Soo...I was looking at my bookmark folder and the first thing that occurred to me was how absolutely messy it was, like seriously, I've never seen such clutter in all my life that I should probably post a few of these links to the thread. Hopefully, you'll find these helpful ^-^

Behind The Name is a good starting point if you're looking for character names; it has a generator where you can pick and choose naming categories (So if you want a character with Japanese, Portuguese and Estonian names, you can :P), a name themes section where you can search for a name based on its meaning, and it has its own sister site for surnames. Need to visualise the height difference between two characters? Try this, or maybe this if you want to compare up to six characters? A random link for an in-browser family tree maker (Note: I believe you need to make an account of some description if you want to save it for later, though). Any chance you're worried that your character may be a Mary Sue? There's a test for that ^_^ <--- Gonna leave this here in case you want to know specific information like the weather in Houston, Texas, on the 15th November 1965, for some reason. This is also a good place if you're looking for specific or difficult-to-research information, so if you want to know what would be the best injury to give your character to keep them out of action for a while, or you're not sure on how child custody laws in X place in X century would've affected your character's specific situation, it's a good place to start. And if you can't find what you're looking for, you can always post a query yourself (either with a Livejournal account or anonymously). And here's something for when you need to know if the sun would be up and where at certain times in certain places (eg. The middle of Greenland, 8th June 2016, just after 2pm).

That's all I've got, for now. I'll see if I can dig around for some more useful links, but that would mean cleaning out this massive folder and I'm feeling particularly lazy today, lol ^_^