'Special' Training

  • I told @typical_demigod that I'd post something with my character Amber. Unfortunately, this is the only scene of hers that doesn't go on for a mile and a half and has some sort of coherence. I say unfortunately because this is also the only scene of her efficiently following orders and it doesn't quite get across how utterly psycho she is.

    It's an RP excerpt, though, so don't expect any brilliant writing or any form of decent scene setting. Also, I'm very 'meh' at fight scenes (in my opinion).

    I thought about giving context, but... I won't.


    Luckas was a bit confused to find Amber waiting for him instead of Adam in the training field that afternoon. Amber smiled sweetly as he approached, her blue eyes sparkling in delight. That was a bad sign, Luke knew that much for sure.

    “Nice of you to show up, Lukey! Ready for today’s exercise?” She asked, grinning widely at him.

    “Hmm...” Luckas mumbled, looking at her with suspicion for a moment before glancing around in search of Adam, sincerely wondering if she had found a way to dispose of the man to take over the training session. “What are you doing here? Where’s Adam?”

    “Don’t worry I didn’t bury him in the woods or anything... He’ll be here soon to observe.” Amber said cheerfully. “We just agreed that the best way to assess your skill is for you to fight someone you’ve never fought before.”

    “You?” Luckas asked, honestly surprised and unsure of whether he should be wary or amused by this situation.

    “Yeeep... Me,” Amber replied with a proud smirk. “Would you rather it be Zeke? That ended so well last time, didn’t it?”

    “Shut up,” Luckas muttered. “Zeke is going to get his.”

    “So cranky since you came back, Lukey... Are you feeling a bit homesick already? Hm?” Amber snickered, tilting her head to the side and staring at him as if trying to assess his state of mind. “Poor little puppy...” She added in a soft and condescending tone. “Come on, take your frustrations out on me. You can do it, I have faith in you.” She playfully encouraged.

    Luckas sighed softly. “Not like I have much of a choice, right? Should I fight you empty handed or...?” Luckas asked, spreading his arms wide open to show he had no weapons on his person.
    Amber nodded, unable to hold back the smirk from forming itself across her features as she spread her arms in a similar manner to his. “Last one to the weapon rack gets a brand new scar.” She teased, nodding towards the stands that held the training weapons, not waiting for him to express acknowledgment before dashing towards them.

    “Fuck,” Luckas muttered out running after her. Luckas had never even seen Amber actually fight before, he knew she was very skilled with ranged weapons, and that she was fast as hell; both physically and mentally so. She rarely favored strength in the body types she chose for herself, but then Luckas wasn’t exactly known himself for his physical strength.

    Amber reached the weapon rack before Luckas and in order to take a blade, he was first forced to duck under a violent slash that would have certainly slit his throat right open if the weapon had been sharp. Quick as the wind, the girl was. Luke pulled a short-sword from the rack and struck, meeting nothing but air, Amber had seen him coming a mile away and moved. Her training sword poked his torso. “Deeead. Care to try again?” she teased.

    Luckas snorted, knowing very well that Amber meant to annoy him as much as possible. The girl paced slowly to the center of the training field and Luckas followed. “I’ve seen you do better Lukey. If you hold back on me I’m gonna have to punish you,” she warned.

    Luckas didn’t respond, he was trying to keep some semblance of focus, his hand gripping the sword just firmly enough that it wouldn’t fly from his hand when struck. He was still more tense than it would be wise, while Amber was practically bouncing in place waiting for him to make a move. Luke tilted his head to the left and then to the right, trying to relieve some tension but not wanting to take his eyes off of Amber for a fraction of a second. She seemed to be waiting for him and Luckas didn’t like that at all.

    Amber rolled her eyes at his hesitation. “How are you not dead yet?” she questioned. “Come on.”

    Luckas snorted, raising the sword and striking, finally, at Amber’s midsection. The girl parried and countered with a series of quick strikes. Luckas blocked the first few and dodged others with considerable ease, which caused Amber to flinch. “Bad, Lukey, you’ve been playing around, haven’t you?” She backstepped and circled around Luckas a few times. “Hmmmph... You guard yourself well, but you come short on the whole attacking thing; which is the fun part I might add... We need to fix that.”

    Luckas slowly turned as Amber circled him, facing the girl at all times and not answering any of her comments. He was a bit confused by her reaction just then. First, he assumed Amber just knew everything he did and second, he didn’t understand why that would faze her. The words ‘we need to fix that’ sure did something to put him on edge, and rightfully so, she was thinking of an approach and Luke wondered to what effect.

    “We need someone you hate. And I don’t mean Beast Boy type hate. I mean HATE.” She mumbled under her breath, but audible enough for Luke to catch. The first thing on his mind was ‘yes, Lady already tried that’ but of course Ess wouldn’t cross certain lines. Amber had no lines and, like it or not, she knew him quite well.

    Amber stopped in front of Luke and changed her appearance to a mirror image of him. Even the girl’s stare, blue as it might be, was a much accurate impersonation of him. Luckas snorted. “This won’t work.” Echo followed his voice as Amber spoke the exact same words at the exact same time. “Stop that.” Again.

    Luckas moved and she mirrored his movement exactly, like a reflection. He couldn’t even tell himself it wasn’t working because the change in his expression was visible in her as well. A chill ran down Luke’s spine and he realized he was sweating cold. Amber might know a lot about him, but how could she know this? Luckas tightened his grip on the sword as he struck at his ‘clone’, metal striking metal in a rapid succession. Luckas saw contempt in his own expression, a mocking grin that was very much his own and he just wanted to erase it.

    The fight was evenly matched for quite a few minutes, but despite holding his own Luckas was increasingly frustrated, even more so when Amber managed to get inside his guard and slap him in the face. He brought the training sword down on his clone with violence, once again hitting only metal. He pushed against Amber’s sword and when he saw the grin plastered on his mirror image he realized that was stupid. Amber brought her sword down in one quick motion, stepping aside so that Luckas lost his balance and stumbled forward. Amber’s sword hit him hard in the back and he fell to the ground. He rolled away immediately to avoid another blow and kicked Amber’s feet from under her. Luke rushed to try and pin Amber down. Even though he managed to pin her momentarily and struck her hard in the face with the hilt of his weapon, she still managed to put both feet on his abdomen and shove him off.

    Luke stumbled backward for a couple of steps but caught his balance quick enough to avoid a blow to the face. He had no idea how Amber recovered so quick, but she was on her feet and on him in a matter of seconds. Luckas couldn’t help a satisfied smirk as he caught sight of the bloody gash caused by the pommel of his training sword; blood trickling down her face - his own face - the same smirk plastered upon it.

    More blows were exchanged, this time mistakes were being made more often on both sides, or so it seemed... Luckas wasn’t sure how much of what Amber was doing was intentional under any circumstance. Finally, it all seemed to end when she stabbed at his chest and overreached, Luckas spun away from the blunt weapon and gripped Amber’s wrist so that it forced the training sword out of her hand. He twisted her arm in such a way that it seemed very close to breaking, forcing her down to her knees. Aside from a subtle groan, she didn’t seem to even feel it. Amber grabbed a handful of dirt with her free hand and tossed at Luke’s face over her shoulder, freeing her arm from his grip and elbowing him hard in the face. The blow stunned Luckas enough, but before he could try to recover a fist followed... and then another...

    Everything flashed red for a minute... Then black...

    “Wake uuuup...”

    “Wake uuup...”

    “Come on you pathetic little shit... wake up...”

    Luckas felt he was drowning, and awoke to the sound of his own voice. He wasn’t drowning, Amber was sitting on his chest and pressing the training sword slowly against his throat. She still wore his face, a manic grin marking his own features. “Are we done playing then?” Amber asked. “And you were doing so well too... tsk...”

    Luckas could still breathe, with difficulty, but he could. Amber was still trying to push him into a reaction, but her words were lost on Luckas. He closed his eyes again... Black...

    “Sweetness... Wake uup...”

    It took a few moments for Luke to register the change in the voice speaking over him... A familiar giggle piercing his ears and sending shivers down his spine. For a second he could smell lilacs... and lavender... and herbal tea... but that... That was just his mind playing tricks on him because once that second passed he became very aware of where he actually was.

    “I said... Are we done playing? I thought we were having fun?”

    The body weighing him down moved very slowly into a different position now straddling his waist, the metal pressing down on his windpipe was replaced by a hand. Luckas tensed, still refusing to open his eyes and look. Strands of curly hair tickled his face and the voice now wasn’t so far above his head; it was whispering straight into his ear.

    ”Aren’t you? Having fun? Hmmm?” She laughed. It sounded choked and pained. ”Isn’t this what you wanted from me, Sweetness? What you really want? We all end up where we started eventually... This is what we are, you and I, you’re just a little monster and I’m...” She laughed again, and Luckas felt teeth slowly sinking into his ear lobe. ”Business... Illusion... We’re not special, Sweetness... You’re not special... to me.”

    Luckas reacted before he even thought to open his eyes. When he fully regained consciousness he was the one pinning down the woman. He knew it wasn’t Ess, or at least he hoped he knew, either way, he was very much determined to choke the life out of her. “It’s not true. It’s not true. Not true!” He muttered over and over. Red glowing behind his eyes, spreading over the blue to no effect other than further the illusion. Luke was pressing down on her stomach with one knee and gripping her throat with both hands, squeezing, tighter and tighter by the second, not even flinching as she tried to pry them open. Luckas’ expression was beyond manic as he watched her strain for breath, tears trailing down porcelain skin, staining that pretty face he knew so well... If he could muster one coherent thought he might have wondered why Amber wouldn’t change back, but he was too far gone to care.

    When the woman was just about slipping out of consciousness Luckas was grabbed and pulled away from her. He was then tossed to the ground painfully. Adam stood over him for a moment as if to make sure he was going to stay down before walking away to check on Amber. Luckas didn’t turn to look, but he could hear her wheezing and heaving violently; her voice momentarily still sounding like Ess, finally changing as she started to laugh. “Well done, Lukey!”

    “Screw you.” Luckas snorted, slowly getting off the ground and walking towards the house.

  • @Blackbird I'm the same with fight scenes, so I totally understand lol.

    That got very intense at the end o_o I'm a little more concerned about what she's like normally, but I understand that it's more difficult to find a piece that shows that better, so I'll just not worry about it. :|

  • @typical_demigod Something like this....

    Amber was a curious sight to whomever she passed along the streets of Blackpond. A teenage girl carrying a bucket full of fish in one hand and wearing a dead squirrel on her head, looking as cheerful as one could be, the animal’s blood staining her brown locks and forming a red trail along the side of her face. If there was an image one would consider fitting to describe the word ‘insane’ it would be the sight of her right then. The hand that wasn’t holding the bucket was stroking the black feathers sticking out of her quiver, as though petting a small bird.

    Is more her usual non-business like self. She's not someone you want to cross on a dark alley, or well-lit street... or in general. :/

    That squirrel stole her breakfast, btw. It had it coming. :P

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