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    What can writer’s learn from video games?

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    I love the idea of "multi-plan plotting" - especially if you're really just at "idea" stage and mainly playing with the story rather than having something set in your mind. The Cohen brothers films always feel like they went through this kind of process to get where they are!

  • This is a novel that I read last year. I haven't played it again to get the other two endings, but I've gotten one of them, and I found the story to be absolutely adorable. I read somewhere that they're making a sequel, and they've got another game they're making (I haven't checked up on it in a while, but I'm sure I've got the Kickstarter link somewhere) with something like 10 different endings. Thought I would mention it since it's almost a combination between video gaming and "Choose Your Own Adventure" novels.


    I mean, how can you go wrong with this?

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    SO... Hatoful Boyfriend is amazing! I had the pleasure of interviewing the producer of Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star back in 2015. Totally changed how I view dating sims.

    I'm a massive fan of RPGs where your actions have consequences. The entire Mass Effect series, and also the Divinity: Original Sin series. Choices have impact, and I learned so much about how various types of protags and antags can work.

  • @Josey Y'know... I have Hatoful Boyfriend on Steam, but I haven't actually played it... Because I hate pigeons with a fury, and a friend of mine thought it'd be hilarious to gift me that game. I may eventually dust it off and see what it's about. ^.-

  • @Josey I've never personally played much of the Mass Effect series, but I've seen family members play 1 & 2, and yes! I love games like that! I've heard that the Walking Dead game (I forget the actual name, but I feel like you guys know what I'm talking about?) is like that as well.

    I need more RPGs in my life XD

    @Blackbird You have amusing friends. They sound like me as a friend.

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