Do you post your writing online?

  • Do you guys have any of your writing posted somewhere (such as Deviant Art, Wattpad, or a blog...) for the enjoyment of the general public?

    If you do, share a link because I'm curious. :)

    Myself, I have a blog, but it's usually cluttered with other things, so the easiest place to read my stuff is on my deviant art.

  • @Blackbird I don't post my work online only because I write in Swedish and I don't think I would be able to write as well in English even though it would be easier too share my writing. Instead I share my art online. I saw on your deviant art that you write fantasy. I write fantasy as well but children's and ya fantasy.

  • @serwaa I looked at your blog (it's on your profile), your art is pretty great!

    And yeah, that's the gist of what I write. Most of the stuff I post online is related to this collaborative project I have going with friends. I'm writing my own book on the side, but that I've been keeping mostly to myself for the time being.

  • Plotist Team: Timeline Master

    @Blackbird I don't have anything published online except old pieces of fanfiction, but I know FictionPress and Archive of Our Own are popular choices for posting original fiction, just in case you were looking for other options. I find the DeviantArt style a bit jarring for reading but I know it has a strong community to back it up.

    @serwaa Your art is absolutely stunning and fairytales/folklore is my favourite genre, so I will pop you on my instagram follow if that's OK : )

  • Thank you! @Blackbird A collaborative project sounds fun! I guess it's might be smart to wait with publishing your own text if you want to publish it in the future.

    @Sian I'm really glad you like it :) Thank you for checking out my instagram too ^^

  • @Blackbird I'm dead. XD You use Inkarnate to make maps too, I see.

    In response to your actual question, though: no. I've never published anything online. I've thought about it, but I feel like I would need to have a completed draft first. :P

    @serwaa Your art is really pretty ^_^

  • @typical_demigod Lol. Unfortunately, I'm really terrible at map making even using Inkarnate. The best one of the two in my gallery (in my opinion at least); the Valcrest map, is actually by my co-GM. The one for Stonewall is my own work, but I really don't like it all that much. :P

  • @typical_demigod Thank you :)

  • @Blackbird XD Don't feel bad; I'm the same way. I love making maps though, and that's an easy way of going about it that's relatively clean, because my work on paper is always super messy.

  • Well, I have not nothing published online, mainly because I don't usually finish anything (I always get stuck in the ending, everything seems clear at beginning, but then it gets all blurry ). Online I've got only character designs, that's my strong point, creating characters and giving them a background.

  • Plotist Team: Keepers of Code

    @serwaa I have to agree with everyone else here, your art is amazing!

    @Blackbird You have a really impressive library of notes on Deviant Art, I didn't even know you could use it with for texts!

    About sharing my work online, I mostly write just for fun or to use as a gift for someone, so I haven't published anything online (yet). I think Plotist is the only thing I've done, now with @simon's help, that can be seen by anyone and it was quite intimidating at first.

    How do you feel about sharing your work online? Is it scary for you too?

  • @jaycano I lurked around Deviant Art for a very long time not realizing I could post writing there. Before that, it was just my blog.

    And I used to be a lot more reserved with my writing, but then I started doing forum-based roleplay and that was all already publicly posted online, so it kind of killed a good part of the fear I had.

    The novel I'm working on is still mostly being kept private. Although, if one looks close enough there are small bits of it on my DA as well. >.>

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller've caught me out here @Blackbird. I have tons of writing posted online. Writing this nonfiction, or pure journalism. I have almost nothing of my nonfiction writing out there. Now I have to figure out why it's so much easier to do nonfiction than fiction. Which leads me to hint that there is a new interview from a brilliant nonfiction writer coming to our blog soon.

    Anyway, I shall take some time and ponder this .. as I've actually never thought about it before. Ever.

  • Oh :) Thanks a lot @jaycano

  • @Blackbird my work is on Wattpad. ^^ It's where I spend most of my writing.

  • @SirBlood You have some interesting stuff there. I'll definitely give it a more thorough read once I can shake some of my workload off. :)

  • @Blackbird Thank you! I greatly appreciate it. Ill gladly check your stuff out on Deviant Art

  • @SirBlood I appreciate that, sir. :)

  • @Blackbird You have some really interesting stuff on there ^^

  • I also have a Deviantart page here: It features some things I can't/won't post here, but people should be able to see it. :)

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