Silent Night

  • I feel like I've been posting a bit too much in here... I'm not usually this prone to shoving my writing on people's faces all the time. My apologies. :P

    Since I tend to rely a lot on dialogue in my scenes, I decided last night to write a whole scene without it. At all. This happened.

    Since it ended up being about Luckas, I figured I'd share it. If not for any other reason, just to show that not everything in his life is (or will be, this is kind of a flashforward) emotional dysfunction. lol


    Luckas' eyes opened and he was greeted by the silver light of a nearly-full moon. He couldn't remember what he'd been dreaming about, but he felt calm; peaceful even, so it mustn't have been bad. For a few moments, he lay still, not moving a muscle, breathing slow and staring blankly at the open skylight on the ceiling. Leaves swirled in the breeze above the roof and occasionally cascaded down over the bed. The moonlight made them look pale; like they were made of white-silvery paper, and Luckas mused that they almost looked prettier than in their usual browns and oranges. His eyes followed one of the leaves traveling through the skylight, swaying in the air as it fell. Luckas finally moved, catching the leaf in the air before it landed on Ess, not wanting anything to disturb her sleep. At least, he was under the impression she was still asleep. Lady had made faking sleep into an art form, and although Luckas could often tell she was faking... Often was far from being always.

    Luke examined the leaf with his fingertips, as softly as possible so that it didn’t crumble. He actually enjoyed crushing them; a habit miss Lily had instilled in him, but he decided to ‘let this one live’ and placed it beside Ess’ pillow. Seeing them in the morning always brought a smile to her lips and he refused to start his day without it. As excited and invested as he had been, he didn’t really care about the house - it was just walls and roof to him - but she loved it. And he loved how much she loved it. He was proud that he could get it done exactly the way she wanted; every little detail accounted for and perfect. Single-handedly destroying the Order wouldn’t have made him feel half as triumphant than when he watched her explore their new completed home. And if he was rational about it, he knew how utterly insane that was. Heck, he really would let the world burn for this woman. Gladly, saving the world would never be his lifelong goal; leave that stupidity up to the likes of Jake.

    Luckas pressed both palms on the surface on the bed and pushed himself up with slow and overly-cautious movements. He froze in place when Ess’ breathing changed. A heavy sigh escaped the woman’s lips, but otherwise, she didn’t as much as stir. Luckas sat up, his eyes now fixed on her sleeping form. He could feel the stupid smile forming on his face and, even after all this time, tried to hold it back. It was, of course, pointless.

    Ess was lying on her back, covers pulled almost up to her neck; Luke assumed to make up for Stalker and Beo being out and about this night, one arm draped across her pillow, just above her head. Several stray curls clung to the sides of her face and he wondered how long it would take for them to grow back to the length they were, wincing as he remembered her saying she might not have that much time. Her expression didn’t convey any particular emotion, it was simply calm, and Luke wondered for the millionth time what was going through her mind. If she was even dreaming anything right now. Selfish; how he was so unwilling to let her have one single thought just to herself.

    Luckas heaved a soft sigh, shifting slightly so that he was facing her. He reached out with his right hand, rather shaky, his fingers hovering hesitantly over her left cheek. He balled his hand into a fist, feeling the usual tension taking hold of his body. He didn’t withdraw his hand, however, instead taking the time to breathe in deep and exhale slowly. As the air escaped his lungs, his fingers slowly uncurled and his body relaxed. With a much steadier hand, he gently brushed the hair clinging to her face and traced his thumb along her scar. The contact elicited a smile from the sleeping redhead, and before Luckas had the chance to escape, she gripped his hand. Luke froze once again, but she still seemed to be sound asleep. Ess rolled on her side, facing away from him, pulling his hand with her so that his arm was now wrapped around her. Luckas snorted, amused, as she mumbled at him, unable to make out any of her words except for ‘Sweetness’. That was really all he needed to hear and Luke eased himself down into bed the best he could with his arm still being held hostage. Not that he minded. In fact, he could very well get used to this.

  • awww <3 it's good to see he has happy moments too. Sometimes you scare me into thinking he's one of those characters where nothing good ever happens ever. Also, glad I'm not the only one who gets a strange sense of relief when I crush leaves. It's just... so... idk, but it's a nice feeling.... I kind of want to find a leaf now....

    I tend to rely on dialogue, too, so I understand the struggle. I always amaze myself when I realize I have several paragraphs in a row that don't have any dialogue. I like it. I'm not entirely what to say beyond that; personally, I think it's a solid piece. ^_^ Pulled out of context, it gives me a good idea of their relationship and some of Luckas's motivations. Is the house the place they go a lot, or just one they found that they're going to fix up (or maybe both)?

  • @typical_demigod Yeah, I need these flashforward scenes. Knowing he'll eventually make it here helps me feel less guilty about the horrible crap I still have to put him through in present time. >.>

    There's a long story behind this house, actually, but to try and be short.... Luckas and Jake kill this guy who was persecuting Ess, in her house, and then to cover up her tracks so she's not found again, Jake burns down the house (she wasn't actually living there anymore, but still... Her house).

    Cut to some time later, after the events of the RP... Wanting to settle down and stuff... She finds this great spot in the forest near a lake and a waterfall and all that greatness, to build one. She puts in all her savings, Jake and Crys pitch in as well (because Jake totally owes her a house damn it), and she has this house built for her and Luckas. Except, the dudes building it aren't quite sure they can pull off some things exactly how she wants it and... While she's taking a month-long trip outside of Valcrest Luckas takes charge of things and makes sure that a) the place is done when she gets back and b) everything is exactly the way she wanted it. Some mild forms of mind control and a small amount of actually altering the blueprints himself were involved in this. Luke's a very resourceful guy when he wants to be. :)

    I think my favorite thing, hands down, about Luke and Ess is that... Despite all the violent twisted ways both their minds work; and I'm not exaggerating that in one bit, together they manage to achieve this sense of normality they otherwise would never actually have.

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