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    I am trying to keep myself absolutely calm about the announcement of the first episode of the new series for Twin Peaks. Well, outside I am calm. Inside I feel like Nadine Hurley is using my heart like a punching bag! So before the show starts, I was wondering if any of you are Twin Peaks fans. And if so, let's talk about everything from the Bookhouse boys to how the owls are not what they seem. :D I also have Twin Peak recipe book, and a massive book that is basically the FBI case file on every individual on the show! deep breath Yeah, calm, calm.

  • @Josey Oooh, I loved Twin Peaks. They filmed it not far from where I live. I'm excited too. I will have to watch it again before the new series comes on. I don't remember much of it. Nobody else I knew or in my family even watched it! I'm really looking forward to it. It won't be long - you'll make it!

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    @queent I'm really not wholly jealous of your being near where they filmed the original. Promise. No jealousy at all. Ever. ;)

    I highly recommend going back and watching the seasons that were done. They cancelled the show far too soon, abut it's still well worth it just so you can prepare for the upcoming reboot, restart, revisit? I don't know what they are doing storyline wise!

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