Weapons of inspiration

  • Sometimes when looking back on historical weapons, I find myself thinking; "Man, I wish I could have one of those." or "How cool would it be to use one of these?" So why can't our characters use them? Wether used for an apocalypse, survival, or flat out used for murder, sometimes we just can't help but become inspired to make a character who uses something similar.

    For example; A character I'm working on (not here) uses a morning-star as his weapon of choice.

  • @SirBlood I'll be the first to admit that everything I do today, and everything I've been doing; writing-wise, in the past ten years or so started because I was fascinated about archery since I don't know when. From there it was a small leap to full-on 'medieval assassins'. >.>

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    @SirBlood So true. I find myself fascinated by a weapon, fighting style, etc and feel the need to create a character to best match it. I've also subscribed to this YouTube channel as the history behind certain weapons is incredibly interesting and inspiring!

    @Blackbird Isn't that just the way? :D

  • @Blackbird For me, it started with shuriken (ninja stars), katana, and kunai (ninja throwing knives) probably cause when i was younger i was obsessed with ninjas.

    @Josey nice! The channel you linked to is very interesting

  • @SirBlood I've never really had it happen with weapons (although I did have a minor obsession with shurikens a few years ago), but I have hit it in other historical areas.

    This probably sounds weird, but it can be interesting to brainstorm how a civilization creates weapons and what those weapons do to have an effect on warfare. I sometimes feel like people (including me) underestimate that XD

    @Blackbird Have you ever done any archery yourself, then, or are you just very knowledgeable because of your fascination?

  • @typical_demigod I've practiced for two years and briefly tutored in my local archery federation. I haven't practiced in a few years now since I disengaged from them and I don't have the gear or the place to do it by myself, but yeah... I found them online and immediately jumped on it.

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    @SirBlood It's really funny because I consider myself a pacifist, but I find weapons fascinating. I like oriental weapons more than western ones, they have a sense of beauty in addition to their usefulness, but looking at any type of weapon I always wonder how they came up with it, how could they be so smart (or so vicious). So yeah, weapons and martial arts are fascinating.

    @typical_demigod I'm still convinced you are a social scientist or something, no matter how much you deny it.

    @Blackbird I always wanted to try archery, it must feel amazing when the whole body aligns and the arrow leaves your grasp to go swiftly into the target. Knowing myself, I will probably get obsessed and then try different schools of archery and different bows and styles and ....

  • @jaycano

    @typical_demigod I'm still convinced you are a social scientist or something, no matter how much you deny it.

    I swear the only social science class was a sociology class that I learned literally nothing from because the quizzes were at home (and thus open book) and there was a lot of flooding in the area that semester and the college was shut down for like two weeks, so our professor was cramming a bunch of information in. That no one was actually absorbing because, again, open book quizzes.

    I've realized that it probably comes from documentaries. My family watches a lot of documentaries on a broad range of topics.

  • @jaycano You should do it. There is nothing better. I really miss it. o.O

  • @typical_demigod ninja buddy!

    @jaycano nice ^^ i have an interest in all weapons to be honest

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    @typical_demigod No matter how much you deny it :P

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