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    Okay, I know I am late to the bandwagon when it comes to this series, but I was sick over the holidays and I had a chance to binge watch this series. So, while waiting (rather impatiently might I add) for the next series, I wanted to speak with you all about the series. If you have seen I would love to know your thoughts on the story, the characters, the almost frustrating drip dropping of clues... anything and everything!

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    @josey you are indeed late to the game with this one! I absolutely adored Stranger Things and could barely restrain myself from watching it in one long marathon. I do like how they defied a lot of tropes, for example with Steve (?), who is set up to be the cowardly jerk, turning out to have a decent heart and struggling to be a hero.

    The gruff cop was another favourite and Eleven was so sympathetic… you are instantly on her side. All the kids in general were adorable, but Will was the sweetest and I agonised at his ending. I really don’t know where they’re going to take him next season and it worries me!

    The one thing I regret about it is that I would honestly have preferred to follow Barb instead of Nancy. This is purely personal but I’m sure I’m not the only one who can relate to Barb more. The girl who is left on her own at the party and whose friend ditches her when something more interesting comes along! I’m not really mad that they killed her, or that barely anyone noticed her absence (which honestly is probably realistic for a quiet, wallflower girl!) I just thought she was more interesting as a character and it would have been nice to see her grow.

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    @Sian Sooo yeah. I totally binge watched the series. No shame! I admit I was totally taken aback by the change in Steve from massive jerk to being a baseball bat wielding badass. Though sadly, it really didn't endear me to him.

    Oh man, poor Will. I'm still sitting here going - Say something!!

    I can see wanting to follow Barb, but man her ending... so sad.

    I did find myself at times frustrated though..When mom left with sheriff to go track down the mother of the missing child, I was like ... erm.. your older son? Hello? Why are you not worried about where he is... considering he was in the woods... at night... ? That annoyed me as a storyteller.

    I also had to end up explaining to three people why the mother and cop were allowed to go into the "rift" at the end. None of the three could understand why the doctors and researchers allowed it.

    Also... just who is this cop. I mean he was in prison, and he just laid down the law. "You're going to do this.." and then they did.. but he was picked up by men in black before the epilogue. I was like... oh wow.

    Speaking of him, I knew from episode one that there was something seriously unique about the sheriff. Yeah, he drank. Yeah he looked like that washed up cop, but he noticed things no one else did. He seemed to be able to put together so many different pieces that absolutely no one else was able to figure out.

    Oh and can i just say HOLY COW at the music selections and prop people? I swear it was like a flashback for me. They had everything from the right fly swatters hanging up in the background to the right tupperware.. Just yeeah.

  • I LOVED this show! I graduated high school in 1980 so it was great to see so many of those things and laugh about some of them. People had landlines with phones on the wall. The music brought me back for sure. And all the props, the set dresser got it all right.

    I watched it a few months ago and I'm thinking I need to go back and rewatch, especially before season 2 comes out. I did see the kids on a talk show, sans Will, so not sure he'll be back or not in any shape or form.

    Initially, I thought the cop was a big jerk. I think his daughter was taken as well, right? So maybe that's why he notices things a lot more, even in a drunken stupor.

    Mom irritated me at first but then she stepped up. That made me like her more. I'm glad they didn't go down the romance road with her and the sheriff.

    Poor Barb, although she was on the talk show too so maybe she'll be back somehow?? She could be a great character. Sort of an underdog type.

    I hope the series continues and doesn't get too weird. I like weird and far-fetched, but it still has to be somewhat believable to me.

    Sort of what I mean: I also watched The Fall with Gillian Anderson about how she is after a serial killer. I won't spoil it. Suffice to say I stopped watching mid season in the third season because the story used a plot twist that has been so overused. This seriously disappointed me to the point I stopped watching. I read the eps snippets for the following eps and they kept it up. I hope Stranger Things doesn't follow that road.

    If we have a snow day soon I'll have to rewatch again! Great show.

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    @queent said in Stranger Things...:

    because the story used a plot twist that has been so overused.

    It's so interesting that you say that. I think with the massive amount of media out there it is hard to find stories that are whole original in terms of plots. Though I absolutely agree with you about how it can be disappointing. :D I have not seen that show, but I watched a movie recently, Gods of Egypt, and I spent the entire time groaning and moaning about the plot being cliche. I found is so predicable, with a Mary Sue character, that I was laughing the entire time, much like watching old B-movies, something I love! Pure comedy gold! :D

    I digress! :D I think the only thing we can hope for is stories that may use the same plot twists as always, but the characters become original. After all we have so many people on this planet and every one of is is different. :D I hope!!

    Like you, I have my fingers crossed about the future of Stranger Things. I have a source of surreal, but I like the idea of the world they are building in Stranger Things. I would love to see it matured even more.

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