Fanfic: You should be writing more of it

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    Whether you’re into GOT or Spongebob, time to start writing fanfic!

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  • I love fan fiction. I have a series on my blog where I repost and comment on bad fan fiction and sometimes I do reviews (of both bad and great fics), but also... I like to read a lot of it.

    Because at some point along the lines I became a major shipper, and the only hope I have to see my favorite cartoon characters officially married is through fan fiction. :P

    That said, I can't write it. There's something about writing these characters that makes me incredibly nervous. Like they're in such a high pedestal in my mind that I couldn't possibly ever do them justice. o.o

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    @Blackbird I think that's kind of the point. Challenging yourself to show you can do them justice. Or bring a new perspective. :D

  • @Josey I wrote a random Steven Universe fanfic one time at five in the morning but I'm not particularly proud of it. It's mostly just the characters sitting and talking.

    I also rewrote an Adventure Time song to make it work from Luckas' perspective, which is... sort of fan fiction? Maybe? I don't know. >.>

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    @Blackbird I say it counts! >.> ;)

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