• okay I know I just posted in here and this has nothing to do with my novel or even a novel I'll be working on anytime soon, but have you ever heard a song and you were just like, "Wow, that's my novel"? Because that happened to me yesterday with this song:

    and it has messed me up the last two days. Because it's so horribly accurate. I won't get into the details, because even the condensed version is fairly long, but neither the king or her wanted the marriage. Also, she came into the marriage with two children from a previous marriage, but has been unable to carry a child to term with the king.

    I was listening to that song a few minutes ago and her lover waltzed in and started telling me about her beauty. Note that this takes place several years after she and the king were married.

    He couldn’t help but watch her. Her smile lit up the room, pretty white crooked teeth all showing and her eyes lit and wrinkled up. He could swear even her skin shone when she smiled. The warmth radiated from her.

    And her kinky hair, done simple like all the other court ladies. How soft her hair must be. He had touched it before, but somehow he could never recount the memory, even if he could remember the warmth of her body.

    Her form, her round hips and waist. Her long neck. Full lips and short, broad nose. The way her dress fit her body. Her eyes, just darker than champagne, always glimmering.

    And her secrets. The terror when her husband died and her protection was lost. The terror when her brother said she must marry a madman, an abuser, simply because he was king across the Channel and he might give an army. The terror when she said that they couldn’t be anything more than best friends. The terror when the king convinced her sons to skate on ice, not caring to see how thin it might be. The terror when she realized some of the rumors about the king were true. The terror when she realized she was truly locked into this marriage.

    But the joy, too. The joyful secrets she hadn’t told anyone else. Like the pregnancy she was carrying. She hadn’t told the king yet, but she was farther along with his child than she’d ever been. When her sons came in, cheeks and nose red with the cold, exclaiming about how they had mastered the art of skating. The joy in her eyes when he said, “Yea, I will remain, my love.” The joy in her eyes when she realized not all of the rumors about the king were true.

    And now he watched her, smiling warmly at the king who frowned at the table arrangement.

    The king would never love her. The king had his own love, stolen away by some other man. The king had a conscience no one thought a Cosetta could have, to his own disadvantage.

    She would never love him. She had a lover, a lover she could never have, stolen away by a bloody revolution. She had a moral no one thought an Øster could have, to her own disadvantage.

    He had a lover, too, a lover stolen by society. He had a belief-- a knowledge about himself-- no one thought anyone could have, to his own disadvantage.

    She met his eyes, still smiling. There was that look in her eye, that look she would never share with the king. He smiled back, silently inviting her to come stand with him. But the king asked her a question as he tried to fix some imperceptible mistake in the table arrangement, and she turned back to her husband.

    She would not be his. But she would not be the king’s, either. And so long as the king always treated her well, always treated her as a friend, he would not complain.

    When had life ever been fair to any of them, anyhow?

    She spoke softly to the king; gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Now she walked to him, grinning. For a moment, for a moment, she was his. And she would go back to the king. But she would be his for now. His friend, his only friend.

  • Okay, reading this while listening to that song really hit me right in the feels. I'm actually kind of shaken right now. Not kidding. o.O

  • It just fits these characters and their relationships with each other so well D': (On the plus side, this is one of my stories where everyone gets a happy ending because the characters are all pretty good and just trying their best <3)

    It kind of makes me sad that it makes you sad but it also kind of pleases me in a twisted way because I felt like it was really disorganized and possibly wouldn't make sense :P

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    I am breathless from reading. And you've made me cry! Holy cow. I am speechless.

    Right, back after drying my eyes. I have a few things to say here. One, what you wrote could work as story on it's own. Complete, entirely full, and utterly stunning.

    Two, That song, though, is also pretty powerful.

    PS. All work is welcome here, even random little pieces like this. ;)

  • @Josey @Blackbird You're making me feel bad for making you emotional D:

    And yeah, Echos is pretty amazing. You should check them out ;) (Another one I love and is actually in my Earthlings playlist is Haunts. Or Haunted? Something along those lines.)

    Thank you for the kind words <3 You have no idea how much I love these characters.

  • @typical_demigod lol, don't feel bad. Emotional is good. Plus, if it was the other way around I'd feel zero remorse. Making people cry over my characters is my greatest joy in life. :P

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    @typical_demigod As @Blackbird said! Take pride in the ability to move a reader with your words. The biggest thing I fear when people read my work is apathy. :)

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