Science and fiction: Time travel, quarantine and crescographs

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    Hook them in with dinosaurs and then throw maths at them.

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  • Like Islamic scientist, Avicenna, considered to be the man to thank for introducing the concept of quarantine to avoid infections spreading, as well as the idea of systematically managed clinical trials. In 1000 AD.

    Makes me think of the plague doctors. Did I bookmark the page I got all this info from? No, I didn't, because I selectively bookmark, and usually not the cool stuff. Anyway, they were basically early full body suits to avoid contamination. They wore clothes of a certain material (I forget what now) that was resistant to bodily fluids getting trapped on it, and after seeing a patient, they were put in quarantine. For their masks, they were made that way to scare the bad spirits, but also in the nose (and here is where I might be mixing them up with something else) they would have an incense thing, both because it probably stank really bad and because it was believed that the plague may be airborne. For the eyes, they had special goggles in order to also keep spirits out. Ultimately, though, it all accumulated to a full body protection suit, invented circa 14th century.

    (And this is why, friends, we need to bookmark our sources ;) )

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    I didn't know that! I remember being spun some tale about the long noses/beaks being to provide a definite distance from the patients! But I must have been about 10 when I visited Venice (and have always been gullible!)

  • @Niffer I'm always happy to share random, totally useless facts! ^_^ (but yeah, before that, the only thing I knew about was that the noses had incense in them because of the smell, because the people that were paid to get rid of the bodies only had face masks (if I recall) and the noses were for the same thing.)

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