Character Respond Answer Ask (January Edition)

  • @typical_demigod o_o

    I do want to read it, though.

    And I probably can take it. I'm a bit of a masochist when it comes to my emotional attachment to characters. I'm way too in my characters' heads all the time not to

    I once wrote a lengthy and emotional death scene for Jake as an April Fools joke and posted it to the RP for my friends to read and think I actually killed him off. It said 'April Fools' at the end, but they were still pretty angry with me. I probably deserved that. :P

    Funny, I had a headache most of the day today. o.O

    Q: My head hurts. What do you do when your head hurts? Do you try to survive and hope it goes away in the morning, or do you go try to find something to make it stop hurting?

    Gabrielle: "It's just a headache. It'll go away eventually."

    Gerald: "I don't usually get headaches. Maybe because of all the tea I drink?"

    Johanna: "Right. Tea always helps."

    Kyle: "Eh, I try to sleep it off."

    Sebastian: "I don't think I've ever head a headache."

    Kyle: "You're kidding."

    Sebastian: shrug

    Dani: "If my head hurts it's probably a result of training and if the medics say my skull isn't cracked, I just sleep it right off."

    Lena: "I gave you one concussion. One. And it wouldn't have happened if you dodged in time."

    Dani: "Whatever." -.-

    Lena: "Headaches are a side-effect of my enlightenment soo... I have them 90% of the time I'm awake and alert. And there's nothing I can do about them. Neat, huh?"

    Dani: "What? You've been having those for the past six years non-stop?"

    Lena: "Pretty much."

    Dani: "That's horrible. Did you tell mom and dad about this? Can't the healers do something?"

    Lena: "I'm not dying, it's just migraines, it's fine." snort "Yes, mom and Joe do know about them and the healers said they could help me; in some ways, but it'd mean staying in their camp for as long as a year and I didn't want to do that. I'd rather tough it out and be here keeping an eye on you."

    Q: What's the greatest advice you never took?

  • @Blackbird I'm working very hard at it so that it will be readable sometime soon. (Actually, that's a lie; I haven't written anything but tidbits since school started back up because I am being slammed with school work. Ironically, most of it is coming from the creative writing class O_o But my mind won't stop about it now that I've decided to work on Benito's piece sooo)

    I... I would also be very angry if I were at the receiving end of that prank, tbh. I'm rather impressed they didn't murder you. It sounds like something I would do, though, if I shared my writing with enough people.

    I am not happy about my headache. It'll probably go away once I go to bed, but as of right now... >.>

    I love how all of them are just like, "It'll go away. Nothing to worry about. Psh, you babies."

    Q: What's the greatest advice you never took?

    Rus: Do well in school. nods sagely If there's one thing I've learned in my life, it's that you should put your full effort towards every thing you do, academically and otherwise. Even if it's the seventh time you've taken the science and you still have absolutely no clue what's going on and the teacher is absolute shit.

    Michael: deep sigh I had to retake that class four freaking times. I had to take summer classes to pass that class. -_-

    Benito: Don't do tasks you're underage for.

    Michael: Don't bring pets in the apartment. That was actually a sign on the apartment where I grew up, but I decided to smuggle a dog in when I was a kid, and... that did not end well.

    Rus: We were allowed to have pets in the apartment I grew up in.

    Michael: Shut up.

    Nelly: Speak your mind. That's what my sister says I need to do more often, but... I haven't really gotten the hang of it.

    Benito: Probably I should stop doing that for you. That might help some.

    Nelly: Generally you don't say what's on my mind, so yes, you probably should.

    Benito: What're you talking about? When I have to impersonate you, I am very polite and kind.

    Nelly: When have you ever impersonated me?

    Benito: Remember that time you decided to be sick because you didn't want to go to work?

    Nelly: Yeah?

    Benito: Well you would've had to go to work if I didn't politely dissuade everyone from going to make sure you were okay, because you didn't want them to worry and you just needed some rest and then everything would be okay and it was just a migraine. Or something like that. What did we pretend you were sick with?

    Nelly: Huh. I don't remember. shrugs

    Something she couldn't transmit, I can tell ya that much.

    Q: How do you fair with quizzes/tests/exams/etc?

  • @typical_demigod Sorry haven't been around. Lots of random things keeping me occupied. And I may or not have spent my entire weekend obsessively playing Stardew Valley. People need to seriously stop gifting me games. >.>

    I'm seriously debating whether to go back to work on Shadows Rise or play some more today. >.>

    And January's almost over, ain't it? That means a new thread. :)

    Heh. At least you have school for a good excuse. And not... A virtual farm. :P

    Most of my friends no longer live in my city, so I was safe from murder, but I was called a sadist over the phone and threatened with creepy clown imagery through email. Yes, I am a bit coulrophobic and they know that.

    I deserved it. I admit it.

    Q: How do you fair with quizzes/tests/exams/etc?

    Gabrielle: "I'm still alive. So I guess you can say I've passed all my tests."

    Gerald: "I was top of my class of recruits." proud smirk

    Gabrielle: cough "Mama's boy." cough cough

    Gerald: =.=

    Johanna: shrugs

    Sebastian: "We were home schooled. First by our father, then our sister. We didn't exactly have grades or scores, but..."

    Kyle: "Seb was top of our class." snort "Dad thought he was a genius and that he was going to be head of the city council one day."

    Sebastian: "I'm partially relieved I've never had to tell him that was never going to happen ever."

    Dani: "I don't... Really... Like... Studying..." shrugs "I do it because Lena makes me, but..."

    Lena: "We don't have academic tests anyway. It's just common sense to learn as much as possible in order to survive."

    Dani: "You're gonna live forever then. Your room is a freaking library."

    Lena: "Those books are going to save your ass one day. Mark my words."

    Since I'm still debating whether to get off my butt and write today...

    Q: How prone are you to procrastination?

  • @Blackbird It's no problem! I know everyone has lives, so it's no problem if the thread gets a little slow :) Also, Stardew Valley sounds like something my mom would also play obsessively.

    I condone both options. To feel better in case you decide to go with Stardew Valley, I would suggest writing for 10-15 minutes or something before going back.

    It is! The month has moved so quickly o_o

    To be fair, I also procrastinate on virtual farms. Mine of choice is Township because I can play it on my phone.

    Most of my family is coulrophobic, so I apologize for the creepy clown imagery, even if what you did was cruel and unnecessary. (I don't know if it's still going on, but a few months ago there were apparently a bunch of murderous clowns a few hours north of where I live.)

    As a note to Lena: Book smart =/= street/fight smart. Some things are easier to read about than actually do/experience.

    Q: How prone are you to procrastination?

    Benito: I don't really procrastinate that much. I'm usually able to get my work done and then I can do whatever I want.

    Rus: I'm extremely prone to procrastination. I don't mean to be, I'm just very easily distracted. I learned very early in my life that I can't multitask. I have to do one thing or the other thing.

    Michael: I can multitask.

    Benito: You can procrastinate, too.

    Michael: ...You are not incorrect.

    Nelly: I think I've gotten pretty good at avoiding procrastination over the years. Mostly, if I procrastinate, it's on writing an email or making a phone call. So... human interaction.

    Benito: We all have something we're weak at.

    Michael: I feel like you're weaker at human interaction than her.

    Benito: We all still have something we're weak at.

    Q: What's something you're weak at?

  • @typical_demigod

    Lena: "Yes, I know. But just think of how utterly embarrassing it would be for a super skilled assassin to end up getting themselves killed because they don't know how to properly dress a tiny little knife wound that ends up getting infected."

    Dani: "You're being overdramatic."

    Lena: "It happened twice in the past ten years."

    Dani: "Oh."

    You know, I'm with Nelly on that one. I tend to procrastinate the most on human interaction. In fact, I've been in the process of answering an email for the past three hours. >.>

    I compromised. I'm playing a day or two in the game and then pausing it and writing a little. I don't know why, but going back and forth on things tends to help me. ^^

    Q: What's something you're weak at?

    Gabrielle: "Johanna says I lack a sense of humor. Although, she said that because I failed to see the humor in her wearing a dead squirrel as a hat."

    Johanna: "Gerry laughed." shrug

    Gerald: "It was more nervous laughter than anything."

    Johanna: "I'm bad at jokes then, I guess."

    Gerald: "That's because you're not much of a talker... Not everyone gets physical comedy."

    Johanna: "Don't patronize me." glare

    Gerald: "I'm a terrible cook. I gave Porter food poisoning twice."

    Gabrielle: "Honestly, your food is more likely to kill any of us than a Wolf ambush."

    Gerald: "Yes, I get it. Thank you." -.-

    Johanna: pats Gerald on the head

    Sebastian: "Well, I tend to excel at everything I put my mind into, but.."

    Kyle: "You're terrible at not being a cocky brat."

    Sebastian: "I guess. I was going to say I'm not very good at showing emotions. I tend to hide behind humor or... being a cocky brat."

    Kyle: "I'm weak at... Restraint..."

    Lena: mumbles under her breath

    Eldric: "I'm sorry, what was that?"

    Lena: sigh "I'm not a very good archer, okay? I can do it, but I wouldn't count on it to save my life."

    Dani: "I'm sorry, but I don't think it's ver smart for an assassin to just go on and tell their weaknesses like that." smirk

    Lena: "That means it's embarrassing."

    Dani: glares

    Lena: "Don't worry, I'm not telling."

    Q: What's the hardest part of your job?

  • @Blackbird Lena makes a very good point on that. I'm a bit surprised that it's happened at all. I sort've feel like they should make it a mandatory class where everyone has to sit and learn how to dress wounds and identify infections.

    I hateeee emails.

    Makes me think that you could try the Pomodoro method? Do one thing for 25 minutes, take a break, then do the other one for 25 minutes? But yeah, it's good to get a method that works! :)

    Also, I just really love Lena and Dani. Your sibling relationships are fantastic because I can relate to them 100% XD

    Q: What's the hardest part of your job?

    Benito: Probably the math.

    Nelly: That's... that's the only part of your job.

    Benito: Which one of us is not blowing up the ship?

    Nelly: You gave me an essay on why it wasn't actually possible for a navigator to blow up a ship.

    Benito: Fine. Then the hardest part is having to be cordial with the people I work with even when I dislike them because they're complete idiots.

    Michael: coughs

    Benito: I am extremely cordial. You are all lucky in that you have only known me after I learned how to be cordial with people.

    I actually just wrote a scene in which someone offended him and he didn't respond with an insult. Mostly because it was Nelly's sister, but I'd say it's a step in the right direction for him.

    Michael: Okay. Uhhh... the hardest part of my job is probably the part where I sit around all freaking day long because I don't know how to do anything so I have nothing to do.

    Benito: I can solve that problem for you.

    Michael: No, that's fine.

    Nelly: I have to talk to people in my job. My sister and I really made a mistake when we decided that I was going to be the linguist-slash-communications person. We should've done it in reverse.

    Benito: You don't like chemistry.

    Nelly: I'm aware. But that's okay, you could've helped me understand it!

    Benito: We never would've met.

    Nelly: That's not true. There's still a chance that we could've met.

    Benito: I don't think you like chemistry enough to have put forth that kind of effort.

    Nelly: I would've done it for you.

    Benito: But we wouldn't have known each other.

    Rus: Honestly my job is pretty straight-forward. The hardest part is that my sleeping schedule never regulates, even though it should be regulated, so I'm always sleepy in the morning.

    Q: Describe love. (Not necessarily romantic love.) Or, because that seems like a complicated question was about to ask 'Describe heroism' but realized that also seems complicated: Q: How do you feel about the color blue?

    (look all I could think of was 'what's your favorite color' but I distinctly remember asking that before so I couldn't ask it again. I thought of something, but then two seconds later I forgot. sigh Also, you can blame my music choices for both of those super-subjective questions.)

  • @typical_demigod I guess ill do my characters if its ok to join in.

    Q: Describe Love
    Q: How o you feel about the color blue?

    Gabe: I had lost an interest of love a long time ago. But as of the color blue, its a nice, relaxing color. Much like the color red in my opinion.

    Kyle: Since when do you enjoy the color blue, doctor?

    Gabe: Since I was young.

    Kyle: Well now. I guess you learn something new everyday.

    Gabe: Indeed, my good friend. But what about you?

    Kyle: Me? Blue is ok.

    Gabe: I'm talking about love.

    Kyle: .....

    Gabe: Out with it.

    Kyle: ....I...

    Hears a knock

    Gabe: Great! Must be that wretched neighbor again wanting to complain once more. Maybe i'll use them as a test subject.

    Gabe goes upstairs

    Kyle: Phew

    Q: What myth represents you the best?

  • @SirBlood Always! It's great to have you! I'll not be responding to your question right this minute (both because my knowledge of mythology is lacking and because I'm already up too late) but your characters sound intriguing.

    As a side note, if I don't get the new thread up tomorrow, then I'll probably get it up on Friday (unless someone else decides to jump on the opportunity :) )

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    I'll go ahead and step in! Amazing discussions and character revelations this month! I'll go ahead and start up the February editions and unpin this topic, while pinning the next one. :) I can't wait to see what I get to learn about your characters @SirBlood :D

  • @Josey Awesome! Thanks for covering them both :)

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