Character Respond Answer Ask (February Edition)

  • @typical_demigod When Lena says she will end you...

    Despite being Brazilian I always hated playing soccer, but I'm also Brazilian enough that I won't allow anyone to tell me it's boring. lol

    Q: What's the bravest thing you've ever done?

    This is a complicated thing to ask a group of people whose entire existence revolves around hunting down expertly trained killers. -.-

    Gabrielle: "I fought a bear once."

    Johanna: "What?"

    Gabrielle: "Yeah. I fought a bear when I was fourteen."

    Gerald: "You're kidding."

    Gabrielle: "You know I don't lie, Tucker." smirks "Granted, my brother was the one who angered it, and it almost clawed my chest right open before we were able to scare it away with smoke bombs, but I did fight it."

    Johanna: "I annoy Gabe constantly."

    Gerald: "Annoying Porter beats fighting an angry bear any day."

    Gabrielle: "What? No, it doesn't."

    Gerald: "We've seen you pin a man's tongue to a table with a butter knife because he called you 'sugar'."

    Gabrielle: "That was different."

    Gerald: "I'm just saying, I'm a little wary of you myself. Jo doesn't give a crap, she'll poke you with a pointy stick if she feels like it. Now, that takes some courage."

    Gabrielle: "It's not courage if she knows she can get away with it. Being mad at this girl is the emotional equivalent of kicking a homeless puppy. You just don't want to do it even if it's biting your ankles." -.-

    Johanna: "Is that why you don't want a dog?"

    Gabrielle: "I let you keep Gerald. That's enough."

    Gerald: "Hey!"

    Johanna: "...Okay." pats Gerald on the head

    Kyle: "What is even happening right now?" =.=

    Dani: "I tried to prank mom this one time. And it was fine because it didn't actually work and she never found out, but if it had and she caught me..." shudders

    Lena: "That wasn't brave, that was suicidal. Mom hates pranks."

    Dani: "I know. We had a bit of an argument, I was pretty mad... I was twelve, okay? I have gotten smarter since." >.>

    Lena: "What was the prank?"

    Dani: "It involved a tripwire some minor explosives and a small amount of... fertilizer... You know... Manure..."

    Lena: "You're lucky to be alive."

    Q: What kind of drunk are you? Or if you don't drink, what kind of drunk do you imagine you'd be? (ex: a 'chatty drunk', a 'fun drunk', a 'sad drunk', 'flirty drunk'...)

  • @Blackbird Was it a big bear or a small bear that Gabrielle fought, and how much did she actually do and how much was split between her and her brother? (though I feel like I would never get a totally honest version of that story.)

    Q: What kind of drunk are you? Or if you don't drink, what kind of drunk do you imagine you'd be? (ex: a 'chatty drunk', a 'fun drunk', a 'sad drunk', 'flirty drunk'...)

    Michael: I... try not to get drunk around people. Every time I do, embarrassing pictures and videos start circulating on the internet. I really don't have time for that in my life.

    Rus: smirks

    Nelly: I'm a flirty drunk, actually. That tends to surprise a lot of people.

    Rus: I've never been drunk, but I did once accidentally get high, and everyone said I was more obnoxious than usual, so I guess that fits?

    Benito: How did you 'accidentally' get high?

    Rus: Nobody warned me about Zhongmen.

    Benito: ohhhh. Well, I'm a fun drunk.

    Q: If you were trying to give your best friend the best day ever, what would you do with them?

  • @typical_demigod It wasn't a cub, but it wasn't a full grown adult yet. It was going after her brother, so she charged it with a woodcutting axe, like an idiot, almost got killed, realized it was an incredibly stupid idea and ran away while frantically rummaging in her pack for something useful, found smoke bombs, it worked. Her brother helped, but she did most of the work.

    So yeah, there was little actual fighting involved, really, but hey... It's a story she's willing to (sorta) tell. >.>

    I'm like Michael, I don't like the idea of being drunk around people. And I can't say I've done something embarrassing, but I'm pretty sure at some point I would.

    Q: If you were trying to give your best friend the best day ever, what would you do with them?

    Johanna: quickly glances at Gerald, looks extremely flustered, and silently walks away

    Gerald: "...?"

    Gabrielle: "I'd give her the damn cat, I guess."

    Johanna: instantly returns

    Gabrielle: "No." -.-

    Gerald: "Hmm... I don't know what to say..."

    Gabrielle: "How so?"

    Gerald: "Well, you're both equally my friends. So, I don't know how to answer what I'd do for my best friend. I don't know which of you it is."

    Johanna: "You can have two, Gerry."

    Gerald: "Oh."

    Gabrielle: "If you ever have to choose, I'd rather you say it's Jo. Because the odds of my feelings being hurt by something like this are less than zero, whereas that girl is constantly taking offense with you for every little thing."

    Johanna: glares

    Gabrielle: "And with me."

    Gerald: "Well, Porter, I'm assuming the best day ever for you would be the day the Alpha dies, but the odds of me accomplishing that are pretty slim and I suspect getting myself killed might actually be a downer for you."

    Gabrielle: "You can just bake me a cake. That'd be pretty good too."

    Gerald: "...Killing the Alpha might be easier, actually.."

    If Gerald did bake the cake, she'd probably eat it, though. Despite the fact his terrible cooking nearly killed her twice already. Because friendship.

    Gerald: "Since Porter brought up the cat thing... The one thing Jo's been pestering me about constantly is... Eh... I've once mentioned that one thing my mother demanded I learn growing up that I wasn't particularly thrilled about learning was dancing. And Jo has been a bit persistent that I dance with her since. I do not like dancing, but eh..."

    Gabrielle: "You just don't like not being good at something, Tucker."

    Gerald: raises eyebrow "I never said I'm not good at it."

    Gabrielle: "Then really I don't see a reason not to humor the girl."

    Gerald: "I. Don't. Like. Dancing." sigh "Maybe sometime, though, I guess."

    Gabrielle lives a very frustrating life of watching these two being incredibly obvious with each other and never acting on anything, lol. I just imagine in her mind she's going "for fuck's sake, make a god damned move!"

    Dani: "I like this question... pats Lena on the back "How are you gonna make my day special?"

    Lena: "Who said you're my best friend?"

    Dani: "Pffft... I'm your only friend."

    Lena: "You are not my only friend."

    Dani: snort "Eldric doesn't count."

    Lena: "..."

    Dani: "Sooo?"

    Lena: "Fine. Let's take a day off... I did promise Sarah I'd teach her how to fish."

    Dani: wins "Okay, how about I try that manure-related prank again on Eldric's dad? I think I know why it didn't go off."

    Lena: "As your Instructor, I definitely do not condone that sort of thing, but... That would definitely make my day." smirk

    Sometimes it's the little things. :P

    Q: Ten years ago, where did you think you'd be today? And how does it compare to where you actually are?

  • @Blackbird said in Character Respond Answer Ask (February Edition):

    Dani: "I like this question... pats Lena on the back "How are you gonna make my day special?"
    Lena: "Who said you're my best friend?"
    Dani: "Pffft... I'm your only friend."
    Lena: "You are not my only friend."

    This is literally me and my sister XD

    Q: Ten years ago, where did you think you'd be today? And how does it compare to where you actually are?

    Nelly: Ten years ago? Well, my age isn't set in stone gives dark look to her indecisive creator but ten years ago I was probably barely twenty or so. I was kind of hoping that I could be captaining a spaceship by now, but apparently that's not how it works.

    Benito: Same. sigh Actually, my life has gone pretty much where I expected it to go from ten years ago. Sometimes, dreams do come true.

    Nelly: Aren't you lucky?

    Benito: :|

    Nelly: I was also kind of hoping to have a kid by now, but whadda ya know, I work on a spaceship down in deep space. -.-

    Rus: How old was I ten years ago? Hmm... I think ten years ago was right before all the terrorism started, right?

    Michael: I don't know. Close enough to then. Let me see. I did not plan to spend my days with math equations and giant freaking physics books, I know that.

    Benito: waves hand It's not that bad.

    Rus: I think I was still going to law school ten years ago.

    Michael: We didn't talk ten years ago. Stop asking me these questions.

    Rus: I'm not asking you specifically. Anyway. I also had the brilliant idea to go to become a graphic artist. Which still sounds really awesome.

    Benito: I sort of expected to have a big house.

    Nelly: Where? Mars?

    Benito: No, the moon. Yes, Mars.

    Nelly: questioning how large 'big' actually is

    Benito: I don't qualify to have a house, though. It makes me a little sad.

    I kind of feel like the real question is, is he talking about earth's moon or one of the Martian moons? But I guess that's irrelevant.

    Q: What's your greatest regret?

  • @typical_demigod My one lingering question ever since you answered this is... How do you qualify for a house? ^.-

    Okay, now, because I'm kinda burned out with writing Shadows Rise, and the month is almost over anyway, I'm going to change my character roster already and bring in my ranger characters from Terra and some of my villains because... Who's ever gonna love them if not me? :P

    Q: What's your greatest regret?

    Amber: "Regrets are a waste of time I could otherwise spend exploding things."

    Sam: "The past is written, the future is uncertain, and only idiots dwell on things they can't control."

    Luther: "Hmph... can you regret things that were not your fault? I regret the deaths I caused when I was a pit fighter, but then... I didn't have a choice."

    Celia: "Of course you can. You probably shouldn't, but you surely can."

    Kevin: "I regret not spending more time with my brother."

    Celia: "I'd say I regret not trying to find my sister sooner, but that turned out okay in the end, so... I regret nothing." smirks

    Lila: carefully eyes Luther "You know, I think we all talked about this enough."

    Q: How would you react if you woke up and realized you've been transformed into your opposite gender for a day?

  • @Blackbird I haven't fully decided (it's on my To-Do list), but I do know there's limited space and you have to apply through the government if you want to change residences. I also know that the government is trying to fix the issue of small/limited housing, but they have a horrible economy, so everyone just deals with it.

    In Benito's case, it's specifically because he doesn't live on Mars full-time, so it would be a waste. When he is on Mars, he stays with relatives, because it's short term. Ex: At the beginning of the story he hadn't been on Mars in 2-4 years, and he was leaving a month later.

    At whatever point his contract with the Fleet runs up and he moves back home, he would be able to request a house and the odds of him not getting one are extremely low (especially because he would almost certainly be working with the government in some way).

    I'm excited to see the villains! ^_^ And I must agree with Amber. Exploding things is much more productive than regretting things.

    Q: How would you react if you woke up and realized you've been transformed into your opposite gender for a day?

    Michael: I would be... disconcerted.

    Nelly: I could have a beard!

    Benito: If it wasn't against regulation, maybe.

    Nelly: No! I forgot the regulations!

    Benito: Yes. Yes you did.

    Michael: Not to mention it takes more than a day to grow a full beard.

    Rus: How would that actually work? I mean, I feel like it wouldn't be too bad, but... how does that work... for me...?

    Michael: You'd get to choose. You'd wake up in a half dream, but before you can get up, you have to choose what you're going to be. Although, I guess it could just be random. Or maybe you get to do it twice.

    Rus: I guess. Twice sounds exhausting, though. :/

    Probably an important piece of contextual information: there are three quecheen sexes. (I'm still working out the kinks.)

    Benito: I get the feeling that the people I work with would be worse in that situation than the actual gender swap. It would be something I would never be allowed to leave in the past.

    Michael: Maybe it's not an individual affect, but it affects everyone, so everyone is now the opposite gender for a day.

    Benito: That... would be incredibly amusing. I know some people that would not be happy in that situation.

    Q: Would you rather lose an arm or a leg?

  • @typical_demigod Dang it. I almost wrote "a gender other than your own" so if there's more than two, it could be either one that isn't your usual one but ended up phrasing it just like it was on the writing prompt I saw.

    It basically asked you to write two characters in a relationship reacting to being genderswapped. And I thought about writing it with Jake and Crys but gave up when I realized Crys would be extremely unhappy with not feeling like herself. Even more so with her voice being different. I think, in a situation like this, if you're able to look in the mirror and somewhat recognize yourself it'd not be such a blow, but for a blind person, it'd feel more like having everything that makes up your physical form being ripped away. >.>

    Q: Would you rather lose an arm or a leg?

    Sam: "Wow, such a creative question." slow clap "An arm, I guess. Being able to walk is kind of a big deal. Too bad I'll lose my ability to express disdain through slowly clapping at people's stupidity. Oh well."

    Sam is a bitch. Can you tell? ^.-

    Amber: "An arm, I think. I think even with one arm I could easily build myself a neat prosthetic." shrug "Besides, people tend to scream a little less horribly when I cut off their arms. Maybe it hurts a bit less... Or maybe they go into shock faster... Hmmm..."

    Sam: "It's probably the latter."

    Amber: "Either works for me."

    Kevin: "..."

    Celia: pats Kevin on the back "I'd rather lose a leg than not being able to play my guitar."

    Luther: "You can play with your feet."

    Celia: "Hmm... I am pretty good at using my toes." smirk

    Fair warning: Celia doesn't know the meaning of TMI. >.>

    Kevin: "I'm an archer, so I need my arms, but at the same time... There's no point in being able to shoot if I can't move around. So both options sound equally crap to me."

    Luther: "Chances of survival are actually higher with an arm amputation than a leg."

    Lila: "That's true, although depends on whether you're cutting off the whole leg. If it's below the knee it's just about the same."

    Luther: "I assumed it's the whole limb."

    Lila: "Then you're right, best to cut off the arm. I'm gonna miss your tattoos, though." chuckle

    Luther: "I clearly didn't think this through." -.-

    Q: Have you mastered any completely useless skills? Like, say, picking up coins with your toes? :P

  • @Blackbird I can see that.

    What exactly did Kevin do to get grouped with them? His personality is completely different than everyone else. O_o

    Q: Have you mastered any completely useless skills? Like, say, picking up coins with your toes? :P

    Benito: I'm a master of putting up with annoying people.

    Nelly: I would say that's a useful skill, though.

    Benito: I can walk on my hands.

    Rus: I can walk on my hands. ^_^

    Michael: But then you get dirt all over your hands.

    Benito: Have you ever heard of this crazy thing called a 'sink'?

    Rus: I can parkour. Sort of. Not very well. But I can do it passably.

    Michael: Didn't you break an arm doing that?

    Rus: That was my sister, thank you. And she only fractured her wrist. It was actually really annoying because she refused to do any chores for about a week and she convinced Nik that it was my fault she broke her wrist.

    Michael: Was it?

    Rus: I didn't push her and make her fall on her face, so, no, it wasn't.

    Nelly: I don't think any of you understand what this question is asking.

    Michael: Does being able to remember the face of someone you went to school with count? Because I can recognize a ridiculous number of people that don't even know I exist.

    Nelly: No.

    Benito: You know what something useless is I can do? I can tell you the taxonomy of a dolphin off the top of my head.

    Nelly: ...why?

    Benito: It was on a dare. I won that dare, by the way.

    Nelly: Okay.

    Benito: What's your useless ability?

    Nelly: I can wiggle my ears.

    Benito: Oh yeah. I remember that now.

    Q: What is a place you would love to see before you die?

  • @typical_demigod Sam and Amber are in one group (they are both being awfully tame; that worries me) and the other four are my Terran characters. The two groups won't and can't interact with each other. Because Sam is the leader of the evil cult the other group is trying to stop and them being a room together would end in... Well... Amber might enjoy herself at least. :/

    Luther, Celia and Kevin are rangers. They've been working together as a team for a good while now. Lila runs the medical center in the Ranger's Guild and is Luther's wife.

    I think parkour can be mighty useful. I wish I could do that.

    Q: What is a place you would love to see before you die?

    Sam: "I would like to see Valcrest on fire before I die, but I have a feeling that ship has sailed. Pity."

    Amber: "Maybe next time, Sammy."

    Sam: "I suppose."

    Amber: "Can I set something else on fire for you?"

    Sam: snickers "You just want an excuse to burn things. Maybe later. Answer the question, now."

    Amber: "Hmmmph... Fiine..." pouts "I don't know. I don't care much about places. If you think about it, every place and everyone is fundamentally the same. And everything is better with fire."

    Luther: "I don't know. I think I've traveled too much as it is. I'd like to be able to stop and stay."

    Celia: "We travel, yes, but we don't actually get to sight see all that much Luthy. We're usually raiding slaver hideouts. That's not what I'd call tourism. I don't know, I think I'd like to see a nice beach, swim in the ocean... All of that."

    Lila: "Oooh, I like that. We should go to the beach."

    Luther: "Eh..."

    Celia: "The women have spoken. Baby Face, go pack."

    Kevin: "What? We can't go to the beach, Cee. We have to go answer a distress call."

    Celia: groan "Fiiiine. But we're stopping at a tavern on the way back."

    Luther: "We can go to the beach another day." shrug

    Lila: snicker "Yeah, let's keep telling ourselves that."

    ...I think their time with the main cast in Valcrest is the closest to a vacation these guys ever get. :/

    Q: So, Valentine's Day was a thing this month. Do people celebrate that or a similar Holiday where you live? Are you into it?

  • @Blackbird I don't know why, but I got the brilliant idea that they would be fantastic in a superhero story.

    Yeah, I get the feeling that Rus's athleticism probably saves his life in the end :P He is ridiculously athletic.

    Q: So, Valentine's Day was a thing this month. Do people celebrate that or a similar Holiday where you live? Are you into it?

    Benito: I'm 90% sure that we were in a space ship on Valentine's Day.

    Nelly: He never gets me anything anyway. It's just, like, an ordinary day or something. sigh I want my chocolate!

    Benito: It's a stupid holiday. Which is why it didn't survive in Aurorae.

    Michael: under breath pretty sure it's because there's no money in Aurorae

    Benito: death glare

    Rus: I find the concept confusing. I don't understand why there's an arbitrarily picked day to shower love on someone. Shouldn't it just be all the time anyway?

    Michael: No one's saying you don't have to do it all the time, too.

    Nelly: The most annoying thing is, I always have something for him, and then three weeks later he's like, 'Look at this thing I found! Don't you love it?'

    Benito: Me?

    Nelly: Who else would I be talking about?

    Benito: Your secret lover who gives you things on Valentine's Day? And you know what, this assumes that I actually know what day it is on a day-to-day basis.

    Nelly: How do you not know what day it is on a day-to-day basis? The entire concept of your job is to figure out how to get from Point A to Point B by a specific date.

    Benito: Your point being? As long as I know what the end date is and how many days are left to get there, there's no reason to care about what day it is in between.

    Nelly: Then why don't you put it in your calendar? You have every other holiday in your calendar.

    Benito: That's not true. I don't have Thanksgiving in my calendar. Which is why I'm always in shock when we magically have a buffet of food at the end of November.

    Nelly: You're changing the subject.

    Benito: I'm not putting it in my calendar. It's a stupid holiday. I don't need it clogging up my notifications.

    Nelly: Oh, because you get so many.

    Benito: You sound a little jealous.

    Nelly: Everyone I know who is in a relationship gets chocolates and flowers on Valentine's day, and you're just over here like, does bad imitation "Valentine's is stupid and I don't have time for it."

    Benito: I get you gifts all the time. And it's a little difficult to arrange the transport of chocolate and flowers for one day. Chocolate always gets eaten by roommates and flowers die. After two days, and they're dead.

    Nelly: You could always get me something like a book.

    Benito: You have a thousand.

    Nelly: Your point being?

    Benito: I really don't understand why this is so upsetting to you.

    O_o I was not expecting that.

    Q: Would you ever be unfaithful to your SO? If so, what would be the most likely reason?

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