Hi guys!

  • Hi guys since I have seen some introductions floating around so I figured I would just post one. My name is Mae and I just got back into writing. I use to write a ton of poetry but I honestly stopped writing ever since recently when I found a ton of my old work. I really want to write a book but I have not found the right story. I am trying to find one though!

    Anyways a little bit about me, I am 20, I work all the time so it is kind of hard for me to find time to write. I tend to write either science fiction, or depressing/love stories. I also use to write a lot of poetry but lately poetry has not really been my thing.

    Outside of writing I am flower child at heart, I love almost anything 60s and 70s. The Beatles are my favorite band and my favorite movie is Across the Universe. I am from Colorado. I love horror but also love mushy love stories. I collect dream catchers and fairies. I am beyond socially awkward and I love certain animes! I could sleep all day and watch movies all day and I can watch the same movies over and over and over again and never ever get tired of it. and Im a vegan. (yes i'm sorry I didn't know what else to say.)

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    @maemeowza said in Hi guys!:

    I am beyond socially awkward and I love certain animes!

    Yesh! More of us! I once joked to someone who is not a writer that every single writer in the world is social awkward. They turned around and looked at me like I was weird. It was that point (consider it kismet) that one of my writing friends randomly walked into the conversation and asked, "So, do you think it makes more sense for someone who is afraid of love to eat the heart or the liver of the person they just murdered?" Needless to say the uncomfortable silence fell until I just started laughing and responded that it would depend on age, culture, etc. Yeeah. ;)

    Anyway, welcome! Hunting stories can be just as exciting as writing!

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    @maemeowza I love how broad your writing genres are! Have you ever thought of mashing them up? Romance-scifi-horror? I think that would be awesome! I am also socially awkward and a fairy fan, I think you will fit right in : )

  • @maemeowza Welcome to the community!
    Poetry! I used to read a lot of poetry, I never got the guts to write a poem, I've got nothing to express, :X But I find poetry beautiful.
    I hope you find the time to start writing, and share with us your story!

  • Welcome, @maemeowza! I agree with @Sian, it would be interesting if you did something of a combination of the genres you like to write in. Maybe dabbling a bit with it will spark the idea for the novel you want to write?

    @MaryMalone I feel the same way. I sometimes write poetry when the urge comes over me, but I'm rarely pleased with it, and I'm always like, "Do I really have the experiences to write something like this well?" I think you might be surprised with what you write up, if you ever get over the fear of not having something to express. Just remember that it doesn't have to be world-shaking. It just has to help you get something off your chest :) Poetry is pretty great though.

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    Welcome to the community, @maemeowza!

    Don't worry about being socially awkward, I think it's clear from the other responses that we all are. And I strongly believe that it's that social awkwardness that makes many writers great. Being an outsider and observing how people behave is a great source of inspiration! It allows you to ask big "what if" questions that you can use as the foundation for your story.

    What animes do you like? I'm currently re-watching Cowboy Bebop, one of my all-time favourites.

  • @jaycano I really like Sailor moon. By far my favorite. I have sailor Saturn tattooed on my thigh. I also love Angel Beats, Sword Art Online, An Ugly yet Beautiful World, Vampire Knight And a few others I cannot think of the name of right now

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    @maemeowza I only know Sailor Moon and SAO, I think I should start watching more anime again...

    Any recommendations for someone who doesn't like much high school anime (except for Ranma 1/2, if that counts as high school anime)?

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