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    Many of you may have noticed that I kind of went silent this past week. I was struggling with the horribleness of wisdom teeth removal. I'm going to be back strong come Monday (maybe even during this weekend), but I totally underestimated the healing process on this one. I was expecting to suffer throughout the weekend (surgery was Friday), but it is only today, one full week later, that I can actually sit up without feeling like my jaw s going to quit and walk out on me. ;)

    This got me thinking. There are so many amazing stories with fights in them, where members on both sides end up hurt. I've never really worried about how long it took for a broken arm to heal, or a rib, or whatever. Granted I love my supernatural (go go gadget healing!), but the truth is that I so rarely see recovery handled in stories. And to be honest, this saddens me.

    Now, having said that, one thing I was able to do this week was to catch up on books I have had on my Kindle for a while, and I stumbled upon a book where one of the protagonists was hit by a car, and her recovery took a minimum of three books. During which time, there was a real inner struggle to be able to walk again. This seemed to add so much more to the character. Especially as I am recovery from simple surgery.

    So I am not wondering if any of you write about the psychological process of recovery, or do you take subtle shortcuts, or do you glance over them, or what? Would seriously love some insight!

  • First of all, oouch. Feel better. o.o

    This is an odd one for me, though, seeing as a lot of my writing stems from RPing and, having long recovery times ic would hold up the story by a lot at some points. For instance, I've had this idea for a long time of someone breaking Luckas' jaw during a fight because he can telepathically control people by issuing voice commands, so breaking his jaw would make him unable to use that ability, but then I realize that's way too long to have him unable to speak and it would be completely lame to just have him magically healed five minutes later. So I ended up scrapping that idea.

    I did have one of my characters, Ali, suffer nerve damage from being stabbed in the hand which, her being an archer, caused her a lot of trouble as she suffered loss of grip strength (her hand would tremble from holding her bow drawn, which is something that messes with an archer's accuracy significantly) and was experiencing often severe pain in her hand.

    And I researched nerve damage caused by injury; it can take years to heal and sometimes it never actually does, so that's something I'll have to consider; if she's ever going to heal. :/

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    Thanks @Blackbird :)

    That idea for Luckas could be interesting. Is he so reliant on that ability that he can think of no other way out of a situation, or combat? Something to chat about at some point. Exploring how to not be defined by one's abilities. :D

    And when it comes to Ali - there are so many different types of stories that can from that healing though. There are people told all the time they will not survive, or walk, and yet they push through and succeed. Then there are those who are told it will only last a week or two and are still crippled months, even years after.

  • @Josey Luckas has skills beyond his telepahy, but he is a weak fighter; both in physical strength and skill. He is fast and precise, so he's been able to kill efficiently without making use of his telepathy by making use of stealth instead and catching people off-guard. In any form of straightforward combat he'd be utterly screwed, though.

    He's fantastic with a crossbow too, but he finds them too bulky to carry around and mostly just 'borrows' one here and there to hunt rabbits with. :P

    Ali has been dealing with a lot of pain, the poor kid. Especially since the story has all enlightened people (magic users) suffering from an illness that affects their magic. And because Ali's magical ability is to enhance or nullify her senses... It's attacking her entire nervous system. So unless the illness (it's not actually an illness, but it's what it's being called) is stopped, she's looking at excruciating pain (already getting there), paralisys and death. :/

    If the illness is erradicated in time to save her and I decide to still have her suffering the effects of that stabbing it'll likely end up being a permaenent thing; the loss of grip strength at least, I may cut her some slack on the pain. Ali is very proud of her archery skills and learning to adjust to that handicap would be good character developmend for her. >.>

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    @Blackbird ....man. Every single time we start getting into your stories (ask, respond, etc), I just keep finding myself wondering when you're going to be finished to so I can utterly consume your story. :)

  • @Josey I'm very flattered. o.o can't handle compliments

    The RPs are already public on the internets, but they're horribly messy and full of plot holes and typos we don't bother to fix, so I don't tend to recommend them to people. :P

    Why we want to rewrite them... At some point... hopefully soon. >.>

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    @Blackbird :D Understandable! I will point out that I am capable of taking off my editor hat when needed just so I can enjoy a story idea, or concept. So whenever you're ready let me know. I'll just be waiting. Over here. Quietly.

    alt text

    Seriously though, you take the time you need. One thing I have learned over the years is patience.

  • clutches chest kitty pictures, my one weakness! lol

    I'mma just leave this here very discreetly and anything linked on that page you may want to read is at your own risk. :P

    We've had readers over the years and some are still very enthusiastic. So I take it, it's not unreadable, but it is the writing equivalent of a mess drawer. ^^

    If you'd be willing to, though, I wanted some people to beta read Shadows Rise when I'm done editing it, other than my co-writers. It won't be featuring these characters, though... Just... Some of their parents. As stupid teenagers. >.>

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    @Blackbird Yush! thank you!

    And I am totally up for either being a muse (help inspire ideas and directions), collaborative editing (aka reading and giving feedback that focuses on plot holes, character development etc), or beta reading (reading it after the collab editor and ignoring grammar, spelling and focusing on the story as a whole.

  • @Josey collaborative editing sounds like a giant help, to be honest. At the moment I'm still rewriting the messy stuff I did for the first few days of NaNo, though, so it'll be a while before I have a shareable first draft. :)

    If you do end up reading the RPs and have any observations you wanna make to me as a reader (especially plot or character-related), that'd help a lot with the rewrites later on too.

    We have an ongoing list of things that need to be addressed and/or fixed on the rewrites and any additions to it are welcome. ^^"

  • I hope you get better soon! I dread the day I get my wisdom teeth removed.

    This is actually something I also wish was gone over more often. In my Nano '15 novel, one of the protags actually gets shot. I wanted to make it so that he was actually out for the count for a while in recovery. After some research, and playing with the timeline, I determined that (at least for the rough draft) he wouldn't be able to be down for as long as the full recovery would've been, but in the future when I return to the story, I'm 100% going to be working on making that a grueling event.

    For my current novel, there's actually not many horrible healing things planned. There is that part where MC is tortured in a variety of ways, which I actually kind of didn't research, so for rough draft, not much. But in the possible sequel, pretty much all of the protags would be recovering from something. For example, Rus would be dealing primarily with PTSD. Benito is actually supposed to have several TBIs that he has to work through (that I've read can take years to recover fully from, if ever). Michael is still up in the air, but I know that he is pretty injured, too. (Nelly I'm not sure. I've decided to relocate her to earth, and not just earth, but an area of central governance, meaning that she has to get wounded in some way. I'm just not sure how :P)

    Anyway, I wish more authors at least talked about it. Generally, though, it's like "OH NO GREG JUST GOT SHOT oh hey btw Greg you wanna go skydiving next weekend?" (maybe not that dramatic, but still.)

    @Blackbird I would also love to help out with your story whenever you finish it (or along the way, if you get stuck)! ^_^ You sold me with your world and your characters. (To be totally honest, all you have to do to get me to read your novel is sell me on the world and/or characters.)

  • @typical_demigod Is Greg buddies with Deadpool? :P

    I'll post a thread on the Share your Work section when I'm ready for betas, or I'll just outright post some excerpts if I get stuck. I appreciate all the interest and support. I really do.

    And I want to read yours too! I love your characters. I really want to know all about them. (and nooo why is everyone gonna be so messed up? o.o)

    I'm very big on research when it comes to injuries, methods and long-lasting effects of torture, etc. (my search history has probably gotten me in a few watch lists)

    Take Luckas for instance, and his tragic as heck past. He was confined to a dark basement from 3-4 years old to around the age of nine. And even though the people holding him had pretty good magical healers, his development was hindered by this. He's way shorter than he should have been and his tolerance to sunlight is a lot lower than it would be (why he's a bit of a nocturnal critter :P), amongst other minor things like that. He'll also never be able to grow a manly beard, aw. >.>

    In the RP I'm currently running I'm going to introduce an archer who had to change from a longbow to a modified crossbow due to a poorly healed fracture on his shoulder caused by being caught and tortured for information. He'll practically have to relearn everything he knew from scratch in order to regain his previous level of skill.

    I like the idea of characters having to work around a debilitating condition and finding ways for it to not hinder them in the end. ^.^

  • @Blackbird No connection. That I know of :/

    ehhhhhh well basically, it turns out that if you go to war with OP alien culture that is able to destroy half the planet (not to mention that it terrorizes Mars and certain other colonies), then people get hurt. If you are a people on the planet when half of it is destroyed, then there is a 99% chance that your are one of the people that got hurt. And, I mean, it could technically be worse. I don't actually kill anyone.*

    Tbh though, the only one I'm truly guilty about totally destroying is Rus. He's existed for a few years now, so I know him fairly well, and I'm using that completely to his disadvantage. Every time I write a scene with his POV I'm inwardly sobbing D': (but hey, through him, i have established a pretty great antagonist in the Sheqwuan. I feel like even if a person doesn't like Rus, they'll still be able to go, "Wow, those aliens are really horrible creatures. I really hope the earthlings win.")

    *By this, I mean I don't kill any protags. Many, many supporting characters die. Also, there are things worse than death.....

    I like the idea of characters having to work around a debilitating condition and finding ways for it to not hinder them in the end. ^.^


    (my search history has probably gotten me in a few watch lists)

    Also, sameeee XD

    And geez, I feel like I learn a new horrible thing about Luckas's past everyday. Give the guy a break! coming from the chick that is brutally torturing her MC

  • @typical_demigod I guess that makes sense. Still, aaaaww... :(

    And you don't wanna know about Luke's future, then. XP

    I feel like scum hurting my characters, I do. And I still have no qualms about torturing any of them if it means building them up stronger or if it's necessary to the story. I mean, I cry like a baby 99% of the time, but in the end, it's either for their own good down the line... or... for a purpose at least.

    I swear they do get to be happy too. lol

    whispers I lied; I cry every time. >.>

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