Tip Tuesday Round Up: Writing habits

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    Can you only write in your pyjamas, or while listening to heavy metal? Chances are you’re not alone.

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  • My writing habits mostly include not writing, thinking about writing, and pulling up a million tabs for some random thing that I decided to research (which is probably irrelevant to the current WIP).

    For me, the best thing to get me into the writing mood is music. I love finding a song that gets me into the mindset of a character, or at least captures the feeling of either the world, current scene, general plot, or some combination of all four of those (you'd be surprised how often it's some combination). Which is why it sucks when I can't find something that gets me in that mood, especially if I'm having a hard time getting into the rhythm :P

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    @typical_demigod I agree with everything you said in the first sentence... especially the million tabs.

    For me any 'habit' usually relates to music too. I can only write to instrumental music because I find lyrics too distracting. But the music definitely helps the session.

    Do you have any writing haunts though @typical_demigod? I hate to admit it but I do like a coffee shop setting to help me get motivated...

  • @Sian I've found that it depends on the song. The best example is when I was getting towards the end of Ep. 5. I totally tuned out lyrics and relied on the beat of the song. The one that I listened to while writing the very end scene (WHICH I ADORE) ended up being totally unrelated to the scene, but the music captured the urgency (imo) perfectly.

    I don't have a car, so unfortunately, no haunts :( Next year I'm hoping to get a car, though, at which point I will test all of these environments that writers say are perfect. That being said, I generally write either where there are no people or where no one can see my screen (both of which are hard in my house) because then they're going to start reading it and I don't know, something about it makes me paranoid. I hate feeling like someone's standing over my shoulder :P

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