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    When we updated to version Adams, we did more than add some new features. As we had updated the look and feel of Plotist, we wanted to also update our tutorials! We will be adding more over time. If you have task you would like to see a tutorial made for, do let us know!

    Here are the first three!

  • Can you make a tutorial on timelines? I'm new and don't understand how to add events to a timeline and can't find any instructions on how it's supposed to work. I drag but can't find a place to drop the event. The pins don't seem to do anything? And I'm not usually one who needs instructions...

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    Hello @elin-johansson-loow and welcome!

    We are currently working on an updated version of the timeline tutorial, but an older one might give you some of the answers you seek. You can find it

    (I set the timer around roughly when the timeline tutorial starts in the older verison). If you have any questions, please come back and I will do what I can to answer them. :D

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