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    What is the Worldbuilding Answer Ask?

    It works pretty similarly to the CRAA, except you're talking about your world, and you probably don't want to do it through the POV of your characters, because that would probably just cause a fight amongst your characters and provide a lot of differing views.

    The idea is that it'll help you develop your world. Even if you think you know everything about it, someone will eventually pose a question for an element you hadn't thought of. (Think it's not so? I just saw it happen to one of the most detailed worldbuilders I think I know of on the Nano edition.)

    Scared to participate because you don't know a lot about your world? Don't panic! Half the time I'm making up my posts as I go along based on what I know about a few other random things in my world and hoping it makes sense. (I never said I was a good role model.) It'll still be great for helping you develop your world!

    So, I'll leave a question at the end of the thread. Person 1 comes up and decides to answer the question the best they can. Then, they leave their own question about some element of your world. You come up, see it, and think, "Okay, I can answer this!" But before you can answer it, you have to post a response about Person 1's post. After that's done, then you can answer the question, and then you can ask your own question!

    Person 1:

    • Answers the question at the bottom of the thread
    • Leaves their own question

    Person 2:

    • Responds to Person 1 (I.e., Wow, I didn't think about that when I was developing my education system. Still, X's relationship with Y is kind of weird because Z reason.)
    • Answers the question left by Person 1
    • Leaves their own question
    • And then repeat.


    • Even if your world isn't technically a secondary world (maybe it's based on London in 1815 or China in 1009), don't be afraid to answer! I'm sure you'll share information that we didn't know before. And if it's urban fantasy in AU 2017, then, again, don't think you can't answer! The idea is that these question will apply to all, or most, worlds.
    • Sometimes a post might get long, however hard you try to keep it short. This is okay. Whatever it takes for you to explain whatever you're talking about in a way that you think makes sense :)
    • If you're new, and there's previous posts, then don't feel obligated to read them all and/or respond to all the questions that were asked. If there's some that you really like, then go ahead and answer them! But don't feel like you have to.
    • Topics can be about anything and everything! From, "What's life like for the average individual?" to "What is your favorite part about your magic system?" to "Talk about the fashion because we all love a well-designed outfit!" to "What are considered virtuous traits in a person? What are considered bad traits in a person?" to anything else you think of.

    I think that's everything. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.

    Question to get you started this March: Q: What's that one thing that you need to work on, but you keep procrastinating on it anyway?

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    Oh man... March is here!! :D

    Question to get you started this March: Q: What's that one thing that you need to work on, but you keep procrastinating on it anyway?
    For me, it's fleshing out the world's actual locations. Yeah, I can cheat and go ... "New York!" but I can go even more insane. How is it different than the New York of our world? Is it different? Are there various things missing? Is something new? Is it in disrepair?"

    What is one rule that CANNOT be broken in your world. Not shouldn't but CANNOT?

  • @Josey That's similar to issues I have. I think the first step is to think what unique elements you have. Ex., you have fae. If they're running under a masquerade, then what parts of New York do they hide in? Have they developed secret underground homes to avoid being caught? Do they hide at all? If they're not running under a masquerade, then are there possibly different building techniques (assuming they're allergic to iron)?

    Q: What is one rule that CANNOT be broken in your world. Not shouldn't but CANNOT?

    Weirdly, I would have to say medicine is an area where I've definitely put a stopper. At least, a stopper that I can think of right off the top of my head. (I would almost say something about inter-species reproduction, but that does happen, on rare occasion, so it's not a hard rule.)

    I know in most sci-fi, by a certain point, humanity reaches a point where they've found a cure to everything. In this case, they've even had a helpful technological boost, thanks to the quecheen.

    There's two particular reasons this hasn't happened in my world.

    1. Quecheen medicine is different than human medicine. Yes, they are humanoid. But they still have a very different biology from humans. Is it possible for, say, a virus to evolve to be able to affect both humans and quecheen? Potentially. But I don't imagine that their molecular/genetic makeup is as similar as, say, humans and birds. So, though the quecheen have been able to give a boost of technology, and possibly medical ideas, they can't actually share much medicine. (This is also true of the quecheen. But many cultures of the quecheen have developed a relationship to technology that is halfway between distrust and ambivalence.)

    2. There's just no way to cure everything. I totally agree with the idea that many, many ailments will eventually be cured. But some things are so rare, are simple genetic mutations, or mutate so rapidly, that to find a definite cure could take decades at best. And by then, there's something new to worry about. I mean, we have to have a new flu vaccine every year, and sometimes the CDC guesses wrong on what flu strain would spread and the flu still goes around!

    On top of normal random mutations, let's remember that this is 200 years in the future. I have no doubt that biowarfare is greatly frowned upon, but I also have no doubt that there are many people willing to make bioweapons. Case in point: There's some disease that is wreaking havoc on many Dependent territories. Bioweapon gifted by the Independents? Almost definitely. (I've actually got an idea to explore that disease, in which I will determine if it is actually a disease or just a virus.)

    In terms of genetic-based ailments, you may be thinking, "But genetic engineering!"


    Okay, so, yes. Genetic engineering is definitely a part of the world, don't get me wrong. I can imagine genetic engineering becoming big just thirty years from now, to be completely honest. But not everyone will opt for genetic engineering, deciding to do things naturally. Or, because nothing is perfect, there may still be a random mutation even after opting for genetic engineering. Or, the mother may decide that a few alcoholic drinks aren't really an issue. (This brings up test-tube babies, and... that's just not something I've thought about in-depth yet. Even when I do, it's not something that will be discussed in any depth, either, because someone decided to start a war. headdesk) Or, it may be a genetic disorder on a gene they haven't identified, or that they haven't even realized is genetic.

    TL;DR: Medicine can't cure everything in the world. Because #Pessimism.

    That was a plot twist you weren't expecting, was it?

    (Last thing: I actually think they're researching some sort of gene therapy that allows them to change a person's genes, but I haven't actually looked this up. If so, then I guess you can cross out that gene part and just stick to your typical rare diseases & viruses.)

    I don't think I've asked this on here, but I love asking it, so: Q: How are scientists in your world treated?

  • This will also be switching over. Because the world itself is in a semi-dystopic future, it's pretty large, but the answers will mostly be based out of a small area, Pedestal.

    Q: How are scientists in your world treated?

    Pedestal is mainly known for its science. Within the realm of science, the main specializations are agriculture (for crops and animals) and genetic engineering (for humans). I can go into those in depth, but that's more like "what is science like", not "how are scientists treated".

    In very short: geneticists in Central Pedestal with established practices are most likely celebrities (if only in Pedestan society). If the Lady Protector (ruler) goes to a practice to have a zygote engineered (for artificial insemination), that practice, at least within Pedestal's wealthy, will become insanely popular, and the person who heads it will experience an intense fifteen minutes of fame. (Or longer, if the Lady Protector uses that person repeatedly.) Because of their popularity among natives of Pedestal, foreigners that are coming in to have a baby engineered are more likely to visit them.

    Other Pedestan scientists may not become celebrities, but they will be treated well. Pedestal's university is nothing to be scoffed at, and it's not unheard of for scientists to make nice livings for themselves in Mirror Image (the nearest nation-state). Agriculturalists are certain to make good livings for themselves. In towns orbiting Central Pedestal, which are mostly factory towns with relatively dirty factories, doctors will do well for themselves. If you consider political science a science (I'm not sure if it is or not, but it has the word 'science' in it, right?), then that's definitely the realm to go into, if you want to be a celebrity. At least, if you think you have what it takes to be besties with the Lady Protector or one of her husbands.

    TL;DR: Science is very popular.

    Q: How are messages transported?

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