I was going to say that."

    Luther: "I know. And assuming in this scenario only I have access to this knowledge, then I'd have to do it for you. It makes sense."

    Kevin: "You are so married you're melding into a single like-minded entity."

    Celia: "Yes. Stop that. It's freaky."

    Luther: snort

    Q: Who's your best friend, and why?

    Sam: "Having friends is a bad idea. I do trust Amber more than anyone else, if that counts for something."

    Amber: "That's because you love me. And honestly, that makes me incredibly concerned for your sanity." smirks "Sammy saved my life and took care of me. She didn't have to do that... And oh, oh! She lets me jump on her bed! And do my experiments in the house!"

    Sam: sigh "You're right, that does say something about my sanity."

    Kevin: "Celia and the married blob here are my best friends. It's hard to put one above the rest, really. As for why... Well... The first group I was assigned to work with... They were cowards, who left me behind and were too ashamed to admit it. So they lied that I was dead and it took months for someone to come and rescue me. Those weren't fun times. After I was finally rescued, Lila took care of me in the med center. I was a mess. I wanted to quit the Guild, partly because of my injuries but mostly because I couldn't trust anyone. Then, sometime into my recovery Luther and Celia came to see me. They told me, if I wanted to stay, that I would be working with them. I wasn't sure yet, but... They kept coming around..."

    Celia: "What can I say? Baby Face needed some responsible adults in his life and Garrett had suggested we take in a newbie. Lila had him in the med center, moping around and feeling broken... How could we possibly resist that? I mean... lookatthatwittleface." pinches Kevin's cheeks

    Kevin: "Stop it, Cee." =.=

    Celia: "Never." :P

    Lila: "Dastan and Indrani are possibly still my best friends..."

    Celia: dramatically clutches chest and falls over

    Lila: "I mean, we grew up together and, even though I thought Dastan was dead and we lost touch quite some time, I still considered them a part of my life. Seeing them again was like nothing changed. Except, for that wanting to marry Dastan thing, that is very much over." coughs awkwardly "That is completely, one hundred percent, over and done with."

    Luther: "That was a nice save."

    Lila: "When you stop going on extended trips with your ex; who by the way has never stopped being vocal about the times she's seen you naked, then you can be upset about me considering Dastan a friend."

    Celia: "I saw him naked last month."

    Lila: "Yes, and I've told you fifty times before to knock before going into our bedroom!"

    Celia: "When I'm sober I always remember, but does anyone give me credit for that? Noooo."

    Celia and Lila get along amazingly well, btw. :P

    Q: How would you feel about your significant other being friends with an ex?

  • @Blackbird That's pretty much Nelly. From what I've heard, her digital library is endless. (I'm not sure how reliable Benito is with those numbers, but at the same time, I don't know why a book in 300 years wouldn't be digitized and readily available, so...)

    What's a good relationship without playful argument? Tbh, if I can't have sarcastic banter with someone, then I'm not sure if I can know them on a deeper level.

    Q: How would you feel about your significant other being friends with an ex?

    Nelly: He's friends with half his exes. I really don't think it matters at this point.

    Benito: It's difficult not to be friendly when you work the same shifts on a ship with twelve people on it.

    Nelly: You talk to people from college that you've slept with.

    Benito: Rarely. And only when they call me.

    Nelly: Honestly, I just try and pretend that half the women he communicates with, have not also seen him naked.

    Benito: That's not true. I have had purely platonic relationships, or else romantic non-sexual relationships, with plenty of women in my time.

    Nelly: That's not the point.

    Benito: Really, I don't think it makes a difference if someone is friends with their ex. If they've broken up and they've both moved on to someone else, then I don't see why it's an issue. pause On the other hand, apparently I'm a little unconventional in my views of acceptable relationships.

    Nelly: Just a tiny bit. >.>

    Benito was promiscuous at one point. I didn't realize Nelly was so salty about it, tho... :/

    Michael: I didn't realize people actually did that. I thought "We'll still be friends!" was something that you had to say, but both parties understood that it was never really going to happen. frowns I mean, in all honesty, Dylan has a bad track record with past relationships, so there are like two exes that I know for sure will treat him well in any kind of relationship, and I doubt that he's gonna break up with me to go back to one of them, so I feel like it wouldn't be a problem, but it's also not something I lay awake agonizing about.

    Rus: I'll never have to deal with that problem. smug look

    I'm 98% sure that courting, at least for Fregemepai, is essentially, "hey, we're really great friends and we really understand each other. let's just like chill in the same house forever and maybe have a couple kids." (actually, it's slightly more complex because the whole family has to approve of the marriage, but that's pretty much how they match themselves up. And unless one of the partners is abusive or something and EVERYONE knows, there's not gonna be an objection. But... that's probably a topic for the other thread ;) )

    Q: What's your favorite winged animal? (And if someone just says something general like, 'bird', I will slap that someone. I don't care if you don't know the actual name of the species; adjectives exist for a reason.)

  • @typical_demigod Lila has an endless amount of tolerance with Celia and her lack of filter... and her drunkenly crawling into their bed in the middle of the night (yes, really).

    And that's true. I mean, personally, I know someone is really my friend when they're able to poke fun without fear of me being offended. :P

    Q: What's your favorite winged animal?

    Sam: "Dragons."

    Amber: "Bird." smirks "Slap me, I dare you."

    I wouldn't... Do that... If I were you. >.>

    Any other character, I'd tell them to play nice. Amber is a bit of a lost cause in that sense.

    Celia: "Hummingbirds. Have you ever seen two of them fighting? It's like the world's tiniest most adorable sword fight."

    Luther: "Fireflies are cool. A lot of them in the courtyard at night."

    Kevin: "I like bees. They're quite functional."

    Lila: "I like bats. Luthy is a bit scared of them, but they're so adorable."

    Luther: I'm not scared of them. I just rather not have any winged rats flying into my face if I can help it."

    Q: What is (or would be) you go-to RPG class? Rogue, warrior, or mage?

  • Q: what is your favorite winged animal?
    Oscar: Harpie
    Clyde: wait? there are other winged animals besides birds?
    Oscar; that one was more so in mythological terms
    Clyde: How is it you know so much?
    Oscar: I've lived for a fair amount of time and heard a great deal of stories. I feel like you would enjoy seeing a winged chimera.

    What is your go to RPG class?
    Blake: Warrior
    Lucy: Warrior?! I prefer the mage
    Blake: says the cowardly one. You may have the upper hand in distance but once i manage to get up close to your character then you're screwed.
    Lucy: Yeah, well, can your warrior heal himself?
    Blake: Yes, I have health potions. I don't rely on mana like someone I know.

    Q: Favorite horror slasher?

  • @SirBlood That warrior vs mage discussion sounds like me and my brother playing Diablo. :P

    I hate playing mages. I really do. I have no patience for shooting magic at a distance and trying to not get one-hit-killed by everything.

    That's why I like rogues. I can use a bow for range AND I'm able to take punches like a goddamn (wo)man. :P

    I'll leave that question for someone else. My characters don't know what slasher movies even are. Although I'm sure they'd enjoy all of them.

  • @Blackbird when it comes to RPG's I just like to hack and slash at any and everything in sight XD thats why i pick the warrior personally

  • @Blackbird I don't play RPGs. I googled it, and the best result I could get with summaries about the abilities was TVTropes.

    I... I didn't believe them when they said it was possible to get sucked in.

    But it finally happened....

    In any case, the second I catch Amber is the second she gets slapped. To quote Summertime Sadness (which I suppose I'll hyperlink in the Music thread so that we don't have a big Youtube box here):

    Nothing scares me anymore

    @SirBlood I... I also don't watch a lot of horror slashers. headdesk Anyway, Clyde seems very inexperienced with the world. :/ Is there a reason for that?

    Q: What is (or would be) you go-to RPG class?

    Nelly: Warrior.

    Michael: I prefer avoiding huge fights, so rogue. Occasionally I do mage, though. When I want to shake things up.

    Benito: I don't play those. shrug

    Rus: I see people playing them. I know where you're coming from. It seems like the warrior would have the most fun.

    Q: Favorite horror slasher?

    Again, I don't watch horror-anything (generally speaking), and there's also the issue of everything we watch today being either not remember at all in the future or being the types of classics that have been remade a dozen times.

    Anyway, if anyone was going to watch the genre, it would be Nelly and Michael. Benito... really doesn't watch TV in general, and Rus enjoys the complete opposite genre. :P

    Q: Favorite cake?

  • @typical_demigod Famous last words...

    Amber: "You better make it count. Don't disappoint me now." grin

    I personally would not put my hand near Amber's face. Especially if she wants me to.

    Q: Favorite cake?

    Sam: "Wild berries."

    Amber: "Oh, haha... Lukey's head would explode so hard right now."

    Sam: "Luckas' favorite cake is rum cake. Then chocolate. Then wild berries. He doesn't like lemon or orange very much."

    Amber: "Oh, Sammy, that's pathetic."

    Sam: "Shut up."

    Amber: "Do you know my favorite cake?"

    Sam: "Pancakes. Although I'll continue to stress the fact they aren't actual cakes."

    Amber: "Well, they're called pancakes, aren't they? So bite me." -.-

    Sam: bites shoulder. HARD

    Amber: squeal

    Sam: "You wanna say that again?"

    Amber: whispers "...Yes..."

    And I was wondering at what point these two would start getting weird with each other... Didn't expect cake to be the trigger, but oh well.

    kicks Amber into a cold bath

    Kevin: "I don't think I ever had a cake I didn't like. This is hard."

    Celia: "Coffee cake. Have you ever had it? It's FANTASTIC."

    Luther: "It's also the reason you're no longer allowed coffee."

    Celia: "One little incident..."

    Kevin: "That's harsh... What did she do?"

    both Luther and Celia look incredibly flustered

    Celia: "We don't... Talk about that..."

    Kevin: looks at Lila

    Lila: "We don't talk about it, Baby Face." >.>

    Don't ask me. I don't know. o.O

    Q: "Are pancakes real cakes? And if not, should they be even called pancakes? Discuss. :P

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