Character Respond Answer Ask (February Edition)

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    Have you ever had a character and you thought, "How do I get to know you better?"

    Well, you're in luck. The point of the thread is to get to know your character better, through both serious and ridiculous prompts, with the added bonus of other people getting to know your character, as well!

    The way it works is fairly simple. I'll post a question at the bottom of this thread. The next person will come and answer that question, and then leave their own question. Person #2 will come on and think, "That's an interesting question and I want to answer it!" Before they can do that, however, they must post a response to the previous person's answer. Then they can answer the question the first person posted, and then they can leave their own question. For example:

    Person 1:

    Answers the question that I left at the bottom of the thread
    Leaves their own question.
    Person 2:

    Responds to the answer of Person 1 (I.e., wow, Charlie has a really intense hatred for that board game! Is there a particular reason, or does she just really hate it because she can?)
    Answers the question Person 1 left
    Leaves their own question
    And repeat.

    A couple notes,

    Style doesn't really matter. You can answer it from your, the author's, POV (Charlie dislikes Risk because blah blah blah), or you can answer it from the character's point of view (Charlie: I hate Risk. That game is so stupid).

    If you're new, don't feel obligated to answer all the past questions! (This also applies if you regularly participate, but you haven't been able to recently, so there's a lot of new posts/questions.) If there are a couple that really speak out to you, then feel free to answer them, but you don't have to. Also, because sometimes threads can get long and unruly, you don't have to read all the previous posts unless you really want to. Just have a response for the person above you, and you're good to go!

    So, if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask :)

    The question to start this month's post:
    What is the most meaningful gift you have ever received?

  • @SirBlood So, quick question about your characters (whose names I now forget headdesk) - is one of them a doctor and the other one his patient?

    Q: What myth represents you the best?

    I thought about this last night and I thought of one for maybe Benito. Because I've been character-building him a lot lately. Unfortunately, I am terrible with myths (even though you would think I know a lot, because I love mythology) so he's the only one. Though, you might be able to count the Greek character Zephyrus. Rus's name didn't come from nowhere. (It sounds like there's a fun story there, but there's really not.)

    Benito did make me think of the prodigal son somewhat, though. The actual story doesn't necessarily line up, but the idea of him wasting away a chunk of his life and still being accepted by his mother (his dad was dead by then) matches up.

    Q: What is the most meaningful gift you have ever received?

    Nelly: Hmm... Maybe the invitation to my sister's graduation? I obviously couldn't actually go, but we're not very close-- she's not really close to anyone-- but I thought that was nice. It was a fun way to see that she's been trying to come out of her shell more.

    Benito: I didn't get an invitation to my sister's graduation. Either of them.

    Nelly: You're so dramatic. Let me think; meaningful gifts. I mean, Benito gets me a lot of gifts. Every trip back from the Gliese system I get closer to exceeding my weight limit.

    Benito: sighs It's harder when you're actually trying to transport gifts, though. That gets complicated. I once made Robbins pretend that some of my stuff was her stuff so that I could keep it.

    Nelly: You would do that.

    Benito: Everyone needs a Robbins in their life.

    Rus: I don't really know anyone that's big on gift-giving.

    Michael: I once gave you a hug.

    Rus: Lot's of people have given me hugs.

    Michael: Yeah but it was after you were crying on my kitchen floor, so it's more meaningful.

    Rus: O_O

    Michael: My parents came out during spring break once, which was exciting, because my mom is terrified of space flight. They stayed for... a really long time, because she had to work herself up to get onto a spaceship again, but it was still a nice gesture. They had a good time.

    Benito: It takes fifteen minutes.

    Michael: You've never had a phobia.

    Q: How do you feel about technology?

  • @typical_demigod in reply to your question, one is the doctor and the other the assistant. The doctor's sister however is a patient of his.

    Q: what was the most meaningful gift you have ever received?

    Gabe: I would have to say the record player from my assistant.

    Kyle: since when was that meaningful to you?

    Gabe: You know me and my fascination of old things

    Kyle: Fair enough. chuckles

    Q: How do you feel about technology

    Gabe: I find it interesting how nowadays the world is filled with technology and the uses and purposes different technologies have. If only I could get hold of more. snickers

    Kyle: Really Gabe, with all the youth you and I have, you still act and have some of the mentality of an old man

    Q: Could you give everyone a monologue?

  • @SirBlood I see.

    Q: Could you give everyone a monologue?

    Rus: As in, could I actually do one if I wanted to, or do I need to do one right now?

    Nelly: A monologue is basically mindless droning. Everyone does it in their heads anyway.

    Benito: My thoughts is not mindless droning.

    Michael: *are not

    Benito: looks like he's about to slap Michael really hard upside the head

    Rus: I could monologue if we need someone to monologue to move past this question. I can monologue really well.

    Michael: What are you gonna monologue about? Your celebrity crush? rolls eyes

    Rus: I was thinking more like food. I'm starving.

    Michael: facepalms You're ALWAYS hungry.

    Rus: I can't help that my species has a faster metabolism than your species. Anyway, why are you in a bad mood? There's no reason to be snappy.

    Michael: Why are you in a good mood? There's even less of a reason to be chirpy.

    Rus: I had a really good lunch with some friends that I don't hang out with that much and then I had a nice nap.

    Michael: quietly i want a nap

    Q: If you had to give a monologue, what would it be about?

  • Y'know... I spent a LOT of time debating whether to stick with my Shadows Rise cast this month or if I'd switch around again. I decided to stick with them for now, mostly because it's been fun learning little things about them. I had no idea Gabrielle was color blind or that Seb was constantly on the verge of accidentally murdering Kyle when they were little. :P

    @typical_demigod Michael sounds like he really needs that nap.

    Q: What is the most meaningful gift you have ever received?

    Gabrielle: "My dad made this for me when I was twelve* holds up a lyre "I think it's the only thing I still keep for sentimental reasons."

    (for reference, Gabrielle's lyre looks something like this)

    Johanna: "Gerry gave me a pendant once." fishes a golden pendant shaped like a sun from her pocket "It was his mom's, that's pretty meaningful."

    Gerald: "And yet you never actually wear it."

    Johanna: "I don't want to lose it." frowns

    Gabrielle: "You gave Jo something that belonged to your mother, Tucker?" smirk

    Gerald: "Yes." coughs awkwardly and changes subject "My mother gave me her sword when I made it into the guard. I mostly use my crossbow now, but I still keep it. It's on the wall in the armory. She was proud of me that day and, trust, from her that meant something."

    Sebastian: "When Kyle and I were born, our dad traveled back to his home country and had swords made for us. It was something like a family tradition to give a first born son a sword like that. That would be me, but since Kyle came out only a mere five minutes later, he got one too."

    Kyle: "Hey, shut it." frowns

    Sebastian: "I'm just messing with you, pft. Anyway, they're pretty much identical except for the inscription. Mine means 'honor' and Kyle's means 'justice'. I don't know why he chose those traits, but there it is."

    Lena: touches the dagger on her belt "I don't want to talk about it."

    Q: Could you give everyone a monologue?

    Gabrielle: "Probably, but why would I?"

    Gerald: "Like Porter said."

    Johanna: "No."

    Kyle: "I don't like the idea of public speaking."

    Sebastian: "Sure, I could."

    Dani: "I don't see why I would want to do that."

    Lena: "I could. I do it all the time. I don't like to, but I do it."

    Dani: "Constantly lecturing me counts as monologuing?"

    Lena: "It's only dialogue if the other person actually listens, so yes."

    Dani: "Fair enough."

    Q: If you had to give a monologue, what would it be about?

    Gabrielle: "The importance of regularly sharpening your blades."

    Gerald: "Really?"

    Gabrielle: "Proper sword maintenance saves lives, Tucker."

    Gerald: "I suppose."

    Johanna: "Cats."

    Gabrielle: "We're not getting a cat." =.=

    Johanna: "Dogs?"

    Gabrielle: "NO."

    Dani: "Rainbows."

    Lena: "What now?"

    Dani: "You heard me. Raaainbooows."

    Lena: "Why?"

    Dani: "Why not? Who's going to pay attention anyway?"

    I was talking to a friend some days ago and, she was having car problems and people kept refusing to drive her where she needed to be and so I told her "I'm sorry your don't have a car and everyone's being a bitch" which she said sounded like a very specific greeting card... so my question is:

    Q: If someone were to send you a ver specific greeting card for a particularly bad day you had, what would it say?

  • Q: If you had to give a monologue, what would it be about?

    Gabe: perhaps a sample to the lovely audience.

    Kyle: Oh dear.

    Gabe: plays a recorded message

    Oh sister, sweet and innocent sister. Your locks of gold and gem like eyes of bluish-green. Your soft skin and lucius structure, its almost impossible to keep away from my scalpel and slowly drag the cold steel across your flesh. Wether it be for work or amusement, the temptation grows and thrives within my veins, tormenting and eating away at my conscience.

    It speaks and shouts “Do it! Wrap your strings around her joints and limbs, make her your masterpiece as if a vintner would strive to create his own vintage wine. Strive to create a work of unique beauty and newly evolution towards the human race.”

    But if I were to go with this side of my conscience, the question is, what shall I do? where shall I start? Should I remove the yes and replace them with an animal’s? Should I drag the cold steel across the chest and give new lungs? So many options, so many paths one could take.

    sighs sometimes I wish I had a slot machine to decide for me.

    Kyle: backing away slowly

    Gabe: Oh come now Igor

    Q If you were to send someone a specific greeting card what would it say?

    Giovanni: Mirror mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all? Once a man, but had a fall. Now a beast standing tall. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is next, of them all?

    Q If you were to perform a heist, what would be the place you perform the heist?

  • @Blackbird Sebastian and Kyle amuse me because they remind me of my brothers (even still I'm still trying to work out which one is which).

    Johanna: "Gerry gave me a pendant once." fishes a golden pendant shaped like a sun from her pocket "It was his mom's, that's pretty meaningful."
    Gerald: "And yet you never actually wear it."
    Johanna: "I don't want to lose it." frowns

    ME. My sister got me a bracelet the other day and I was like, "Look, I'll wear this today and to your wedding. Don't expect me to ever wear it again."

    @SirBlood Gabe is increasingly concerning me.

    Q: If someone were to send you a ver specific greeting card for a particularly bad day you had, what would it say?

    Benito: If I had to send one to my sister, it would say, "Sorry about the fact that your marriage is falling apart, but I definitely side with him."

    Nelly: Dora's marriage is falling apart?

    Benito: No, but when it does, I'm having that custom made for her. And for him, I'm getting a card that reads, "Sorry about the fact your marriage is falling apart, but I've been silently urging you to break up since you got together because I've watched you wilt away to nothingness."

    Nelly: ._.

    Benito: Then I'll get one for Juana that reads, "I bet Dora is being an annoying brat right now. I'm so glad I don't have to be there to deal with that."

    Nelly: That's not very sympathetic.

    Benito: But it's specific.

    Nelly: I should get you one that reads, "I'm sorry that the computer glitched and you had to work that problem out by hand, but we can still have stale coffee if you want."

    Benito: O_O

    Nelly: I think part of that would probably be on the inside of the card, though. So the cover would be, "Sorry the computer glitched and you had to work out that problem by hand...." but the inside would read, "But we can have some stale coffee together if you want." notices Benito's expression and pats him on the shoulder It'll be okay.

    Benito: I'm having horrible flashbacks.

    Rus: Given that these are greeting cards, I would get one that said, "I know we talk to each other every day via some form of communication and see each other most days anyway, but it's great to get to hang out with you in person again."

    Michael: Who would it be for?

    Rus: My brother? Who else do I speak to on a daily basis?

    Michael: I dunno. You have a lot of coworkers.

    Rus: Eh.

    Michael: How do you even talk in person when you're on a spaceship trying to be not-nauseous?

    Rus: I'm not nauseated by the jumping anymore.

    Benito: It's an acquired tolerance.

    Michael: tries to determine if it will be Benito or Rus that gives him a greeting card that says "I hope you're not feeling horrible because you aren't tolerated to the jumping yet"

    (Honestly the best part about that card is that if it came from Rus it would be genuine and if it came from Benito it would be sarcastic.)

    Q: If you were to perform a heist, what would be the place you perform the heist?

    Rus: Somewhere with a spaceship that functions well enough to get out of the orbit of a planet but still moves really fast in space.

    ... he probably hasn't had to actually find one that did that. Nope.

    Benito: Somewhere without cameras.

    Michael: So... you're never going to perform a heist, I guess?

    Nelly: What are we doing the heist for, though?

    Benito: The love and admiration of the people.

    Nelly: Which people?

    Benito: All of them.

    Nelly: Uh-huh.

    Benito: It's a heist for.... coconuts!

    Nelly: Annnnd I should've seen that coming.

    Michael: I thought we were doing a heist for fuel, actually.

    Rus: I've never had coconuts.

    Michael: They're gross.

    Benito: dark look crosses his face as he starts to look for loopholes in his or Michael's contract so that he never has to face Michael again because BLASPHEMY

    ....I do not share that love for coconuts. I feel like I should probably make that clear. I barely even eat any coconut in my day-to-day life.

    Q: What's that one thing you obsess about that everyone wishes you'd just shut up about?

  • @typical_demigod I wear stuff. My brother gave me this stupid wooden frog pendant from when he was living away and I wear it whenever I leave the house. :P

    Granted it's nothing fancy, but still.

    Coconuts are gross. I mean, I like coconut flavor, but chewing coconut is gross... Just bleh... no.

    Benito seems rather... Fond... Of them... o.O

    That said, I'd love to see those guys doing a heist. lol

    Q: What's that one thing you obsess about that everyone wishes you'd just shut up about?

    Jo: "Cats."

    Gabrielle: "As much as you do obsess over pets in general, I should point out you don't talk enough about anything to warrant us wanting you to shut up."

    Jo: "..."

    Gabrielle: "My point."

    Gerald: "I don't consider myself a very obsessive pers-"

    Gabrielle: "You need to shut up about the bloody Twins, Tucker."

    Gerald: "You say that as if I'm going around trying to convert you. Just don't mock my beliefs to my face and there'll be no need for me to talk about it."

    Gabrielle: "It's not mockery, it's just my opinion."

    Gerald: "Then don't opinionate to my face and I'll shut up."

    Johanna: sigh "Both of you, shut up."

    Gabrielle is an atheist. Which in Valcrest is extremely rare. And Gerald is just a tiny bit religious. They disagree plenty. And Jo is very sick of it. :P

    Dani: doing a poor impression of Lena "Eldric's dad did this, Eldric's dad said that. I'm gonna stab his eyes with a rusty fork... blah blah blah..."

    Lena: "Boohoo, things are expected of me. I don't feel good enough. I'm pretty sure mom thinks I'm a failure even though she clearly trusts me to run this whole thing one day. Because that's something she'd do out of pity over how pathetic I am."

    Dani: "These are not things I say." glare

    Lena: "I hear them nonetheless."

    Dani: mutters "Fucking telepaths."

    Q: I someone gives you a horrible gift you wouldn't want in a million years, but they mean well, do you pretend to like it for their benefit?

  • @Blackbird

    Gerald: "Then don't opinionate to my face and I'll shut up."

    is dead of laughter

    Aw, that's cute :3 I wish my brothers gave me stupid stuff. They don't give me anything but crap.

    Yes, Benito is very fond of them. It's actually a cultural thing; Auroraeans use coconut anything for pretty much everything. But yeah. I feel like it was probably a dealbreaker for the whole family when they found out Nelly didn't enjoy coconuts that much. Now when she goes over she pretends to have acquired a taste and no one is willing to admit that she actually feels the same about them as she does salad. (A little bit better than dislike, but only barely in the neutral zone. Also, salad is also very big in Auroraean cuisine. In short, if it's a plant, they probably enjoy it. Meat is relatively expensive.)

    XD I would be willing to organize that. I'll get back to you because that would be HILARIOUS XD

    Also, I feel like there is zero benefit in being or knowing a telepath.

    Q: I someone gives you a horrible gift you wouldn't want in a million years, but they mean well, do you pretend to like it for their benefit?

    Rus: Probably.

    Benito: Probably not. I mean, if it's Nelly, then yeah. She's really bad with gifts so I try to give her any encouragement I can because I think one day she'll get better on gift-giving. But Nelly's pretty good with gifts when she gets them, so I don't think it would ever happen.

    Nelly: Plus, it's only polite, given that I pretend to like things that you get me when I don't.

    Benito: When did I get you something you didn't like?

    Nelly: It hasn't happened recently.

    Benito: Wait what did I get you you don't like?

    Nelly: You were just really excited to give it so I felt like I would be a horrible monster if I said it was stops self before giving away identifying information ...not the best.

    Benito: That doesn't tell me anything!

    Michael: I ... would. People don't give me gifts and it makes me upset. If there is one reason I would have siblings, it's because they give gifts.

    Benito: ?? My sisters never give me anything.

    Nelly: I don't live close enough to my sisters or brother for them to give me anything. sad

    Rus: My brother gives me stuff. smug

    Michael: Dylan gets stuff from his siblings, too. sad

    Benito: There was that time my sister got me a slide rule though. frowns I feel like it was expensive but she wouldn't return it.

    Michael: You don't use it, so it was a waste of money.

    Benito: That's what the computers are for.

    Nelly: I've seen him use it.

    Q: How do you feel about muffins?

  • @typical_demigod Yes, please. That would be hilarious.

    Honestly, telepathy can be tough, but it depends... There are a great deal of enlightenments that fall under that category. Jake's invisibility is considered telepathic illusion, for instance.

    And to be fair, Lena can't actually hear people's thoughts... That's an assumption Dani makes. She just knows her little sister well enough to always know what she's thinking. :P

    Aaaw... so much sad in that response. :(

    Q: How do you feel about muffins?

    Gabrielle: "I don't have particularly strong feelings for them either way, but I like the ones with the little blue berries on them."

    Johanna: "...With the little seeds..."

    Gerald: "Poppy seeds. I'm not a fan. I like honey and oats muffins."

    Kyle: "Pfft...Oats are for horses."

    Sebastian: "Chocolate."

    Kyle: "Chocolate is definitely the superior muffin."

    Dani: "Lena is a weirdo who likes raisin muffins."

    Lena: "What's wrong with raisins? They're sweet!"

    Dani: sigh "You make me sad."

    Q: What is the best thing about your best friend?

  • @Blackbird Okay, so I'm almost done writing it. I decided to make it the drama I'm supposed to write for my creative writing class. (The fact that I had already written a drama for it that was much shorter and probably had a lot more quality, as well as the fact that this piece is definitely not in play format, is beside the point.) I'll have it up probably this afternoon, because I don't have anything to be studying. >.>

    That makes sense. Being a straight telepath that reads thoughts, though, is not something I would want to be/do.

    Q: What is the best thing about your best friend?

    Rus: My best friend listens to me very well. They're also really good at giving advice.

    Benito: Nelly is really good at reading my emotions, even though most of the time I can't tell what anything between extremely angry and extremely happy is on myself, even though I can read other people pretty well.

    Nelly: It's an acquired skill. Let me think here. You have a lot of good traits.

    Benito: <3

    Michael: Dylan can make me laugh really hard.

    Rus: Dylan is one of those really fun kinds of people, when he puts his mind to it.

    Michael: He really is.

    Q: How do you feel about your siblings? If you don't have any, do you wish you did?

  • @typical_demigod

    Oooh, cool.

    All of that was really cute. lol

    Q: How do you feel about your siblings? If you don't have any, do you wish you did?

    Gabrielle: "I don't want to talk about my family. Leave them in the past where they belong."

    Johanna: "Alex... Is..." sigh "I love him, but it's complicated."

    Gerald: "You're not responsible for him."

    Johanna: "Stay out of it, Gerry." frowns

    Gerald: "I wish I had siblings, but my parents led very separate lives, which made raising me a complicated endeavor. So I don't think having another kid would have turned out that great for them, me, or the kid."

    Kyle: "I love my brother, why else would I put up with him?"

    Sebastian: "Well, you were born and I was already there, so probably because you know no other way in life."

    Kyle: chuckle "Maybe."

    Lena: "My sisters are annoying little shits, but I love them to death."

    Dani: "Literally, almost."

    Lena: "Please. You've never been anywhere close to death on my watch. You cry-baby."

    Dani: "Lena can be annoying, but she always looks out for me and Sarah somehow manages to get into more trouble than I do, but she can always put a smile on my face when I need it. I don't know what I'd do without them."

    Lena: "I don't either."

    Dani: "Shut up."

    Q: Whos is that person in life that you just love to hate?

  • @Blackbird Well, it'll go up probably in the next ten minutes (because there are a lot of italics that I have to put in after I copy and paste it). It could be much better quality, but given the circumstances and ridiculousness of it, I don't think it really matters. I also feel like I should point out I took all the characters from after the novel, which is theoretically where I'm taking them when I write these posts.

    Also, the love-hate relationship that goes into having siblings is just sigh

    Q: Who is that person in life that you just love to hate?

    Rus: I'm not allowed to speak his name because it's a major spoiler. Beckham is pretty annoying, though. He might qualify.

    Michael: I would say his name but then I would get a lot of shit so I'll just leave him out of this.

    Benito: I think we all know my answer to that.

    Michael: Actually, we don't.

    Nelly: Quick. He's talking about Quick.

    Michael: What did she even do to you?

    Benito: That's beside the point.

    Fun fact: Episode Four was supposed to be the episode that explained Benito and Quick's relationship.

    Nelly: I don't know. I don't really actually hate anyone, and if I did hate someone, I would feel really bad about it, you know? I wouldn't be able to love hating them.

    Rus: The person that I'm not allowed to name. He's the only person I truly hate in the universe. And I've met a few people that are hate-worthy, even if you don't know anything about them.

    Q: What kind of parent would you be?

  • @typical_demigod Fun fact: Alex, Jo's brother, is my co-GM's character in the RPs. And they became siblings because when I was starting to create character profiles for Shadows Rise I put her name into a random last name generator and it gave the last name Hastings, which so happened to be this character's last name. So I told my co-GM because I thought "ha, that's funny" and then we went into this "wouldn't it be funny if they were related?" discussion, so now Jo has a brother.

    He's a sad drunk and she blames herself. Because I'm a horrible person and everything in Jo's life is pain. =.=

    Aw, Nelly, just want to pinch her cheeks. lol

    Q: What kind of parent would you be?

    Gabrielle: "The person my parents raised me to be would have made a great mother. I'm not that person anymore."

    Johanna: clings to Gerald "No."

    Gerald: sighs and hugs her "Sshh... It's okay." smiles "I think I'd be a great dad. I had great role models growing up. I can't deny that."

    Dani: "I like to think I'd be one of those parents who let their kids do their own thing, but... I predict that once the little stinker starts setting things on fire I'll change my views on that drastically."

    Lena: "I'm a firm believer in tough love."

    Dani: "I can attest to that." -.-

    Lena: "You'll thank me one day."

    Q: What traits have you inherited from your parents?

  • @Blackbird Ooh, that's fun. Not the part where you made everything in Jo's life pain (though I understand because I've definitely done that to some of my characters), but the part where random chance made them siblings. I love random generators.

    I forgot Johanna can't have kids >_< Now I'm kind of sad.

    Q: What traits have you inherited from your parents?

    Rus: I'm a decent cook. I'm also good at art. I'm also very good at passive aggression. Nik says our mom was very passive aggressive.

    I don't actually know much about Michael's parents, so he will be staying out of this conversation.

    Benito: My mom claims that me and my sisters are smart because of genes from our dad's side, but I'm pretty sure the only thing I got from my dad was my looks and my wanderlust.

    Nelly: Personality-wise, I'm a lot like my mom, I think.

    Benito: The older I get, the more I look a lot like my dad. It's kind of frightening, actually.

    Nelly: Why?

    Benito: It's just really weird.

    Rus: I got my name from my parents, too. Nik got his from our dad, and Nev got hers from our mom.

    Nelly: My dad named both me and Donna.

    Benito: I'm ninety percent sure my aunt Delilah named all three of us. frowns Which would explain a lot, actually.

    Q: Who named you? You, your parents, a random cousin you didn't know existed until you were twenty?

  • @typical_demigod Random generators are more fun than useful sometimes. This particular one tends to give me last names like "Gaylord" and, no joke, "Sexsmith". That when it gives me something pronounceable.

    And yeah, I'm sure hearing Gerald talking about what a great dad he'd be to the children she couldn't possibly give him didn't do much to cheer her up, but... I'm the one who made her life miserable, so blame that one on me. :P

    Rus seems proud of his passive aggression. I find that really amusing.

    Q: Who named you? You, your parents, a random cousin you didn't know existed until you were twenty?

    Gabrielle: "I don't know what I'd call them, they were never parents to me. The only reason I kept the name those people gave me after I was adopted is because I actually really like it."

    Johanna: "I like it too." smiles

    Gabrielle: "Then maybe use it and stop calling me 'Gabe'."

    Johanna: "I like Gabe more."

    Gabrielle: "Hmmmmph."

    Gabrielle doesn't like getting too personal with people and so she dislikes nicknames. She won't actually address most people by their first name or allow them to address her as such; you may have noticed Gerald will only address her as 'Porter' and most of the time she'll call him Tucker (although she will sometimes call him 'Tuck' because she is closer to him than the average person). Johanna... Does not respect that. At all. She won't respond to her last name or call Gabrielle anything other than "Gabe". Because Jo will do whatever the heck she wants and resistance is futile. lol

    Johanna: "I think my mom named me, but I don't know for sure." shrugs "I know she named Alex."

    Gerald: "I know that my father named me after his father, but that's the most I've been told about it."

    Kyle: "Mom picked our names before she died."

    Dani: "Mom named me."

    Lena: "My birth mother named me before I was adopted."

    Eldric: "My mother named me, but I never asked her about it before she died."

    Huh, that's quite a few dead moms... Yikes.

    Q: Do you like your name?

  • @Blackbird XDXD I love random generators. Yeah, I actually have a pantheon where only half the names are pronounceable because I randomly generated them.

    Everyone hates that Rus is passive aggressive, actually, but he doesn't how to be not-passive aggressive, so everyone just sort of deals with it.

    I did notice that Gabrielle called everyone by last names. That explains a lot.

    And... you may want to do something about all those dead mothers :/ (I'm doing good with this book. There are only two dead mothers in my book. entirely too proud)

    Q: Do you like your name?

    Rus: I like Jushi better but that was my mom's given name, so I stick with Shephyrus. It's grown on me over the many years that I've had it.

    Michael: I've never really thought about this. Michael is my name, and it's always been my name, so I guess it's okay?

    Nelly: I don't really like my name. :/

    Benito: Why?

    Nelly: I don't know. I just don't like how it sounds.

    Benito: I think it's pretty.

    Nelly: That's nice.

    Benito: What would you change your name to?

    Nelly: I'm not sure. Changing your name is such a hassle, you know? It's easier to just stick with what you've already got.

    Benito: I always liked your name.

    Nelly: I know. You say it a lot.

    Benito: It's pretty.

    Her full name is Cornelia. I'm... honestly not sure why it's upsetting to her.

    Benito: My name is relatively uncommon, so nobody could confuse me with someone else, so I like my name. Since starting with the Fleet, it's actually less common.

    Rus: So is my name. nods

    Michael: I've met four different people with the same name as you.

    Rus: Four people out of several million is not saying much.

    Michael: We went to school with two other people with the same last name as you.

    Rus: I can't help what my last name is. Or how common it is, either. And I think we're talking about first names. Ooh, hey, what if I made Jushi my last name instead?

    Michael: I don't understand why you can't make it your first name?

    Q: What is one trait you wish you had?

  • @typical_demigod Well, to be fair... People die left and right in Valcrest. Moms or not. :P

    Gabrielle's birth parents are still alive, they're just... Dead to her. She doesn't consider them ever being her parents.

    Johanna's mom was a horrible person who abandoned her and Alex when they were young. She may or not be alive; who knows... Who cares... I kinda hope she's not. >.>

    Y'know, I named one of my cows in Stardew Valley 'Nelly' at random, it wasn't until much later when I came in here again that I was like "Oh, wait. That's where I know it from." -.-

    Sorry-not-sorry. :P

    I like the name Cornelia, though. It is really pretty. :)

    Q: What is one trait you wish you had?

    Gabrielle: "I know there are traits that I should have. I should be more flexible, more forgiving, I should be a lot more of a lot of things, but if I'm honest... I'm not sure those are things I want. It'd make me a better person, but better people, to my experience, die first."

    Johanna: "That's sad."

    Gabrielle: "We can add 'happy' to the list then." smirk

    Johanna: "..."

    Gabrielle: "Jo, it's okay, I don't need..."

    Johanna: clings

    Gabrielle: "...Hugs..." -.-

    Gerald: "You brought that one on yourself, Porter."

    Gabrielle: aggravated sigh

    Johanna: "I don't feel strong enough."

    Gerald: opens mouth to argue, but gives it up "I think I should be a little more patient."

    Dani: "I wish I was a bit more determined."

    Lena: "You're very determined when you want to be."

    Dani: "...I'm not sure if that was a compliment or a scolding..."

    Lena: "Both. Neither."

    Dani: snort

    Lena: "I wish I was a bit more... Not patient... Tolerant, I guess. I know I don't always go about things in the most tactful way possible."

    Q: Are you ticklish? If so, what's your weakest spot?

  • @Blackbird Pleased to give you inspiration to name your cows. Make sure you treat that cow well, btw.

    And Jo was literally me yesterday with someone I work with. She was upset and I was like "do you want a hug?" and I gave her hugs XD

    Q: Are you ticklish? If so, what's your weakest spot?

    Rus: I'm not.

    Michael: I'm not sure if I believe that, but I also don't think I'm willing to take our relationship to the next level to find out.

    Rus: Given that we apparently have no trust in our relationship, I agree.

    awkward silence

    Nelly: Okay fine I'm ticklish

    Benito: It's funny.

    Nelly: It is not!

    Benito: She starts giggling before you even touch her.

    Nelly: Stop!

    Benito: It's hilarious. It's the one thing I will always make fun of her for.

    Nelly: I guess I brought this on myself. sigh

    Benito: leans over to hug

    Nelly: thinks he's about to start tickling her and leans away

    Benito: FINE THEN. leans away dramatically

    Nelly: I'm so confused.

    Q: What is your favorite sport?

  • @typical_demigod Of course. I pet all my animals every day and make sure they're fed. Nelly is a very happy cow. :)

    Yeah, Jo doesn't ask. She will love on you like it or not and deal with it. o.O

    Valcrest needs some sports... Until then... I'll answer my own question I guess.

    Q: Are you ticklish? If so, what's your weakest spot?

    Gabrielle: "No."

    Johanna: "..."

    Gabrielle: "I said no, Johanna... I m warning you... don't you freaking d-..."

    Johanna: pokes Gabrielle on her sides

    Gabrielle: lets out an uncharacteristically high-pitched squeal and slaps Jo's hands away "I said, no!" frowns

    Johanna: grins

    Gabrielle: "Don't you look so smug."

    Johanna: "I'm not ticklish at all. It's kind of sad."

    Gerald: "You wanted to be ticklish?"

    Johanna: shrugs "Easy laughs."

    Gerald: "Huh. Never thought of it that way. I have ticklish feet, but... I don't see why anyone would be touching my feet. So I don't think that's an issue."

    Johanna: smirks

    Gerald: "Whatever it is you're thinking; stop it."

    Dani: "I'm very ticklish. Don't... Freaking... Touch me..."

    Lena: "I'm not ticklish."

    Eldric: "Yes, you are."

    Lena: glares "You... Shut up..."

    Eldric: "I'm just saying..."

    Lena: "EldricIwillendyou!"

    Eldric: freaking runs

    Because someone should answer it....

    Q: What is your favorite sport?

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