• Wow I have posted a lot lately. Sorry I guess I just have never had a place to share anything I have ever written. But here is some of my really old poetry from a really dark time in my life. Hope you guys kind of like them???

    The best thing about you and me
    Is we see the same moon
    And feel the same sun

    -Me myself and I-
    I hate apologizing
    But honestly
    The only thing I will ever apologize for
    Is being me.

    -I hear you-
    Maybe this whole bottle of vodka
    Will drown the demons
    That stab my heart everytime I hear your name.

    -Car Radio-
    I turn up the music
    So that maybe it will drown out the thoughts
    But even as every note is played
    they all help me float away
    And they always bring me back to you

    You are just another story
    That I can’t tell anymore.

    -1:35 AM-
    It’s 1:35 AM
    The house is silent
    The tears begin to fall
    I love you so much
    But you don’t think of me at all

    -Sun down to sun up-

    You told me you loved me as the sun went down
    And when it came up you couldn’t even look me in the eye

    -Writer’s Block-

    You give me writers block
    Because everything you make me feel
    starts thunderstorms in my head
    and sends lightning down to my heart
    You make me feel everything at once
    yet not a damn thing at all

    -You deserve to be here-

    You cry and say you want to die, but why?
    I know you have scars inside but keep fighting
    You want to whisper and say goodbye
    To fade away and fight away the lightning
    Please put your razors down they are not needed
    Please drop the lighter and let the burns heal
    “No stop you are strong” she pleaded
    I know it’s hard but try and keep our deal
    Darkness will fade happiness will return
    Let go of the past and try to move on
    I know what its like to be burned
    The world would not be the same with you gone
    Your bruises will fade but the scars will stay
    The colors will return, the world can’t stay grey

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    @maemeowza - Bring on the tons and tons of posts! We love em! :)

    I used to dabble in poetry in the form of song writing. I'll share an excerpt here. Note: I was in a rather dark place at the time I wrote this one song. It is a lot longer than what I share here and I wrote it completely (music included) in one train journey. I literally could not STOP. Ah muse and inspiration... how you taunt me at times! Hehe.

    Death of My Breath
    You and me, we signed the pact
    Pricked the needle inside
    Let our blood mingle,
    And let our souls collide

    You and me, our thoughts are one
    Your lips form a pout
    Pulled back the skin in haste, we did
    To leave no room for doubt

    Now we open up our eyes to see it
    Pray it doesn't go
    Shadows cover all the spirits
    As we walk the path below
    The contract was the one and only
    Promise to be taught
    The deed is done and now consider
    All that we forgot

    You and me, we grab our guns
    And walk the front line
    Look at all the filthy skeletons
    And question our own time

    Revolutions come and gone
    Many souls have moved on
    What have we won from playing games
    Now we sing our own death song

    Now we close our eyes and try to see it
    Pray it doesn't go
    Shadows cover all the bodies
    On the battlefield below
    The contract was our one and only
    And now provides us less
    It has burned and left us nothing
    'cept a need to clean the mess

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    I like poetry as it can convey certain feelings, emotions, images that cannot be shared in any other form. I've never written poetry myself, but I've worked with people writing the music for their lyrics. It's a really exciting process.

    @Josey One day I'll ask you to play/show me that song :)

    @maemeowza I really like your work! Your poetry reflects really well how you were feeling and I think I can see either myself or some of my friends in what you write. I might be reading too much into it, but is 'You deserve to be here' related to the short story you shared the other day?

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    @jaycano I can do that...

    Also I see your point about the poetry and the short story from @maemeowza :D

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