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  • Is there an option on the site to help make a family tree.? I have trouble keeping track of with whom and how my characters are related. Thanks!

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    At this moment I don't think you can. Though perhaps you might be able to through your own method of tagging. Each character can have a tag, and you decide what the tags are. While some use it for things like genres, you could use it for "Son of Bob" "Brother to Milly". When you look at the element list, you can put int milly and see all the characters (including Milly), and the tags that reflect how they are related.

    An interesting idea for @jaycano and @simon to look into!! I'll be sure to point them here for you :)

  • My go-to family tree program is Family Echo. If you are running on a fantasy calendar and you want birthdates, then it might not be the best, but it does what it's supposed to do, which is help you keep track of family relationships :) Some of the options can be quite detailed, and it can be very large in size. Ex:

    0_1487944316430_2017-02-24 (1).png

    As a note, you can also choose what details you want to see at a glance. Want to see the profession or the birthdates of your characters? There's drop down menu in the bottom to select what else you see in the character bubble, and it will pop up beneath the person's name when selected.

    If you are running on fantasy dates, I remember @Blackbird uses a program that you could input your own date on and not be restricted to our dating system.

  • Yup. I use this one. It's a free download. I like it.

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