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    To celebrate this community focused version, we’re holding our very first contest with prizes! If you have questions about the contest, head over to the blog to see the rules/terms. Use the comment section to ask any question you may have.

    Once you are ready, post on this thread the world you want to enter into the competition with a few lines about you and your world.

    Good luck!

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    Right! I know my stuff will not count, but I figured I would get the ball rolling as I so want to share my world with you all!

    Name of World: The Hunger
    Little bit of information about the World:
    This was used by me to keep track of a tabletop game session I was a GM for. It's stopped now, but I look back at this fondly and remember all the insanity this group ran into, the trouble the caused, and of course the fact that we were testing a game system!

    Link to World: https://www.plotist.com/profiles/sudomistress/worlds/sudomistress-the-hunger/summary

    Key Elements to look at:

    • Grandma - This little Grandma brought about one of the most insane battle sequences for the group. The summary is where I stored key information I needed to taunt the players with.
    • The Group - I needed a way to track the group's main quest giver's understanding of the characters. This was my method of letting Famine understand her ... wards... toys... yeah toys.
    • Famine - This young manumyte needed something to do. The group is together regardless of their species because of this little lady and her obsession with Penguins with Red Devil Horns
    • Glados - At times, I create a character to run around with the group. This character was with the group just long enough to kickstart things. To help me remember her personality, I wrote a small little backstory about her walking way and leaving her previous species the Guardians, to join the Crimson Tide biker gang.
    • Onna - This NPC is one who scared the crap out of the group by showing the group they had lives before that they do not remember. In specific, she showed up, and the players had no idea that they each had children. This little lady was babysitting everyone's children.
    • Meet Crimson Tide - I needed to keep track of the children Onna was babysitting so when they met, things could occur organically, but the notes helped me keep track of just what was going on.
    • Group Gains Teams The players love the idea of having people to micromanage. To create this type of opportunity, once the group returns (if successful) for a particular mission, there is an event that will give the group people to manage.. whether or not they successful manage them will impact who sees them as allies, enemies, or neutrally.
    • Gladiator Combat - The group had to start somewhere... this combat helped me prepare the group. As long as I knew what was coming up next, I could totally guide the group through this event.
    • Abusive boyfriend fight - This came out of left field for me as a storyteller. A player started a fight, and I built it up as they walked a path I had not built for them. As a result, there was some interesting information discovered, a new "quest" and I wanted to keep track of what happened.

    This is not 10, but I just figured it would be fun to share it! Again, I am not entering the contest, but maybe this will inspire you so you can enter! :D I look forward to seeing what others create!!

  • My World's Name: Dark Prophecy
    part of a series: Realms at War

    I draw from an extensive IP that I've been developing for ages known as the 13 Realms of Eternity. While it's been brewing in my heart and soul for over half my life, I only really started hammering it into form (and print) during the past decade. The IP has the potential to incorporate most any genre or story theme, but the focus of Realms at War begins with a familiar setting - Earth. The specifics of my fictional rendition of Earth exceed three hundred pages, so summary is somewhat difficult. Despite the struggle, I shall endeavor to tease...

    "The world you know is innocent and mundane, yet those who choose to believe, or those born outside of the 99% bear witness to wonders and horrors you may struggle to imagine. Angels, demons, immortals, deities, myths, fables, magic, monsters, spirits, alternate dimensions, and the list goes on to the point of exhaustion. If you can imagine it, there may well be an incarnation of it tucked away and hidden from the innocent minds, lurking close enough to touch when you least expect it. Each person has a story to tell, and every story has meaning."


  • Aw, man, I think I'm gonna miss the deadline for this. o.O

    is buried in a pile of work and writing

  • @Blackbird same my friend. same

  • @Blackbird lol, same. The deadline just sort of snuck up on me.

  • @typical_demigod @SirBlood

    Deadline is tomorrow so maybe if I can tidy up by then. I think I have the minimal amount of elements I need, but it's a mess and I don't want people looking at it. :P

  • yeah, i have a few chapters to pump out and homework to write

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    Hello everyone!

    As everyone knows, our contest ended this past Sunday! Based on many of the comments, and quite a bit of the feedback we've had, we're going to put this particular competition on hold. We will be revisiting it again soon, though it will probably be modified slightly! We want to thank everyone who has participated, especially @Occi who shared his world with us in this post! And if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask them!

  • Awww... Well, hopefully, I'll get to participate next time. :)

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    @Blackbird That is the hope. :D

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